First COVID-19 death and 53 new confirmed cases in S. Korea

South Korea has reported first death
from covet 19 also the number of confirmed cases jumped up drastically
for more on this we connect our MD young standing by on the line for us
ji young do fill us in Daniel as you said Korea Centers for Disease Control
and Prevention announced the first death from Koba 19 in South Korea
the victim died at Tondo denim hospital in chungcheongbuk-do province on
Wednesday this patient a 63 year old Korean male had been hospitalized at
this facility for more than 20 years and died of pneumonia but later tested
positive 15 confirmed patients including the first death in Korea are from this
hospital 51 out of the 53 newly confirmed cases were from tegu and the
neighboring gyeongsangbuk-do province in the southeast Korea Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention announced on Thursday that most of these patients are
linked to the symptoms a church of Jesus which was visited by the country’s 31st
confirmed patients who also went to the Chengdu tanam Hospital currently more
than 1,800 people are being tested for the virus and the majority of them are
from these two regions with most new cases confirmed in takuan
gyeongsangbuk-do province Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
announced Thursday that community based transmission has started and that it is
in its early stages and young as for the cases confirmed this hold in other parts
of the city what do we know about these patients so far – two new patients in
Seoul were confirmed on Thursday and one of the two patients a 75 year old male
was diagnosed with a corona virus in a clinic in Tunica district in downtown
Seoul the clinic is just a few hundred meters from a kindergarten for the
government complex in Seoul someone from this kindergarten had been
in the clinic on the same day as a patient so the kindergarten announced
that it’ll close for a week health authorities are also working to find out
more about the other confirmed case in Seoul also there is a newly confirmed
case from the Navy in teju according to a government official on Thursday a 22
year old sailor from the Navy tested positive and was found to have visited
tego another new case was from Kim’s Atalla door province
28 year old male started to show symptoms of the disease from Wednesday
and tested positive at one of the designated medical centers on Thursday
he was also found to have visited taker earlier this month as the spread of the
virus is now mostly in Daegu and Hong Kong Buchta province the government has
decided to keep the crisis alert at the current orange level which is the third
highest on the four tiered system orange means the disease is spreading in
limited areas and the highest level red means that the infection is taking place
across society in general however the government pledged to go all-out to curb
further spread of the virus that’s all for now back to you Daniel
alright um thank you for that report we appreciate it

100 thoughts on “First COVID-19 death and 53 new confirmed cases in S. Korea

  1. The patient didn’t leave the hospital in 20 years? He died of pneumonia so no isolation precautions was taken. All the health care workers, visitors, and cleaning staff has to take precautions/quarantine now. Including those who handle the deceased body. But who infected him?

  2. Now we really get to see how infectious this monster really is, imagine the kind of mess that is going on in China right now… FU CCP and your fake numbers you are to blame for this mess.

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  4. It's not their fault, they did'nt know they are infected, no one wants to get infected, humanity has gone, i can't believe you are blaming them.
    Have you ever experiance getting ill, no cure, no medicine, waiting to die from the pain eating you inside. They are in pain,
    You should be thankful that it's not you, racist.
    What has happen to the world, selfish, unconsiderate people,

  5. We should learn from China’s mistakes ,protect your people,spread awareness ,don’t cover up ,economy will recover souls lost will not!

  6. Protect Ji-young at all cost! The future of Korea depends on our ability to get married and make perfect half korean babies.

  7. One step closer to the short fat dumbfucker who oversees north Korea . I just wished the virus did not get to south Korea.

  8. MUHAMMAD PBUH instructed his followers if you are in in a land and there is a contiguous illness do not leave and if you are not in that land do not go to the land where is the illness
    1400 years ago he said that
    If these governments applied this method this covid 19 will be dead in time.
    I send my love and infinite blessings to my beloved prophet MUHAMMAD PBUH.

  9. President Xi Xiping cannot wait any longer,
    His patience is running thin this party is over,
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  10. Someone said something, I don’t remember where I read it but it that made perfect sense, that people are being handled lying flat on their backs and that can worsen the symptoms versus being in a propped up position. I agree, it might seem like a simple thing but it’s can make a difference especially if the person goes into ARD.

  11. Time for 'Preparation' if you haven't started, they do NOT have this under control it has gone world wide.
    Wish you the Best of Luck when it Hits Your City or Country God Bless🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

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  13. God please never ever bring this virus to our beloved Africa💗. 🙏 . Hope this fucked up virus gets eliminated from the rest of the world 🌎 🙏.

  14. I’ve heard this virus is also called SARS-CoV-2 and is a mutated strain of sars which some out came from Wuhan virology institute BSL-4 I kinda want to believe it because to me seems more likely than starting in the seafood market from bats which the closest native bats are 600 miles away is it just me that thinks this Is likely

  15. Oh my lord………… that voice……. her beauty………🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 so heavenly so in love . I would get coronavirus as a price just to have a chance with her

  16. Avoid big assembly of people in religious groups for the time being until the virus is contained.Can always pray at home.Some of Singapore's virus victims came from a Church meeting.

  17. I was at Walmart last night getting a few prepping items like masks and camping gear in case shtf but in my small town all the emergency foods and masks are sold out at almost every store in WA state. I bought a machete and the lady who looks at ur receipts before walking out asked me “ what do you need a machete for is there something you know that I don’t?” I laughed and said “ you should probably get one too” 😂

  18. If he spent 20 yrs in the hospital and was 83ys old, God did him a favor and ended his misery. RIP old timer you'll have a better life in heaven hopefully .
    No one would want to stay alive for that long in a Hospital at that age except maybe Soros so he could make other lives miserable.

  19. No one is going to call it COVID-19….
    It’s CORONAVIRUS !!!!!

    WHO you are useless !!!!!!
    How many billions of dollars did you swindle to come up with a name that is confusing for the world to say or remember.
    Fucking retards

  20. No one is going to call it COVID-19….
    It’s CORONAVIRUS !!!!!

    WHO you are useless !!!!!!
    How many billions of dollars did you swindle to come up with a name that is confusing for the world to say or remember.
    Fucking retards

  21. I guess the only good news, citing from a different source, is that this virus is only a quarter as deadly as SARS was.. Not to confuse people, Coronavirus has already infected many more than SARS ever did…it's just that the recovery rate is quite a bit higher

  22. When will you people tell us the truth??????? We already know it’s much more worse than you claim !!! The truth will always find a way ,,, so stop lying

  23. Staying informed is the smartest thing people can do we all by now the WHO, CCP or the CDC don't want to admit it but this is a pandemic so we just all have to prepare. There is no use in panicking that just leads to chaos.

  24. This is so damn embarrassing ! Now we are the 2nd highest number of cases next to China? Wtf South Korea, u just beat Japan and Singapore in just 2 days ! If this get worse, Koreans would also experience the same discrimination that Chinese people have been experiencing around the world right now. Stop spreading it for God’s sake !!!

  25. There are over a million confirmed cases and over 250 thousand deaths! Too many private citizens, Doctors and Nurses have uploaded to YouTube these numbers! You are doing a GREAT DISSERVICE to repeating Chinese propaganda! Millions of sick people left Wuhan before the crackdown and they've spread the virus country wide! Hundreds of thousands are infected outside Wuhan. Three mayors were interviewed and they said there were 5 to 7 thousand infected in each city! There are hundreds of cities of more than a million people! These mayors were lying through their teeth. There are at least 100000 invected in each of those cities!

  26. My family and I lived in Daegu for many years. So many good memories of the city. My prayers to Daegu. Hopefully things will get better soon 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  27. Trully that this virus became pandemic,its so dangerous! Please watch out lets pray for the world and the people…its getting worst now!

  28. Please can you tell me if I am wrong, it was mentioned that the 63 year old patient who died has been hospitalized for 20 years? Or 20 days? Am I wrong?

  29. I am here to show solidarity and my love for the Chinese, Japanese, other nationals and everyone affected by the latest pandemic of the new coronavirus. I am very saddened by the sensationalism surrounding the epidemic and I made a video where I tried to sing a beautiful Chinese song (or my Chinese is very bad, but I did it for love) and I hope that our Chinese brothers in China or elsewhere, and the victims in Korea, Thailand, Japan, France, Germany, can see it here: https : // do more. My dear Chinese friends, we are together! We will survive the Corona virus and prejudice. The cure will come!

  30. I'm in Seoul, Korea now for university ( school has been delayed, I barely go out now cause of this virus) and everyone is wearing masks, the prices of them had grown. This woman was told by a doctor to do the corona test but she refused since she didn't travel overseas. Everyone in Korea is pissed cause she should've done it. Then she goes to her church and everyone is infected…people here are so pissed saying she should go to jail after recovering.

    Anyhow from now on I hope they make it law to get checked for this virus no matter what

  31. Take care of yourself Korea, COVID-19 spreads very fast. The medics infected in China is over 1,800. And it still can not predict the end of this epidemic.

  32. Soon it will be time for the world to go into quarentine. I hope that company owners have many jobs set for employees to work from home until it passes.

  33. I'm S.Korean.
    No. 31 visited a pseudo church and a wedding hall in Daegu.
    Since then, most of the confirmed COVID-19 cases have been from Daegu and nearby cities.
    As of February 21, 156 people were confirmed, and one died.
    Daegu and North Gyeongsang Province (the area where Cheongdo belongs) were declared special disaster areas for infectious diseases.
    The Republic of Korea(S. Korea) is trying not to spread this disaster.

  34. Is it possible it👹 can spread from Human to human from animal to Human👹 from mosquitoes👹 or Birds👹 or maybe even flies👹 the Coronavirus? This spring or summer…

  35. TO OUR BROTHERS and SISTERS in Christ in KOREA: GO! GO! GO! Let us all wear masks and follow the government directives!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL! "This is our Father's world"…Even though we suffers losses, we are all still the winners since our God, Jesus Christ, is the Winner!

  36. It was really but the problem is, chinas was not transparent of their statistics so it became a problem now in other countries… as the severity is not made aware…
    Philippines… its coming! Not even sure if our country can handle it…

  37. south korea is not like other country. they are more like china. go to "wet markets" in south korea, they looks exactly like on in china.

    take a look. watch?v=huWzGqXkef8

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