Farm-to-Fork Menu for Patients at UC Davis Medical Center

Good food should be good medicine. We are trying to provide that to our patient care. We are rolling out our new
braised short rib sandwich with a chimichurri sauce and it has a citrus
kale garnish that goes with it. All of our our bread is locally produced and it’s all made in-house. People are very surprised to hear it coming from a hospital kitchen. we are making a vegan We are making a vegan burger. The patty is made in-house. Then we have
tomatoes, arugula, we have a balsamic glaze, and that’s on a ciabatta, or will
be on a vegan bun. We won second place for the vegan burger challenge within
the city of Sacramento, so we were going up against restaurants in Sacramento. We
want to be raising the bar for hospital food. We want to be providing very high
quality, nutritious food that tastes good. people want to eat in our hospital.

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