Fallout New Vegas – Finding the Implant Clinic

Hello my name is Michael and welcome To another episode of Achievement Guides. In this episode I’ll be showing you how to Acquire the implants that raise you base stats. Begin by making you way southeast from Goodsprings. To make the travel easier Temporarily lower the difficulty to very easy. I chose the long way around to avoid confusion, I only had the beginning equipment and was only level 1, you’re welcome to cut across to save time, I’m just showing You the least difficult way to get there. I’ve marked any encounters so you’ll be prepared It’s easiest to simply run by any attackers. For those of you who don’t know what implants are, They increase your base stats by 1 You can increase each stat only once, Your endurance will dictate how many implants you can have. For instance if you have 6 endurance You can install 6 implants, 8 endurance is 8 implants There are a total of 9 implants you can purchase 7 for each base stat and 2 special implants Purchasing the endurance implant does not increase The amount of implants you can have, You’ll need 9 beginning endurance to buy them all. I’ve had issues with a previous glitch where some Implants were not available forcing me to restart a new game So it might be a good idea to check early Just to make sure you get them all. I hope you enjoy the guide and have fun.

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