First Day as a Doctor: Medical Resident Vlog (26-hour call shift in hospital!!)

So today is my first day going to work as a doctor. I just graduated medical school and now I’m starting residency. And not only is it my first day, where everything is so new and different and I’m like full of excitement and fear and maybe a bit of terror, I don’t know… But today I’m actually on call shift, which means I go to work for 26 hours and I take care of patients on the ward. And I’m going down to the emergency department and getting to assess and figure out what’s wrong with patients and maybe bring them into hospital. So I guess my first day is more than a day, which is a little bit daunting, a little bit terrifying as I said, but I’m really excited. So I think I have everything that I need. I have got stethoscope, my trusty scrubs, which the best part of being on call, because it’s like wearing pajamas. And you don’t have to do your laundry, because the hospital does it for you. That’s pretty awesome. But the one main thing I can’t forget is a pager. And I wonder how many of you have actually seen one of these lovely devices ever. I had never even seen one before med school I don’t think. And basically it’s a really old system where you know, we’re talking to someone and this beeping sound will go off. And it means that someone dialed that number and so all that pops up is a number. And the good thing is if I’m talking to someone, they know that I have been paged, so I can kinda run off and take care of something. Rather than when your phone is like vibrating and you don’t know how to end the conversation, to be like ”I need to take this” So anyway, that’s the best part about it. And then… So you go and you call this number back and in the meantime the person who paged you is just waiting by the phone. They are just waiting there until you’re going to actually call them. So yeah, it’s a really old system. But that’s what we use in the hospital still, which is very shocking and surprising. That’s one thing, when I started med school I had this idea that medicine would be very high-tech. And maybe that’s from all the TV shows that you see and the advertisements you see. But honestly like it is not, it’s not high-tech at all. At some point I’ll bring you. You can see the call rooms and the places we sleep and it’s… Yeah… It’s a totally different thing. That being said, I love it and it’s a fantastic experience, but definitely not the high-tech one I thought it might be. Anyways, so I think I’m ready to go. I’ve got my name tag, which says doctor on it. And that brings up a whole other question of what… How I introduce myself? What do I actually call myself? You know, I’m used to being like ”Hi, my name is Siobhan.” But I don’t know, I don’t know if I should do that anymore, if I should say ”Hi, my name is Dr. Deshauer.” But to be honest, it doesn’t feel right yet and it almost sounds pretentious, because it’s my first day. I don’t really want anyone to call me doctor yet, even though I’m proud of it. But it doesn’t feel right yet. So I don’t know, I’m thinking maybe like ”Hello, my name is Dr. Deshauer, but you can call me Siobhan” and just kind of see how that goes. So anyway, lots of questions, lots of things to figure out. And yeah, so I will get back to you in 26 hours. Hopefully I’ll have a little bit of sleep, but I really think that’s wishful thinking. Okay, let’s go! So just walked in the door, actually back from this crazy day and a little bit. Made it through in one piece, still smiling, still excited, but I’ll tell you: I am tired. But it’s a weird feeling, it’s like all the adrenaline is just pumping inside of you and I feel myself going and I don’t feel like sleeping, but the outside of me just feels exhausted right now. This strange sort of… I don’t know, combination I think is going on in the body. But it was an exhilarating night at times. And at times I was just like ”Okay, just put one foot in front of the other and just move through and go and see the next person.” But there were a lot of cool moments, like the first time I got to write an order down and it actually went through. I didn’t need to get it approved by anyone else, I got to make a decision and it went right in. So kind of scary, but like you know… I actually felt pretty good about it, I think that I was put in situations that I can actually handle, which is great. But then sometimes I just felt like so inefficient. You can just picture me in my scrubs and I have got my bag going across of me, I have all these pagers, three different pagers lined up, waiting to beep. And they’re heavy, so they are kind of clunking everywhere when I’m walking. And then I’m trying to sling my bag to the side and just kind of move efficiently. But of course I’ve forgotten something over there or maybe I should see two patients over there. I’m always going back and forth and back and forth, trying to like make it seem like I know what I’m doing, but the good part about that was I got a chance to meet a bunch of the nurses and they got to know me and recognise me and you know… It just felt like a bit of a team at a certain point, which is nice not to feel like you’re on your own, trying to figure this stuff out. So yeah, I think definitely successful day! Definitely long day. I think next time I’m gonna have to get my food a little bit closer to me. It was stored upstairs and I was downstairs for most of the day, so it was really hard for me to even go off and get anything. So I think I had a confusing day for time. Didn’t have lunch until 4 p.m. and then I Got some sleep from 4:30 a.m. until 5:30 a.m. And now I kinda have this question of who am I? Where am I? What’s going on? But a night that I will never forget, that’s for sure. So really exciting and I wonder what I’ll feel like on the next night You know, Will it still feel like this? Will it be just as exciting? You know, right now I feel like there’s so much I still need to learn, so I still feel like a student. I was starting to see there are certain things that I actually do know and that I can kind of own and I can do it with confidence. So it’s a bit of a… It’s a cool mix, but I feel like I had tons of support and I really feel like there’s a million people that I can call and so many people watching my back. So I never felt like I was alone and I think that was my really big fear today. So yeah, I feel lucky about that. Anyway, I don’t know if you can tell, but I feel exhausted. I think all the adrenaline is coming off of now, so it’s time for me to fall asleep. Thanks for watching, don’t forget to like the video if you enjoyed it and subscribe to follow all my experiences as a new medical resident.

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  1. I am not a doctor, just a civil engineer in process lol, but it feels so refreshing to watch your videos. Keep your cute smile and thank you for your work Dr

  2. Was it really difficult for you to match to a residency program? I’m looking to go to medical school, but I’m just not sure about if It is worth it, if the odds of being accepted into a residency program is so low.

  3. I’m sure you know you deserve to be call “Dr. Deshauer” by now but I thought Dr. Siobhan would’ve being a nice medium there? I don’t know 😊

  4. QUESTION???? Just found your channel. Not in the medical field at all but very intrigued with your life. Just curious how do you stay healthy when doctors tell us how important it is to sleep a minimum of 8 hrs everyday. I read about how important it is for your liver and adrenal glands and so forth. Just can’t imagine the long term effects. Hoping you get some good healthy down time between shifts.

  5. How many years did it take you to become a doctor? I’m really curious to find out as I’m an RPN. The first time someone referred to me as a nurse I was like “what? me? no this feels strange yet awesome” haha. I do want to go for my bachelors at some point.

  6. One of my classmates was a concert pianist. I'm not sure he had ever even used a microscope and yet the senior professors on the admissions committee of a great medical school accepted him. He did just as well as everyone else and is having a successful career. One doesn't necessarily have to come to medicine through the sciences. I think it's more important to be VERY good at what you do.

  7. I love that I found your channel! Happily subscribed and will be watching your videos all day today!🤩 you are amazing!

  8. My daughter made me watch all your videos again lol . Her name is Charlotte and she wants you to know that she loves your videos and that she says hi. 😀

  9. Hello Siobhan I would love to be a first tear medical resident or doctor one day I’m just wondering what happens if two or more pagers go off at the same time please recommend me to a video or reply your videos are very inspiring I love you bye

  10. In regards to the pager: if it ain't broke, don't fix it…its an old system but it does work! Simple to use and you can use a computer to send a page, which is what we do at our hospital. 🙂 cool video! Congrats on your first day!

  11. Im about to re watch all your videos because i just did something to my back, no idea what, so i will be stuck in this chair all day!

  12. I don’t know how I would feel going to the hospital and have just recently saw my doctor vlogging on YouTube.

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  15. How you introduce yourself really depends on the situation. Just introduce yourself with how you wish to be addressed.
    If you want to be called "a dunderhead" just say, "Hi, I'm a dunderhead."

  16. Do you pick the colour of your scrubs and stethoscope? I've seen sites like MedElita who sell these med outfits in various colours

  17. Do you remember the first thing you had to deal with as a doctor? Was it a quick fix or did you talk to someone to figure out what was going on?

  18. Id love a video where you introduce yourself . Talk about your path to becoming a doctor and and your life as a doctor now (: .

  19. Question? Are 26 hour shifts a requirement for doctors? Because I have a very sensitive nervous system and it I don’t sleep for a full 8 hours per night you might as well hospitalize me along with the patients that I would be treating. Also, you did look really tired at the end of this video, obviously, but I would even describe it as you looking like you were to have too many drinks. Why do hospitals allow doctors to work such inhumane shifts when it is proven that sleep deprivation impaired your cognitive abilities as much as drinking does? I’m really scared about doing shifts that are longer than 12 hours. I know that it would be my duty, but at the same I am not ok with hurting my health. Like if I collapse unconscious on the floor my patients would not be any better for sure. So why 24 hours?

  20. I'm working 6 nights over Christmas this year and feeling pretty down about not being able to see family and all that. But after watching your videos I feel so much better !! You work longer hours and you're always so positive and happy. I need to just power through the next 6 nights!! Keep it up. You're very inspiring and a huge role model 💕💕

  21. I cant believe your a doctor now! I feel i was just watching you med school videos. I want to be a perinatologist. You make it look so exciting. What type of doctor did you become?

  22. You remind me of Penny in Grey’s Anatomy, not cause she couldn’t save Derrick but because your freckles and ponytail

  23. "I am Dr. Deshauer .. please call me Siobhan" …. established your role, not a volunteer, not a nurse. It is your identity, but not your name; your name is Siobhan.

    I just made that up … does it help any?

  24. You are so fabulous , I would like to know what specialty did you follow after getting your diploma of medicine )) and Thanks. GOOD LUCK

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  26. What made you become a doctor?? I dont think ive seen you address it yet or maybe i missed it in another video? Im just curious.

  27. this is great, im a medicine pgy-2. saw a couple of your later videos first, and decided to backtrack to see how it all began haha just wanted to watch someone go through a relatable experience. I don't subscribe to many things, but you got it!

  28. Hello! 🙂 Do you have any good techniques that help you effectively study? I wish to become an RN and possibly move up to Physician. But all of the knowledge seems overwhelming. I don’t have much time on my hands to study due to my current job.

    Edit: Thank you!

  29. I'm not into medical line but your video recommend it to me. So I got curious about it because I dream to be a doctor.

  30. NO!!! Say “I’m Dr …..” and donit with confidence! You worked your ass off for that title and you made it! If anything this early in your career at a new job, saying your title is impressive! It will ease the patient’s mind because they know you’re confident and your superiors will respect you.

  31. Howdy! I’ve been on a ViolinMD kick all day! Seeing this really helps, as I’m a nervous junior in high school who would like to go into medicine in the future (pediatric oncology). Thanks for making this video, as it cleared up some future fears for residents and gave insight into how these first days go. Keep up the great content!

  32. I just came across your channel, but I've been a hospital volunteer for 8 years doing pretty much everything a volunteer does (I also have a pharmacy techician license and am BLS certified). The best parts of hospital life are 1. The staff is like a second family and 2. No two days are the same. Whenever appropriate, the staff has fun and it rubs off on the patient and visitors, which makes them feel better.

  33. You are an excellent communicator and I absolutely love watching these videos. I wonder if anyone else watches these and gets the feeling of "Wow! I could totally be a doctor!" because you make it look so effortless lol! Anyway. I am new to your channel and binge watching ❤. Keep up the great content and amazing, life saving work!

  34. Dear Siobhan!

    You have to know that your man is the luckiest on the Earth. You are very kind, friendly, passionate, clever, attractive and every good stuff…😍 Can't find words for it. I really like you, adorable Siobhan (your name is also very pretty, i dont know what kind of name is it)

    Kisses from Hungary. ☺️

  35. I'm a personal support worker working in Canada at a retirement home/LTC, we started with pagers then upgraded to a house phone type pager now got updated again to iPhones and boy do we wish we switched back to pagers lol

  36. So cool to find this video AFTER watching many of your other videos. We all start somewhere. I see your confidence now and it is admirable. I am going back to grad school to pursue a degree in Physical Therapy. And I'm nervous and excited and I want to freak out, but its important to enjoy the journey. Thanks for sharing your experiences!

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