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So I went to college at the University of
Iowa, and then I stayed there for medical school, so I was there for about eight years. And after that I matched at John Petersmith
Hospital which is the county hospital in Tarrant County– in Dallas-Fort Worth, and I did a traditional
family practice residency for three years followed by the surgical obstetrics fellowship
there, and since then just came up here. Extra interests or special interests would
be definitely obstetrics. I did a surgical obstetrics fellowship, so
obviously I have spent a lot of extra time doing that, and I’m really happy that I get
to continue to use those skills here at Carroll and provide those services for the women here. Also I have a special interest in endoscopy,
I do EGDs and colonoscopies for a lot of the partners here in the office, and I’m really
happy that I’m able to continue to do that. But I also enjoy the general family practice–both
the model of seeing our patients in the office and trying to keep them well and seeing them
in the hospital and trying to get them well. I like to make sure that I treat my patients
the way I would like to be treated. I think it’s really important for patients
to be heard. Patients come in with specific complaints,
and I think they’re frustrated when their doctors don’t listen to them or address those
specific things. So I think at the very least just making sure
that they know that I hear them and that I’m listening and that we will try to do our best
to come to a solution with whatever is going on. “Extraordinary Care, Every Day” to me means
doing my best for the patient, and that’s not just technically or medically but doing
my best to be a good listener and to treat them the way I would want to be treated and to
just make them feel like their opinion and their concerns are important and matter. In my downtime I enjoy spending time with
my family. I’m married, my wife’s name is Erin, and I
enjoy spending off nights and weekends with her. Also our families are both in Iowa, so it’s
been nice to be able to visit them regularly. Also we’re really into college sports and
like going to Hawkeye games and watching college football and basketball on TV. We also like to try be active and do things
outside like biking and camping.

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