Family Medicine Physician Adriel Kramer, MD | Middlesex Hospital

my name is it Adriel Kramer I am a family
physician I’ve been working here at Middlesex
actually since it started my training to be a family physician in 1998 one other things in medicine that is
very striking is that there’s a real change in a push to increase the use of
technology in medicine and that’s always been an interest of
mind so I’ve had the privilege of working on that transition and
implementing a lot of those programs into the residency program it’s my practice but
also into the whole Middlesex health system I really value getting to
know my patients and its the kind of thing that takes
time to develop but that relationship is is very important to me and I think
for a lot of family doctors I do enjoy working with patients of all
ages I have in my own practice I have babies I have adults I have folks at
different stages of life and and that’s what makes it interesting
for me when I come to work what keeps me going is knowing that I’m making a
difference for people and that can come in different forms it could be just helping them understand
what’s going on with them on that particular day or helping them through a transition in life I
view myself as a guide for them not as someone who will tell them you know what needs to happen the
communication between myself my patients is is the most important thing that I do I
always wanna be open to information coming from patients and so
for me get again getting to the patient well and and working with them is the best way for me to have an impact
on their life

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