Facial Feminization Surgery Review – Isis, Dr Bart van de Ven reviews

Hi Isis! Today is your 4-month post-op check-up and
if it’s okay with you I will ask you a few questions. Absolutely. Ok. What were the problems you encountered before
you came here? When I decided to go through with Facial Feminization
Surgery, it was because I wanted my face to look more feminine because I started and I
had a certain idea of what I wanted to change. With Dr Bart we agreed on certain procedures
and it worked out amazingly well. That’s very nice to hear! And why did you decide to come to 2pass Clinic
and Dr van de Ven? There were two clinics that I was interested
in, but when I saw the work of Dr Bart and certain people who had their surgery here,
I felt confident. The before and after pictures made me feel
very confident to have this surgery with him. Alright, and what did the surgery bring you? It brought me more confidence in myself. At my job everything goes really well too,
people are constantly complimenting the changes in regards to how I am now as opposed to how I was before. It makes me feel good, I feel like going out,
living normally like every other person. After your surgery you stayed a few days at
our guesthouse. I stayed 7 days in total and it was really
nice. The team was fantastic, especially Petra,
who is an incredibly person. You took great care of me and I want to congratulate
you on that. Ooh thank you. It was our pleasure to have you here. What did you appreciate the most in the guesthouse? There’s a certain level of comfort, the food
is also of a very good quality and there’s enough choice, the atmosphere as well is very
family-like and it feels good to be in that environment when going through such an important
process in our lives. And after your surgery, how long did the recovery
take? When were you able to go back to work or to
go outside? My face was very swollen during about a month,
and after that month it started to look more natural. After the third month there was no swelling
at all anymore, it was perfect at that point. And were you in a lot of pain? No, maybe just the first 48 to maximum 72
hours after the surgery. But that was very bearable. I almost didn’t take any painkillers. It was definitely okay. Can we say it was more uncomfortable than
painful? Yes it was in a way uncomfortable because
I was swollen but the pain was easy to manage. Would there be any advice you would have to
yourself before the surgery? Come! Come and get the surgery here! I’m so happy with the results. I’ve become a different person. I’ve become the woman that I’ve always wanted
to be. The feminine appearance I always wanted. All thanks to Dr Bart. It’s visible in your eyes! It’s visible, you can’t hide it. One last question. In case there are other people that would
want to contact you, would you be okay with leaving your contact information? Yes I’m totally open for any questions at
all, people can contact me. If people that are French and that have, like
me, difficulties with expressing themselves in English or Dutch, know that everything
went well and I haven’t felt lost in my questions or anything. Thank you so much! Thank you and thank you Dr Bart! You’re welcome!

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