Facial Feminization Surgery Review – Jenny, Dr Bart van de Ven reviews

So Jenny, we are now about seven months after the FFS and I have some questions about that. The first is: what problems did you have which caused that you wanted to do an FFS? Of course I had this problem with outing that I constantly was outed and that I always had this problem that people recognized me as trans and of course that hurt me, the looks you see and feel, it’s hurtful and that’s why it was actually for me the best way to come to you and to do the FFS. This is really a salvation, one can say so, because I’m no longer reduced to this topic. What was the reason that you came to me for this? The reason was that because of the fact that I no longer wanted to be perceived as a transwoman by society that I, on the Internet, I informed myself and found you and also received recommendations from the community and You were recommended everywhere, so I took the risk and I came to you. And what did it bring you, the result of the surgery? Like I said, it brought an absolute relief in everyday life, of course, now that I’m participating again in working life that I do not really have to talk about the subject anymore. This is an important point for me and that I achieved a quality of life again and actually for me it is also exciting that I am now somewhere in the society again, the new woman and It is exciting to see how it is from the other side the role you have to play and that I can be the way I am and that’s nice that is really a feeling of life. Can you say something about the stay in our guest house? Well, I like to think back about it and Petra she was an absolute treasure, has always been there for us, So my partner was with me and accompanied me and also the whole team and also with you, it was great, so a nice time, of course, a giant change for me also, to see myself in my new appearance, to realize that this is the way it is now, but I I did not want to go back, It has never been a question, or that I questioned whether I should have participated or not, on the contrary I have never regretted it. If you could give yourself some advice before the FFS, would you have one and what would it be? My advice would be to not really think so much about it how the result will be, whether it will be good or bad, because I believe you know exactly what you are doing and you have so much experience and one should just trust. I think that’s important, I’ve often wondered will it be fine, and the whole swelling after that, of course that’s the way you spend all the time and hope, with the swelling then, and after that, all will be fine and so yes that …. I would not question this myself now. I think it will always be good. Last question, if someone is interested in an operation with us and would like to contact you via e-mail, would that be alright? That would be okay, yes. With pleasure. That’s sweet. Thank you for the interview. Thank you.

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