Family Medicine in Carroll, Iowa | Dr. Carly Quam | McFarland Clinic

So I went to undergrad at Iowa State, majored
in biology. After that I went to Des Moines University
Osteopathic Medical School, graduated from there. From there I went to Broadlawns, family medicine
residency in Des Moines, and that’s where I was before I came here. I think the main philosophy that I have when
it comes to patient care is the word “team.” I participated in sports when I was growing
up, and the team approach, where I am maybe your “coach” is kind of the approach I take
with patients. Ultimately it’s your decisions and the patient’s
decisions as to what they want with their health, and as the coach I can kind of give
advice, give guidance, prevent you from doing something that’s detrimental. But ultimately it’s becoming a team, working
together to better your health care. As a family practice doctor, we’re unique
in that we get to see patients all from birth to death and everything in between. I would say my passions are definitely women’s
health, including obstetrics. And right hand-in-hand with that is of course
taking care of newborns and children. I do also like taking care of chronic conditions
and males and everyone in between, but my passion’s probably most definitely in women’s
health, obstetrics, and then child care. “Extraordinary Care, Every Day” to me means
being able to get in and see your physician, being able to have access when you need it,
so “Every Day” kind of literally at that point. And then getting taken care of like you would treat
your own family member. And so I feel like at McFarland Clinic both myself and my partners
all have that–they would treat their family members the same way that we treat our patients. During my downtime I have two young kids–a
two-year-old and two-month-old. So we spend a lot of time with them. But if I get to do something fun for myself,
I love to travel. We’ve been hiking in Glacier National Park. We’ve been to New Zealand. I have a few other places on my bucket list yet. So when I get some away time I like to travel,
but otherwise it’s usually spending with my kids or going out on a run with my dog.

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