Family Medicine Physician Stephanie E. Rosener, MD | Middlesex Health

I’m Stephanie Rosener and I’m a family physician at Middlesex hospital family medicine in Middletown and I’m the associate director of our family medicine residency program I am very very thankful to have a job where I wake up every day and look
forward to going to work and the reason is that I enjoyed my patients I enjoy
having a long-term relationship with them I am working together with them over
over years and seeing them progress through phases of life Iand I’ve had patients where I took care of them as teenagers took care them during a pregnancy delivered their baby and then on maybe to care for their
parents and grandparents than that for me is just the best job
anyone could have it really is my hope that that as a
family physician that I can play a key role in improving the health of the community and not just addressing disease and not
just treating medical problems one patient at a time
that we can use the resources and technology we have to to improve the
health of everyone in the community and everyone
within the service area of Middlesex Hospital

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