Hey everybody, many thanks for watching my channel I’m sat here with Dr Tristan Mehta Yeah Seeing Azi here again today and we’re gonna do a cheap filler treatment today Just to try and create some definition to the cheekbones and create more of a v-shape to Azi’s face You’ll get to see the before and after results. Huge apologies for the no make up look right now. Tristan made me remove all my makeup Now we will mark on what we call the apex of the cheek Which is usually in a vertical line down from this point and this is where we want to create a maximal Projection. This is also known as the beautification points And if you make this point more projected everyone looks more attractive to a points So we create some projection there and they want to keep we want to create a sweeping cheekbone down here. That’s the objective So if we find this point on the other side we’re going to find the apex is around using a volumizing and We’re just gonna go in for the first point that sharp little scratch coming Down and You always pull back with filler to make sure that we’re not in a blood vessel. That’s really important I mean that we teach them a lot in our training And then slowly change Okay, so now we’ve got those first points structurally In place. So this is a cannula it’s not sharp. It’s actually blunt and but it allows me to inject filler without causing any Trauma to the tissue so acting on travel over budget areas and in order to use and I have to make a little entry points With this so sharp little scratching now as you can turn and that’s just going through the skin And then the tricky thing with cannula is now in which layer of the face that were actually going to treat and so I’m specifically Making my way down to the right layer to get the best result for the cheekbone Which is there and I can take my Canyon all right back to the hairline and then I inject And this is how you get those sculpted? sweeping cheekbones So we’ve created now some definition there with finger I can just make it a bit more defined And you get a rich because you can mold fill it for about 10 to 15 minutes after is being injected Here we’re just going Sometimes it’s difficult to find. Okay. Are we going through the same layer? That’s it it’s always used here is one mill in the cheese and in patients, who are Looking just a little bit about your definition and a bit of refinement one mill can be enough to keep the cheese and The final thing to do some Must wanted to show you the results of my cheek that I from Yesterday’s treatment. It’s always best to show you a day after 24 hours treatment so that you can see the results All go for the chief Villa Is because with age I’m 35 now Gravity does take its place and your skin does start to Sag And especially someone like me who exercises quite vigorously. I do a lot of running You know my skin starts to face itself. So you need to look after it as well as good skincare You do need just a bit of filler just to lift a block the skin. There we go Those are the results so I’m very happy You might hate it. That’s fine. But doing it for me With you just in case efficiently didn’t you’d like to do – and it’s not painful. It’s completely pain-free totally totally recommend Tristan Who is highly trained in what he does? And he’s lovely he’s for very comfortable and There’s never any bruising after having treatments of Tristan


  1. Of course, you are beautiful without it but if you like this look and it makes you feel good I love that too 😘 Lauren x

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