Filipino Replicates Coronavirus “Aerosol Box” Designed By Taiwanese Doctor

Filipino replicates coronavirus “Aerosol box” designed by Taiwanese doctor Taiwan has been praised for its handle of coronavirus cases, considering it is situated less than a hundred miles from mainland China Taiwan has nearly 24 million residents, but as of March 24 recorded only 215 cases of the virus, with all new cases being imported Over 30% of their infected have recovered from the disease Taiwan’s implementation of at least 124 safety protocols are reportedly to thank for the quick containment of the virus The Taiwan Centers for Disease Control began screening passengers from Wuhan the day China informed the World Health Organization about Wuhan patients with pneumonia They then became the first country in the world to ban travel from Wuhan They also capped the prices of face masks and banned their export, to ensure there were enough face masks for all their citizens Taiwan’s health insurance system, repeat testing, and coronavirus public-service announcements have also led to their people living without fear of seeking medical help Taiwanese anesthesiologist Lai Hsien-yung, who works for the Mennonite Christian Hospital in Hualien, posted about a device he created on his Facebook page on March 21 He designed the “Aerosol box” to protect medical professionals intubating coronavirus-positive patients experiencing severe respiratory complications from the disease The Aerosol box is a transparent plastic box with three openings: one on one side for the patient’s chest and neck, and two small holes on the other side for the doctor’s hands Lai registered the Aerosol box under a Creative Commons license, which means members of the public can recreate it if they credit Lai for its creation and not use it for commercial gain Lai and his team posted the design of the Aerosol box online on March 22 It was this design that Filipino siblings Anton Legaspi and Frances Legaspi saw online and wanted to replicate for the Antipolo Doctors Hospital in the Philippines Frances, an emergency room physician, asked Anton, a designer, to recreate the Aerosol box because her hospital was running out of medical supplies On March 23, Anton uploaded photos of his version of the device, which featured larger holes and raw material to add maneuverability and lessen its price He wrote on Facebook, “Thank you Dr. Lai Hsien-yung for sharing to the world your invention”

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