Fadi H. Ramadan, MD, BSc. | Tufts Medical Center

I became a doctor because I enjoy taking care of people and I had my grandmother living with me when I was young and she became sick, so I find myself wanting to help her. I was interested in science, and I was really interested in the human biology. Now, what makes a good doctor is a doctor who cares about his patients and who also have good clinical sense. That means diagnosing illness by observation, by looking at the patient. Not everything is in books and experience matters. I love my patients and patient, here, comes number one. Tufts is a great Hospital it provides team here. We have social workers. We have case managers. We have nurses, nurse practitioners all working towards the care of a patient. And for me as a geriatrician that’s so important because I was trained to work in teams as we call interdisciplinary care. By Tufts we’re always thinking ahead and we try to do a lot of preventive health care. I love to bike outdoors I go on long rides almost hundred miles. Sometimes I listen to music and I like to travel.

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