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  1. It was only recently that I discovered that Hartnell was not an old man when he filmed this show. I had no idea. He really looks like and acts like an old man, easily 70 years old or more. But he was only 55 at this time, and that's younger than I am. Pretty amazing.

  2. I do love it when I'm so focused on a rewatch of the new series, because my first language isn't English so I have to switch off emotions and all the likes in favour of learning and understanding what is being said, and completely fail every single time I watch a Doctor Who's episode. Every single time, I end up crying like a baby. I just want to hug them all, from the very first one, and thank them. Thank all of you who make it possible to love something so much and learn how to be a better person. Or how bow-ties are cool. Just like fez.
    Every time, every show, it doesn't feel like this one does. And I wish to thank you all, and hug you all, because it helps cope with a bit of everything. From loss to love and so on. I feel a sort of companion too, just like many others out there.
    So, well, thank you🌻

  3. wow 56 years today and this wonderful episode aired Happy Birthday to my hero the doctor thank you for been my hero and my ideal what ever body your in.

  4. I wish I could've watched the original series when it came out. It must've been so great to see such a unique series start.

  5. I'm particularly fond of the 60s Doctor Who. Doesn't matter that it's black and white, low budget, full of errors and sometimes impossible to actually watch because many episodes were lost. This era is magical, heartwarming and fascinating.

  6. Little did he know, in a few years 2 doctor whos would be saying “i like the circle things”

    “What are the circle things?”

    no idea

  7. The Doctor oh the increble crazy old man and his granddaughter Susan the unearthly child (timeless) and run away adventure of the last 50+ years but now and again the same doctor has different faces a puzzle and a lot more than the first he/they've mixed it up a bit, warped time around their fingers and tooled with time once or twice over the course of a thousand years or more sure they know who are and what they are doing sometimes it goes arye and they keep running hidden in plane sight with a big thirteen times they hide and forget about those they run with so many people but sometimes they return?
    Our traveler who is call Doctor a healer of time a lord of reality and wobbly time is never done pure adventure! I sure what face and timeline she has come back from this doc is actually the real thing probably the Other or The Walker?

  8. I saw this episode twice. It was repeated before the second episode was transmitted This was because of the interest generated by the first episode. Dr Who used to generate regular audiance figures of 14 to 15 Million. The CEGB had to make provision for the power demand caused by the mum's putting the kettle on to make tea as the children and the dad's settled down to watch Dr Who. This was in the days when the Dr Who scripts were written by people who wanted to tell a story not try to change society.

  9. Dr Who used to fill the television room in the students union at the University of Surrey in the late 1960's and 1970's as did Monty Python and to some extent Doomwatch.

  10. 0:47 Notice how Doctor who, dismisses the woman, as irrational, and appeals to the man’s logical mind? …..are the good old days.

  11. I watched this live. I can't remember the year. I must have been 12 or 13, so somewhere around 1960 maybe a couple of years later. No more than that. It was without question the most wonderful thing I remember of my childhood.
    Back when Dr Who was good.

  12. Can't imagine the surprise of the viewers in 1963 when the impossibly large interior of the Tardis was first revealed. It's one of those magical moments in tv history that can never be recaptured.

  13. But I fthought the first Doctor was a black female? And that she became so disgusted with herself, that she chose to regenerate into white males for the next 12 times?!

  14. Ah, Saturday 23rd Nov. 1963 Episode one. I was worried it would be cancelled because the BBC was fixated on some American getting shot. I remember it well, the night before was very special for me, in a Cornish beach hut with my girlfriend while it was lunchtime in Dallas Texas.

  15. I shall always remember the day when Doctor Who arrived,it made my day. It was so original and exciting. And later when the Daleks came on the scene,and the children would hide behind the setee.Those creatures were terrifying! There was nothing to like about them at all. One mystery that persisted was the origin of the name Dalek,which I eventually discovered in the Russian language,meaning "far off" .

  16. "Time and relative dimensions in space". Doesn't make much sense really,but it stuck. Every kid back then knew that word,and they still do! And the theme tune,that reverberates and evokes memories to this day,and makes your hair stand on end. It does for me anyway. Anybody got the Jon Pertwee song on record,"Who am I? Am I the Doctor?"

  17. William Hartnell: the original and the best. The man who defined the role. Often copied: never bettered. And, to all those (below) who seem confused, it was first broadcast by the BBC in late 1963.

  18. I can't help but to express anger at the way the older man in this story demeaningly refers to the others as "young man" and "young lady". Why the couple wasted time conversing with him is beyond me. I'd have ignored him and used force if necessary to shut him up.

  19. For years, I expected to see an episode where the doctor walks in and someone says "who are you?", and he says "I'm the doctor", and they say "doctor who?", and he says "precisely!". Did this ever happen?

  20. I was a teenager in 1963 and remember watching this as if it was just yesterday. I find it sad indeed that there was more suspense, tension and anticipation of things to come in this 3 minute clip of Doctor Who than in any episode of Who I have had the misfortune to have watched in the past two seasons.

  21. the good old days before the BBC started pushing female Dr's on us. I would rather watch this than any of the Woke ones .

  22. what a terrible shame what the present so-called Doctor Who is.. The WORST ever "doctor" and certainly the worst producer and writers….. come on BBC! – bring BACK the real Doctor Who that people loved, not the woke preachy garbage screened now.. audiences fall week on week

  23. Can remember watching it only six at the time, he was a wonderful doctor, loved the drama by the bbc of the beginning of Dr Who, if a fan a great watch.

  24. Back before Moffat and the BBC spat on the memory of William Hartnell by making his Doctor a blatant sexist in that godawful Capaldi Christmas special…

  25. It was a cold November in South East London…watching it on 405 line T.V…I can't say I remember the episode…BUT I do recall the music…iconic to this day ps I was 9👉💎👈👉🇬🇧👍

  26. Sadly….no longer the 1st Doctor. Turns out The Doctor was originally an overweight Black Woman according to the vomit that is New Who.

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