Facilitating Rehabilitation Through Innovation

the team at REHAB Hospital of the
Pacific is committed to helping patients get better faster and technology plays a
big role in that I stopped by to learn more about the music glove, bariatric lift
and the InBody 770 the music glove is a sensorized glove
that connects to a tablet and it combines music with hand function in
order to improve functional outcome of our patients it can be used with
individuals who have experienced a neurological injury such as a stroke a
brain injury but we can also use it with the spinal cord injury population as
well so you’re gonna touch this one this one or this one
according to the beat on the screen and for those you hold it down literally
like Guitar Hero for the fingers with this type of technology you can improve
the functional use of the hand in a shorter amount of time and it’s also a
fun and engaging way that you can get the patients involved in their own
therapy this is the bariatric lift it is used for total assist patients we also
work with traumatically brain injured and overweight individuals who need
assistance when they go to the restroom or they might need to go to the shower
we’re gonna lift you up okay bring your legs in John okay and that will go all
the way to the restroom and we can lower him down onto the toilet if we didn’t
have this technology we’d be using a manual lift which is very heavy and
cumbersome unsafe I’ve used it over the years and this is truly an innovation
another form of technology that we use here at the REHAB Hospital it’s called
the InBody 770 the actually measures body composition so it is a type of
bioelectrical impedance device which means that it sends short bursts of
electric currents through the body and with that in mind it helps to figure out
how much water we have in our body versus fat mass in our body and as well
as lean muscle mass I’m gonna have you step on up you’re gonna grab onto the handle we
can hang up the handle and that’s it it’s done so the data basically can help
us tell our patient or our client how much maybe weight they want to lose if
they’re going for that type of lifestyle or if there’s some deficit as far as
muscle loss we actually got this device specifically for our cancer rehab
program however it can be used for anyone this segment is sponsored by
REHAB Hospital at the Pacific

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