Family Medicine Residency Program at MidMichigan Medical Center in Midland Michigan

Program here is unopposed that means
that the only residents here are the family medicine residents. It’s different
than some other programs where you’ve got to compete with family medicine
residents, OB, surgery, internal medicine, pediatrics. Advantage of the unopposed is that you’re not competing with these other specialties.
The attending physicians at Midland were phenomenal. The ones that worked with the
residents made teaching a big priority to them. They made sure that they always
gave time to talk to you, to teach you. When you’re doing your general surgery
rotation it’s just you working one-on-one with the surgeon. You get the
cases, you get to first assist in the operating room. One neat thing about the
program here is that you spend every day in the office. As a first year resident
it’s an hour a day, and by the time you’re finishing up you’re a half day in
the office every day so you’re with these faculty every day, day in and day
out working with them, getting to know them as people. We have one advisor we’re
assigned to for the entirety of our residency from day one they’re helping
decide what do you want to do and how can we make that happen. So you really do
see a fairly wide range of people and the different needs that they come in
with and then with family medicine you see the young, you see the old, you really
get a wide range just as far as age. I get called to do a delivery to assist
with the delivery and I had to resuscitate a little 36 week newborn so
born premature. Twenty minutes later, I had called resuscitate a 99 year old up
on the floor. The residency program really pushes us to be independent
thinkers, independent learners. I knew that I wanted to do obstetrics when I
was done so I did some extra OB I did an extra elective month and I got some
extra experiences. I had an interest in sports medicine so I did some extra
sports medicine stuff and so you can pick and choose and do some of the
things that you want to do. They do a very good job of helping you decide what
you want and then helping you decide what do you need to prepare for it. By
the time you do three years here I think you’ve really gotten a good
comprehensive look at what it’s like to be a family medicine doc.
So the unopposed program just is a better experience, better one-on-one
teaching, better time with patients, overall just better experience. When I
was interviewing for residencies when I was in Detroit still, I talked to a
family practice instructor there and when I mentioned Midland he said “Oh that’s one
of the best residencies in the state”.

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