Facial Feminization Surgery Review – Yarina, Dr Bart van de Ven reviews

Hello Mrs. Kireyev. We are now about five months after your facial feminization surgery and I have a few questions. The first one is: what problems did you have that made you want to have facial surgery? Before the operation, I felt too masculine in my face especially without make-up, which also made it difficult for me to pass and I felt very uncomfortable in my skin. That’s why I wanted to change that. And why did you come to me for that? I was impressed by your results, the natural results, which is very important to me and I think I do not look operated, which I am very happy about, that’s why I came to you. And what did the surgery bring you? Much more self-confidence. I need less make-up now. I can go outside without make-up and my gender is no longer questioned. Could you please tell us something about your stay in our guest house? I, or we felt very well there. It is a great team, like a big family there, and it was nice too to exchange with the other patients. we were really taken care of very well. How about the pain after surgery? I have to say, I imagined it worse. It was not so much pain, it was more uncomfortable overall, but the pain was very bearable. And how long did it take you to be able to work again? Four to five weeks. If you could give yourself like you were before the operation an advice, would you have one and what would it be? Do it sooner. Last question: If anyone who is interested in getting treatment with us wants to contact you via e-mail, is that okay? Yes, gladly. Thank you for the interview!

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  1. Beautiful im geting my top surgery sooon amd hopefully soon afther my bottom surgery ima ask and see about facial feminization surgery i wouod love that they did such a great job on you wow i just love it i no it will makw me feel and look much better…can you plz do this again in English thank u so much

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