Family Birth Center at The Medical Center of Aurora

(gentle uplifting music) – [Narrator] Welcome to
the Family Birth Center at The Medical Center of Aurora. – Our goal is to provide you
with family-centered care, giving you an exceptional
experience that is individualized to you and your family
for you and your baby. – We have nurses that have been here for over 30 years so it’s a nice spectrum of nursing experience
that we have to offer. – All our providers are
board certified physicians, we have nurse practitioners
that also provide care to our patients, we have
anesthesia and CRNAs in house 24/7 and nurse midwives here. We have neonatal nurse
practitioners in house to provide care to your infants and we have neonatologists
that are available and that do round on our babies everyday. – It was really just nice knowing that we had all these amazing doctors
and nurses surrounding us who were there helping us
through the whole process. – Some of them have been
here quite a long time and have probably delivered grandkids. (laughs) (gentle uplifting music) – We have 13 large birthing rooms here where we can care for the mom
and the family all as one. As far as visiting
during the labor process there’s plenty of room for large families. Here we provide exceptional patient care. Our patient satisfaction scores
are in the 90th percentile. We really try to make
it a special experience for everyone who comes through the door. And then the level of
expertise from our physicians all the way down to our nurses
aids is just exceptional. (gentle uplifting music) The great thing about
here on our department is that we have everything
you’re gonna need right here. We have a doctor on
site, in addition to that we have nurse anesthetists
that are here as well to help care of your labor need. We have our own two ORs and
recovery rooms right here on this floor, again you
don’t have to go anywhere else for anything that you’re
gonna need from us. – And we do also have
lactation support here seven days a week, and we
also have lactation support when you go home. (gentle uplifting music) The NICU is a specialty nursery. It’s called the Neonatal
Intensive Care Unit. So if your baby would
need specialized care or a higher level of care
this is where they would come. (gentle uplifting music) Our unit is a very calming
unit from the color schemes, to the pictures, to the lighting, to your room, and how spacious it is. – I would definitely recommend
The Medical Center of Aurora. I’ve loved every single nurse that I had. They are all so kind and attentive. (gentle uplifting music) – We encourage skin-to-skin
within that first hour. – Right after he was
born we did skin-to-skin which was an amazing experience. Just being close to your baby like that is a really special experience,
so it was really nice. – There’s even a name for it,
it’s called the Golden Hour. So the patients bring in
what we call a birth plan. The nurses use that to
really guide the way that they’re gonna care for the patients. Whether it be that they
want to use low lighting or they want to have the aromatherapy. We do our very best to incorporate that so we can really have a special
experience for each of them. – We were given a whole
binder on things about babies. There was everything in the pamphlet and it was super nice to
just have that resource. – We are small so you
get individualized care. I just think this is a
great place to deliver, we have a great atmosphere
and I just think it’s a great place to have your baby. – We’re all here for you at
The Medical Center of Aurora and we’d love for you to come enjoy your birth experience with us. – We’re here for you and
it’s about your experience and having the best experience possible for you and your family in
our Family Birth Center. – You know, I have this
perfect little baby and we’re doing really good. And it was just an amazing experience. – [Narrator] We invite you
to schedule your tour today and learn about the benefits
of delivering your baby at The Medical Center of Aurora. Visit

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