Family Nurse Partnership – St Helens

I’m Heather I’m the family nurse in St Helens. The St Helens nurse partnership programme is a voluntary program if people that are nineteen years old and pregnant with their first child. Research shows that having a healthy pregnancy gives your baby the best possible start to life and that’s what we have from family nurse partnership strive to do. Family nurses are specially trained nurses who
help mothers understand their pregnancy and help them provide the best possible
care for themselves and for the baby. The family nurse will visit the home from
early on in the pregnancy till the baby is two years old and then we will
discharge to the health visitors and what we look at in those two and a half
years is healthy pregnancy health of the mother, health of the father and
lifestyle choices, we look at babies development, emotional health, baby’s brain development a number of topics that we try and cover and but mainly we
go into the houses and ask what the mother would like to talk about that day
so we agenda match to that client. In St Helen’s family nurse partnership
father’s are important to and if the mother consent the father’s are very
welcome to joining in the business as well and we tailor our visits to both
mum and dad if they’re both there so we look at both the health of the mother
and the father and how they both bond and communicate with that child to give
that child the best possible start with the health and their emotional health
as well as development. When I found I was pregnant I was 17, when I found out I was pregnant I was 19. I was terrified when I found out, I was absolutely over the moon absolutley, as soon as I found out that was it, head in the
toilet I just couldn’t stop being sick. I was working at Amazon at the time
always looking at everything on the conveyor belt, seeing what I could buy for my first. I need that, oh I need one of them. I love being a mum it was always
something that I wanted to be I chose being a mum over the career that
I did want but I much preferred being a mum. I was referred to the family nurse
partnerships by my midwife at my first book in appointment. I felt it was so much better because it wasn’t just them looking after the baby, it was looking
after me as well because I was single at the time, so it was very daunting
at first but I felt at ease because I had them looking after me not just Madison,. It helped me by having someone else as support because I think if there’s all
these difficult questions and things she wants to know that I
have not been able to answer it whereas Heather has which has been a big help for me. it was definitely a big part of our lives and we always look forward to the next visit because then we find out how big Maddison has got on her weight in, and how chunky she got. Heather did a lot for us, she referred us to different services to help Connor with his
problems me with mine. I would definately recommend the family nurse partnership to others. I probably wouldn’t be the mum I am today if it wasn’t for family nurse partnership.

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