Feminist Army Activate: It’s Time to Expose Fake Clinics!

Hey, guys. I’m Amber. And I’m Jackie. We wanted to let you know about something terrifying that you’ve probably never heard of – CRISIS PREGNANCY CENTERS And I know you’re probably thinking, “Why shady? This sounds like a place that helps pregnant women in crisis.” NOPE. CPCs are actually FAKE HEALTH CLINICS created for the sole purpose of talking unsuspecting women out of having an abortion. These predatory FAKE CLINICS are usually not run by doctors OR medical professionals. They are run by anti-abortion zealots who prey on vulnerable people looking for abortion care, and we want to EXPOSE THEM! Alright. First off, some background: There are approximately 780 clinics that provide abortion in the U.S. Compare that to the nearly 4,000 CPCs. They are very calculated. So they set up their fake clinics very near and often literally RIGHT NEXT DOOR TO A REAL ABORTION CLINIC. Notice they use a similar name and EVEN the SAME FONT to CONFUSE PEOPLE as to which place they should enter! Remember, this is all to get unsuspecting women to walk through THEIR doors instead of the ACTUAL clinic they made an appointment at! Imagine if other medical services were allowed to pull this shit! Would you be able to tell which one is a real dentist and which one is fake? Check that out! Look. She walked right into Dental Lies Dental, and now that she’s inside the doors, she’s about to be flooded with misinformation. Umm, well, I’m in a lot of pain. Can you help me? Here’s a pamphlet on how having bad oral hygiene is a sin against God. Will the dentist be able to pull my tooth if I need it? Well, someone will look at it for you and discuss your options – such as letting it rot inside your head until God decides it’s ready to fall out Oh. Kay. If there were FAKE DENTISTS telling you that God would take care of your janky tooth, the state would shut that shit down in an afternoon. So let’s do the same thing to these CPCs! How is this even legal? How would you even get a license for a place this sketchy? Hi. What can I do for ya? Hi. I’m here to apply for a permit to open a fake medical clinic that lies to pregnant women leaving them vulnerable and afraid. You actually don’t need any permits for that. That’s not regulated by the state. Well what do ya know? Thank you. You have a great day. No problem. Alright! Hear that? YOU DON’T NEED A LICENSE TO RUN A FAKE CLINIC. They’re totally unregulated. ZERO GOVERNMENTAL OVERSIGHT! Zero. Okay, some states have awarded TAXPAYER MONEY to expand these CPCs. They’ve gone so far as to do Title X grants, welfare funds, and they’ve even defunded Planned Parenthood to expand these as well. Listen, honey. When she is checked in, she’s then separated from her belongings No. AND her phone. Yes. Yes, you go in there, they’re like, “give me your phone. Give me your soul. Give me your brain.” They take it all. Give it to me. They take all of that making it HARDER for her to leave! Now that she’s semi-naked and afraid, let’s get into these CRAZY ASS LIES about abortion risks! They’ll tell you that abortion causes breast cancer, infertility, depression, AND that most women regret their abortions. THAT’S WHY THEY TAKE YOUR PHONE! Because if you Google that shit, You would see all these lies have been discredited as junk science by the AMA, American Obstetricians and Gynecologists, and the American Cancer Society. You know – actual medical experts with actual medical expertise, and not just some sexist clown playing doctor. And they will stop at nothing to convince you to keep your baby, even lying about how far along you are. Even going so far as to SHOW YOU PICTURES of a fetus that doesn’t MATCH how far along you are. Again, if a FAKE DENTIST pulled that shit- So you see here, the tooth is still attached to other vital organs like your mouth. There’s nothing we can do, honey. You’re just gonna have to wait until it falls out on its own. What?! It can’t be safe to keep a rotting tooth in my mouth. You know what’s not safe? Pulling a tooth! Removing teeth causes cancer and depression and a lifetime of regret. But I NEED this tooth pulled. Well maybe you should’ve kept your mouth shut and not let FOOD in, and you wouldn’t have ended up here. …okay. Outrageous, right? So why do we tolerate it when it comes to fake doctors? And at the worst-of-the-worst of these places, they will string women along, promising them help with child care and diapers riiight up until they reach the legal limit to have an abortion, then CUT EM OFF, sending them away with a box of diapers and a prayer, leaving them to fend for themselves. This is nothing more than preying on a vulnerable person because you want them to live the life that YOU wanna force upon them. And here’s the bottom line- when you’re scared and facing an unwanted pregnancy, Right Abortion providers give you a PARACHUTE, so that you can land softly. CPCs PRETEND they’re gonna give you a parachute, but instead, they judge and shame you and then PUSH you outta the plane with a bag o’ dicks! And a bag o’ dicks isn’t useful at all. Nope! WE NEED YOU to help us EXPOSE these clinics and to fight with us, so that every person who wants a PARACHUTE, GETS A PARACHUTE! We have our whole plan laid out at www.ExposeFakeClinics.com. So come on, people! Let’s DO THIS! Gather your pals, and join Lady Parts Justice League in EXPOSING these fake clinics. Find out how, and pledge to take action at ExposeFakeClinics.com.

32 thoughts on “Feminist Army Activate: It’s Time to Expose Fake Clinics!

  1. Abortion is the murder of a child and should only be done if the child is going to have serious medical issues or the mother as a result of the pregnancy. This is a little more serious of a topic to be mocked by some spoiled girls drinking wine and likening it to 'bad oral hygiene'.

  2. Always edgie LPJL, but this is indeed a real issue and exposed through parody and humor. great! Let's at least get jurisdictions to require disclaimers posted in the fake clinics.

  3. Did they really compare a rotten tooth to a little human being? There is also nothing wrong whatsoever with trying to help a woman see other options other than killing the child. These clinics are trying to save the lives of the unborn.

  4. Wow, you really need to get your facts straight. This is so not true! Maybe you should try and visit one.

  5. Brutally biased and uninformed. This video blankets the many by highlighting the flaws of the few (of which PP has experienced as well). Your goals actually thwart incredible opportunities for many women who will benefit from these centers. Flat out, this hurts more than it helps.

  6. THANK YOU! I suggest everyone watch "12th & Delaware", its a documentary about these clinics and they way they try to trick women – i'ts horrible. Last I checked it was on Netflix.

  7. How much government oversight is the Lady Parts Justice League subject to? None, maybe? Because maybe we enjoy freedom of speech in this country?

  8. Wow, you think "crisis pregnancy center" is misleading? What about "Planned Parenthood"? If you walked in saying "Hi, I'm planning to be a mother and want to prepare myself for it" you'd be laughed out of the place.

  9. They are not only misinformed, they are outright liars. CPCS that are medical clinics, have to be licensed by the state where they are located, and have licensed Medical Directors, and registered Nurses on site. Unlike PP they give information on all options available to the woman including abortion, adoption, and keeping the baby.

  10. Crisis pregnancy centers don't pretend to be abortion clinics. Their "sole purpose" is to help vulnerable mothers to take care of their pregnancy and young children. Abortion clinics are the ones manipulating vulnerable women and the ones PROFITING off said vulnerability. Do some freaking research before you rant lol.

  11. It's funny because it's not true. What a hilarious example of projection! They claim that CPCs prey on women in crisis while abortionists actually prey on women in crisis. They claim CPCs' names are misleading while "Planned Parenthood" is for people who didn't plan (c: Dave Chappelle). They claim CPCs leave women in crisis with a bag of dicks while … you see where this is going. Somebody get these ladies to a psychiatrist because the wine is helping them out of their delusions about as much as abortionists help women in crisis out of poverty.

  12. Why try to tear down something that assists so many women and families in need? I used to work at one, we had a food pantry diapers, wipes, baby food formula, clothing. We helped provide single mothers with apartment furnishings a few times. Helped women find maternity homes, womens shelters for those in abusive situations, helped women find resources to further their education, find jobs and affordable daycare. Most of the time women would come in just to have someone supportive to talk to. We provided supplies for children's birthdays, birthday presents, we had a toy drive every year for Parents to be able to give their children Christmas presents. We provided adoption resources. We had women's clothing and accessories and helped women find nice interview clothes and maternity clothes. Why would you want all that to be taken away?

  13. They even use the same font!
    Wow! It's almost as if all the offices have the same font.

    You guys are really reaching here. It's kinda pathetic. I never had to go to a CPC, but I have donated baby items to them and guess what, although the mild Jesus-y ness of it was annoying, they were really nice! They took my baby carrier donation saying they run classes for pregnant moms on how to use them and what not.

    You guys are literally looking to have fewer options available to pregnant women. Congratulations.

  14. This is what really goes down at your local PRC. This one is run by a friend of mine, who had an abortion after getting raped by her step-father, btw, and who now regrets it. She got pregnant by him a second time at age 13 and ran away to keep her son. Not her rapist's baby, mind you. HER SON. Because that's who he is. Educate yourselves. You'd be surprised how much we really do for mommies (and daddies!) in crisis.

  15. These women are just Planned Parenthood robots who belive any non PP clinic is evil. PP doesn't care about women, because if they did 100% of their services would be free. They don't help women's financial situations. They don't counsel women who's unborn children died. They don't even do many services they claim to do, at least well. Their birth control is garbage and their founder was a racist cunt who also supported eugenics. These same women say every woman is beautiful, but probably bully pro life women, also very likely even bullied kids in high school. They also claim that disabilities don't define someone, but will immediately advocate aborting beautiful babies with Down syndrome. I know these types of women because I've seen their hypocrisy first hand and it's fucking ugly and disgusting.

  16. This video is incredibly incorrect. If you're wondering about the truth of this video just walk into one of these centers and see for yourself. I work with one of these crisis pregnancy centers and this couldn't be further from the truth. These girls have sold their souls.

  17. Get your facts! PRC is not a clinic therefore not required to be licensed. PRC attached to a clinic that provides medical care, the clinic IS LICENSED and the people performing ultra sound and testing and treatment are licensed! Know your facts, or maybe you just want to trick vulnerable women.

  18. This is one of the cringiest video's i've ever seen.

    Please keep making videos and keep destroying the prochoice movement.

  19. This is uneducated, laughable slander. The comparison is so juvenile and inapplicable. Really? Throwing out blanket allegations about "fake" centers and then comparing a human life to a tooth. I guess these ladies can be glad their mothers didn't choose to have them #extracted. The information is also WAY 2000 and LATE. Crisis Pregnancy Centers? Not anymore. Pro-life resource centers that offer services beyond simple pregnancy tests (and that is MOST centers at this late date) such as STI testing and limited obstetric ultrasound services operate under the direction of a medical director and with a fully functioning medical staff. I think these women should #geteducated themselves and #stoptheblanketlies

  20. Based on your statement you equate the killing of life as 'abortion care'? You're more demented than we ever thought if you think that is in any way considered 'care'!

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