Fakten über Haartransplantation in der Türkei! USA Patienten-Interview/OP – Hairlineclinic

[Music] my name from Houston Texas I’m 34 years old I’ve been having hair loss problems for the last seven years and I started looking into doing something about it about two years ago that’s when I started looking into into her truck [Music] take a moment take it out so when I started doing my my research when I started really looking into into getting a hair transplant I started looking in clinics in the US and clinics in Turkey I started looking at the different methods the procedures manual extraction motorized extraction robotic extraction and the more research I did the more convinced I was into choosing the right method for me when I started looking into the clinics I found some videos online about HLC and first I really liked the results that was my first thing I was really amazed by the results and then I started looking into the procedure and I realized that it was only manual extraction and that the whole procedure was only doing being done by doctors and not by assistants like in other places the fact that they didn’t that they’re not using motorized and they’re it’s only manual I think that makes a big difference and that’s why at the end I decided to go for quality overpriced and for the for the long-term results so the main reason why I chose HLC was that first it’s only the the doctors the surgeons are the ones doing the whole procedure then they only use manual extraction for the whole process second is that they don’t do mega sessions they don’t do extractions of thousands of grafts in one days they do small sessions and they they do what they call sneak in place which I think gives a better chance for the graph to to survive because it’s not outside of the scalp for a long time and that I found that very important and when it came back to the other Turkish clinics where the prices were maybe it was cheaper but they the doctors are not doing the procedures they’re not using manual extraction they’re doing mega sessions a lot of the times so I rather have one good procedure and take care of all the graphs in one in one single session divided then doing two mega sessions later on in those cheap clinics well I think like everyone in the beginning I was a little nervous to come to Turkey to do the procedure even though the communication has been great since the beginning you’re always you’re always hesitant going to a different country but since the beginnings is you arrive you have a driver waiting for you it was a very nice vehicle they bring you to a very nice apartment I think the fact that you stay in an apartment with other patients that’s actually very nice because they are there they are all going through the same problem and procedure and they can they actually they’re very supportive since the beginning they said you made the right choice these guys are great so and they were they were just pushing me up they were trying to to tell me that it was the right choice which was very nice the other thing that that I I really like is for example the sessions my first session was there are always small sessions the morning sessions they’re small so that the graphs have a better chance to survive and then once they have they they bring them out in in the first session then they they bring them back in with their their stick in place technique which i think is great well the the first session was was very good the it was it was very nice to see the doctor and and to design the the hairline and everything first it was it was very nice that we came to a very nice agreement on how we wanted the hairline he explained to me what what to expect and just maybe to make the right choice with the first hairline to be conservative have a great result to have enough grass for the future to save a good reserve for the future so once they extracted the 800 grafts she started dividing them into single grafts multiple drafts and then the doctor is gonna come back to him plant them right away [Music] we always work with the same team of doctors on every passion actually during the consultation we decide which doctors will be assigned to the patient we take into account factors such as long hair transplant a beard or chest hair is needed if the patient has curly hair or straight hair if the patient needs a line work or chrome transplant and the skin characteristics of the patient all our doctors are is hrs and fu Europe members every patient can be sure that he or she will be treated by a doctor who has years of experience and we as a doctor team can meet all requirements at any time [Music] perfect it doesn’t hurt it doesn’t hurt at all in the front or in the back you can just feel a little bit like a bobble head but it doesn’t hurt it’s not painful at all [Music] the funny good morning hours the night good any pain in the problem the front party okay one from now we will put the budget check the units [Music] [Music] okay it’s our second day so we have to finish the plan today and we need 1600 more in the first station our plans to take 800 grafts and then implanted them and say start the second season [Music] your hair looks curly was clearly before I start worrying about your time but now after try some craft taking out I notice that your hair straight it’s good for extraction they are totally after the grows more than once on a mirror but first you know the crop size is three four four millimeter and the first three four millimeters I will show for us your hair in the skin is straight it means very easy to cut the skin without destroy the graft [Music] but it’s not always like it sometimes patient has hair they grow with the different directions and this patient’s is not suitable for deep cutting with this patient’s be cut skin not too deep to extraction the graft we have to use two forceps and it’s going very slow okay mr. Steve it’s finished [Music] we use 3,000 grave totally okay your graves are very healthy and they are good and you are not to pull ratio they’re perfect about the average so everything goes fine I have no and I don’t have any trouble during the extraction or implantation so we finished the front line 50/50 density and we make a transition go on with 30 density and everything goes perfect now you can stand up we can cover your head and take some pictures that’s all okay thank you thank you for your patience [Music] I think I’m done it was 3,000 graphs total it was two days surgery it was honestly it was painless it was very easy most of the time you’re sleepy and the sedation is it makes it very very easy so you don’t feel any pain the first night I had a little bit of trouble sleeping but it was just a position and yesterday I had a good next day so it was good and I’m very pleased with with the hairline so far with the design I’m very happy and and also the how how easy it was I think I didn’t know what to expect in the beginning but now that I’ve done it it’s really easy and it’s fast and I was very very impressed with with the work out of the nurses and the surgeons preparing it for me one of the of the most impressive things was the design of the hairline when all the doctors were really looking into into the hairline for it to be natural and that it was they didn’t look good with my face and my age and everything it wasn’t a very uh it was a very nice process and I was also impressed with the ability of the surgeons that worked in my case you can tell that they have like a lot of experience and the result I mean just how the dense packing out ends the older grafts art that was very impressed with them also one of the things that made me feel very comfortable was the patients that I saw first that did the procedure before me they all told me that they were very happy with the clinic and also some of the patients that I saw they came to to rebuild their Airlines because they did it before in other clinics and they were not happy with the result so the fact that they come to do a second interview a sacred trust to fix their hairline to air that give me a lot of companies well to me I would like to really to thank all the surgeons and the nurses they did a great job and I would do it again easily and I would recommend this for anyone who’s looking to to get a hair transplant [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]

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