Facial Feminization Surgery Review – Diana, Dr Bart van de Ven reviews

Hello Diana! Hello Dr Bart! It’s now about seven months since your facial feminization surgery and I have a few questions about it. The first would be: what problems did you have that made you want to have this surgery? Since I started hormone therapy as a trans woman only in my late thirties, the results did not turn out so great for me. I have often been misgendered. In addition, I was not so happy with the result of the hormone therapy when I looked in the mirror That’s why I decided to come to you. And why exactly to me and not somewhere else? I made myself smart in Zurich with my speech therapist. She heard about you. My psychotherapist too. Then I looked on the internet. They could not recall your name but something was said about Belgium and I believe in Belgium you are the only one, That’s how I came across your homepage There I got a good first impression Then I booked the appointment in Zürich And in the personal conversation then It became clear to me that I want to do this with you. And what do you think of the result? The result has been great. Especially now when I see the pictures of my profile, it is so much more feminine, also younger, that’s fantastic and I’m very happy about it. Nice! And the passing, how is that? Great, so I am rarely, if ever misgendered Already on the trip home I have always been approached with Madame, back from Belgium and it is much better than it was before. I am 100% satisfied. Can you tell a little bit about your stay in our guesthouse? The stay was very nice I also had good contact with other patients that was very nice, even in the evening. And the caretaker Petra, with whom I got along very well She helped me a lot, especially after surgery you need help because you are not in a good shape. Then I needed help for this and that, and she was so helpful I felt well taken care of. Did you have a lot of pain? I had almost no pain. I had some problems with the circulation for a while but pain, no to little. And how long did it take until the swelling had disappaered so much that you could go out on the street? Well, that did not bother me that much. I went out anyway. After three to four weeks it was reasonably well again. At least the color changes were gone, the swelling stayed a little bit longer. Maybe 2-3 months, I do not remember that exactly, If you could give yourself advice like you were before surgery, would you have one and what would it be? My advice would be that I would definitely do it again, even a little earlier if I had known that was possible I would definitely do it again. I can recommend it 100 percent. Last question: if someone is interested in surgery with us, wants to contact you via e-mail, would that be possible? Yes. No problem. Thank you for the interview.

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