Feng Shui my Clinic – Carole Hyder transforms a doctor’s clinic

I am Dr. Tara Kaur and I practice General
Dentistry and Edina, Minnesota. I’m also an eco-friendly dentist, and one
of the fundamental principles in my practice is to really look at the whole picture, look
at the whole person as a patient, look at the whole clinic as a comprehensive organism;
a living being. One of the things that I was noticing
in my office, was that things weren’t feeling connected or grounded. There was a lot of turnover with staff members,
and I wasn’t feeling supported as well, I was feeling exhausted at the end of the day,
and almost overwhelmed by some of the day-to-day tasks. A couple of my patients that came in to see
us, as regular patients, had just off of this side note conversation, mentioned Feng Shui
and Carole’s name came up several times with that. Some of the things that they were talking
about, were the plants that we have in the office and how that brought some warmth and
life into the office. They also were talking about how we have lots
of color, and things like that in the front reception, in particular. So, they were already versed in what Feng
Shui was and were appreciating some of the elements that we had in our clinic. It was nice to hear from them, that Carole
was a good source and resource. Dr. Kaur had a beautiful space, however, she
was feeling disconnected, there was high turnover in staff and she was feeling overwhelmed. I ended up contacting Carole, and she came
into the office, and did a very thorough walkthrough of the clinic with me. She made some really brilliant suggestions,
on how we could very easily incorporate some Feng Shui concepts into the clinic, both physically
and energetically, to help me feel more supported, to help the clinic feel more grounded, and
to help our patients feel more safe and comfortable,
and the team members as well. She came in and we went through the clinic,
we made some very simple changes, but very powerful and effective changes. Starting off with Tara, first of all, she
had a beautiful space. I knew we weren’t far off the mark. I knew that there would probably be some very
subtle things to do, and she could shift into it. I also, could tell she was totally open to
just about anything I would say, which is a good thing. I thought for one thing I felt very privileged
to be here, because she clearly knew how to put a place together. We weren’t starting from scratch, we were
really starting from a pretty “elevated” physical spot in her clinic. I could see that those few little things that
we would do, sometimes it’s just this little {adjustment} and it’s just huge! It’s like, you could almost audibly hear the
change, like something “clunks” into place, and you go, “See that was just it, that’s
all we had to do!” I was excited, she was so excited, I met the
staff, we walked around; there was no withholding any information, or withholding any areas,
and believe it or not I do run into that. It was just a delight right from the get-
go. She has long-term plans, which she shared
with me, in terms of future, which helps me put things into perspective. It’s just been a delight, and it’s been really
beautiful to see how she’s very gently, and I mean; sometimes with {customers} when I
leave, I know that weekend they’re just going to rip everything apart. With Tara, it was more of a gradual, you know,
she waited for the right artwork, in fact, she created her own artwork, which is even
better. She created it, and she was waiting for the
right thing, and waiting for the moment, and that all, timing, all comes into play with
that as well. I just appreciated being part of the process! As I hear you ladies talk, the word intentional
keeps coming up, and it’s very intentional. Beautifully done! It is interesting, how some small things,
just something subtle, and you were so open to it. Certainly, we’ve done a ceremony here to just
shift energy, and a lot of times people aren’t really open to that. They’re open to Feng Shui, but that’s as far
as it goes. I really appreciate that, because that sort
of remodels things on another level. An unseen, invisible level, which sometimes
is even more important than moving furniture around. What was the biggest, what was the one that
had the biggest impact for you? I think there were three things. The first thing was reconfiguration in the
reception/waiting area. I think that was the big one. The second thing, I think was this idea of
balancing the elements. I felt, now that I know more, and now that
I’ve been through this process, I was very aware of how much metal there was in this
clinic, and that’s awesome for a clinic. You need the precision, that kind of laser-like
focus and all of that, but that’s not the warm and fuzzy stuff. So, I really appreciated balancing the elements
and bringing that warmth into the clinic, still keeping it very metal, but balancing
that out of it. That was another, that was the second big
thing I think, that I noticed. Then the third, just has to do with feeling
supported in the space. I just feel less tired at the end of the day. I feel like, it’s easier for me to speak what
my need is, and delegate if I’m feeling overwhelmed, or whatever it happens to be. And do you know why that is? No?! We changed your office around! That probably is it! She was in a, you were really in a much less
supportive area. You were very vulnerable in that office. We moved a couple pieces of furniture. I think it was more than that, but it looked
like a couple pieces furniture. It was just flip-flopping it basically. It really was flip flopping and suddenly there
you are, in a place that makes you really the leader. It does, it feels more protected, yet it feels
more powerful, and I definitely get more done throughout my day, because I’m not interrupted,
and not in {peoples’ line of sight}. I would say, those are the top three things
that I really notice, pretty much right away, from our initial time together. One of the things that Tara talked to me about
was feeling unsupported, and that was a cue, that I should look to see what she was saying
about her space. She’s a dentist, so I’m not going to start
moving her dental chair around, and have her patients in some weird place. We look in her office, and this is what we
were seeing in her office. She actually had her desk right in here. When she was sitting at her desk, she was
vulnerable to the door to the entry door to her clinic, and to people sitting in the waiting
room. Which leaves you feeling exposed, you are
feeling like you’re just not protected and supported; a lack of support. It was lovely, she had done a beautiful job
in here of course; she had a little round table over this nice little area, but my suggestion
was to exchange the table and her desk, and she did. Now, we have a round table {positioned here},
which means that she could be here with a client, she could be here with an employee,
and that’s more of a “public experience.” Then she is protected by the wall, and sits
in this office in a very strong and powerful way; she’s got this strong solid background,
she’s got her credentials behind her. It’s like the wind beneath her wings, and
she can sit here, and the only time she would be seen, is if actually a patient were leaving,
or an employee were walking by, but not just accidentally, just sitting over there and
somebody coming in and watching her. It really shifted things a lot for Tara, because
it gave her sense of some privacy and that’s really what she needed. This was an area where I wanted to incorporate
the five Chinese elements. This area is people’s first impression and
what’s happening here, (she’s done such a great job with it, unbeknownst I think to
her), I don’t think she quite realized what she did, but this is indicative of a person
who’s really in touch with her space and energy, that you can do that without much guidance. She has water, she has plants, she has this
metal, and look at the ceiling it’s metal. It’s white, it’s round, it’s really pretty. She has a lot of Earth. Earth in terms of the countertops, the wood
tops, all Earth energy. Of course, the one thing we were missing was
that fire piece. She happens to have a receptionist who is
very “Fire,” but we don’t wanna come to people. She added some artwork that had fire in it,
which was some reds, and that really nailed it. The Break Room
My experience is that break rooms, usually, they tell the true story about a business. They’re kind of the junk room, because nobody
knows what to do with the stuff and we’ll just put it in the break room. Then people try to eat in there. Well, this is a whole different story. She has set up an incredible room. We had some ideas in here, she implemented
everything, which was fabulous. It’s a nice storage under the smocks, a great
place for them to eat. She’s got a little kitchenette for them. It’s just a fun, beautiful little place. Dr. Tara:
I loved the scrubs, the color of the scrubs was a big deal for me, and having the organization. I’m a very organized person, but I really
love not having open shelves, just having something that has a little softness with
the fabric and yet there’s a place for everything to be. I also like the fact that there’s these pops
of colors. I really love the bright artwork, and I love
the furniture that’s back here. I think the size is appropriate, and it’s
welcoming. I value my team. I couldn’t do it without my team, so I wanted
a place that was a nice spot for people to take a break, and feel comfortable and still
feel bright and enlivened, even though it is a space without windows and things like
that. After the Transformation:
It seriously has been an incredible journey to watch the space change, to watch how I
feel in the space, feeling much more supported, and connected, and grounded in the space. Watching my team members and how they’re interacting
with the space, with our patients, and then also with each other in the team. Then watching the growth of the business in
it as well. It’s been a fantastic journey both personally
and professionally, and I’m so grateful for your wisdom, and your ability to come in,
and really identify areas, and that your simple changes made such an effective transformation!

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