Family Involvement in Addiction Rehab – 2019

Hi my name is Sabrina and I’m
one of the therapists here at
Coastline. One topic I wanted to talk
about today is family
involvement. I do believe it is very
important for clients to be able to allow their [family
into therapy]. It’s completely optional, but I
do find that it is beneficial because
a lot of times our issues stem from what’s
been going on in the way the family unit
has been functioning. I do offer the clients the
opportunity to be able to bring their their family in
for therapy and what we do in
there is we really collaborate together on
ways we can move forward and past current issues. And with that we do want the
family to have more insight on what’s
going on for our clients so we can get everybody on the
same page. And with that being said we want to make sure that
everybody can be able to work
through some of the issues that have been
going on because it hasn’t
been working . So, just really getting everybody
together and on the same page will definitely help with your
progress in maintaining that sobriety.

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