Family Medical Clinic of Harrogate, TN | Humana

It was important for me to come back home,
because where I had trained at Mayo Clinic, I came and saw the quality of healthcare here
and it wasn’t nearly what I had seen in other places and I thought that would be a
great place to come back and introduce great quality care. When I did come in contact with Humana, I
did feel as though they were my enemies giving us all these forms about HEDIS measures and
giving us Stars reports. And our Stars reports were all red. It looked like a stop light all the way on
the paper. Terrible. A lot of these things I didn’t see myself
being able to control. So, I didn’t see it was exactly fair to
be graded on those things. I knew our staff was working hard and I knew
that I was working hard, but wasn’t able to make the distinction between those numbers
and then what we were actually doing. And, so, when they first started here I probably
kicked them out two or three times. Walked out a few times. So the day that I actually came that he kicked
me out of the office, I had actually presented him with a check for provider rewards. He refused the check; he did not want to take
the check. That was kind of our turning point when I
gave the check back was that, it’s not about the money and it’s actually about taking
care of people and I said “You know, I want to talk to your medical director.” She said “OK.” He came to Harrogate, TN from Knoxville and
the next thing I know he was sitting right where we are today. Once I understood kind of where Humana was
coming from, I understood that they want the same thing I want. And we wanted the patient to be as well cared
for as possible. With their new EMR systems we’re able to
target those populations that are the sickest and we’re able to pull those in. We’re able to see those people more often. It was not just changing our practice, but
changing the culture of our patients and our community. That coming to the doctor when you’re well
is not a bad thing, and making sure that you’re doing your colonoscopies and mammograms and
taking care of yourself is a good thing. And we’ve actually caught I think to date
about fifty-seven or fifty-eight cancers in the last year. Value-based care incorporates everybody in
my team and this truly affected every part of our practice for the good. People don’t realize that when you kind
of adopt this value-based system, it makes every other practice in the area better because
you exist. And, ultimately, the patient flourishes in
that, and part of that is Humana has helped me do my job and made me better at my job.

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