Fertility doctor ‘secretly used his own sperm to impregnate woman’ at his clinic – Today News

 A fertility doctor is being sued by a family who claim he used his own sperm to father their daughters instead of an anonymous donor  Cheryl Emmons has launched the lawsuit against Dr Paul Jones after her two daughters were contacted by a half-sibling through two ancestry websites  Mrs Emmons was artificially inseminated by the medic in 1980 and 1985 at the Women’s Health Care of Western Colorado and went on to give birth two Maia Emmons-Boring and Tahnee Scott  The New York Post reports that the sisters didn’t know their parents had conceived them using artificial insemination until New Years Eve in 2018, when Maia got a message from a stranger on Ancestry com.  The message said: ‘It looks like we’re close matches, so I’m assuming we’re half-siblings ‘  “My father was a sperm donor in Grand Junction, Colorado. I’ve found three more half-sisters and a half-brother who’s [sic] parents also used the donor at the same clinic ”  Maia and her sister confronted their parents who admitted they sought help as their father had fertility problems after going through testicular cancer  The sisters say they discovered shared DNA with at least eight strangers – people born between 1976 and 1997  The family said when they challenged Dr Jones he refused to answer calling the question “impertinent”    Maia told KUSA-TV : “[Jones] needs to own up to what he did.   “I would like to ask him, ‘Why? Why did you do this?’”  Dr Jones told KUSA: “I don’t deny it I don’t admit it.”  Cheryl said Dr Jones helped deliver both of the girls and even took pictures of the family in the delivery room  She said: “I really thought he was doing a good thing for me and my sweet husband ”  The lawsuit is suing for negligence, fraud and other causes of action and seeks damages in a civil trial  Most US states, including Colorado, do not have laws banning fertility doctors from inseminating patients without their consent    However Texas, California and Indiana do have so-called “fertility fraud” laws

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