Family-Centered C-Section at Las Colinas Medical Center

(gentle music) – I’m Dr. Jeff Livingston,
part of MacArthur OB/GYN. And we’re excited today to perform a family-centered C-section here at Las Colinas Medical Center. – It’s important to me, because when we were
looking at our options when we decided to go
with a C-section that we wanted to still have the feeling of, well the natural birth and have, you know, all
the skin-to-skin contact and the bonding. The, you know, everything that you would get to feel if
you had a regular birth. – There are many patients
that are required to have a cesarean-section, and patients these days
are using the internet to look at all of their options. And many patients are
seeking out hospitals and groups that are offering
family-centered C-sections. Family-centered C-sections,
also known a gentle C-sections, are just a slight variation from a traditional cesarean-section. Where we bring the patient and make them part of the experience. We create an atmosphere
for them that’s calm and relaxing, and helps
them participate in the birth of their child. (gentle music) – [Female Doctor] Mummy’s right here (gentle music)

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