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I’m thrilled to introduce you to the video that you’ve all been waiting for Of the face that starts [at] you first, which is the skin around your eyes? Hey guys, it’s me eunice today I have prepared a video for you [guys] especially young people who’s looking for tips on finding the perfect eye cream and Plus did you guys know that the skin around your eye part is? sometime it’s as thin as just a tissue, so Because it’s so thin and there’s not much sweat or there’s not much access [to] them around the skin around your eyes it’s easier to be more dry and it’s easier to get wrinkles [as] Time goes by and a frequent times you know we crawl eye makeup And we remove eye makeup because of this freaking process It’s really easy that you know our eyes starts aging and starts getting wrinkles. So once the eye wrinkles You know starts forming once you start seeing it actually it’s really hard to get rid of I wrinkles just with cosmetics so the most Important thing is before you start seeing them make sure that you have to you know choose the right eye cream use the right eye Cream and to make sure [that] you prevent wrinkles from forming But you know like many of you you know say for myself We really didn’t know exactly What kind of eye creams to use because you know we don’t want to use our mom’s eye creams that felt a little bit Too heavy and too oily. Well I sure didn’t want to I just felt like hMM Maybe this is not the eye cream for me, so I always wonder What is the perfect eye [cream] for me or myself so today I have prepared a video where on? To find a write the perfect eye product for you and also a daily I care routine that you can do So this is for those of you who did not get I wrinkles yet? so you need to start preventing them or Some of you like myself who started seeing eye wrinkles. Don’t panic [I] know I started panicking when I first seen them, but it’s for both of [you] who actually haven’t seen it yet But want to prevent eye wrinkles and for those of you who have already Seen started seeing [Ivanhoe’s] on high by Wrinkles and how to improve that also [alright], so let me introduce you to the things that you should consider especially when young people are choosing the products for your eyes first It’s very important that you choose a product with a rich moisturizing effect because the skin around our eyes lacks moisture and oil balance Second it needs to be a product that even on people with sensitive skin can use You might say no my skin type is not sensitive But the skin around your eyes is really really sensitive, so even if your skin type is not sensitive It’s really important to choose a product that you can use People can use with on sensitive skin third one is unique know exactly what your skin type is and also you need to find a product that has the Specific functions that you really need after checking if your skin type is oily, or dry Then you have to make sure what do you need the most from moisture? elasticity Whitening and Wrinkle care if the skin around your eyes are really dry like like me myself then choose our Highly enriched moisturizing cream or eye gel if you have oily skin type if you feel like you have a lot of oil around You know the skin of your eye then I want to suggest that you [use] a light texture type or need to carefully choose and check the ingredients and functions of your eye cream there are adenosine and Retinol these two [ingredients] have been proven by the ministry food and drug and safety To you know improve your eye wrinkles adenosine restores your skin cells ability to restore itself and also it speeds up the process of Collagen so which is really excellent for the last two [the] city of your skin retinol is an ingredient of vitamin [E] eggs So it’s really really excellent ingredient for on elasticity and you juvenile in your skin but one thing is that it’s so sensitive to heat and The Sun rays the light so it’s really important that you use This only and light time so besides these two excellent greediest there are a h a peptide and vitamin C which is which are creating gradients for firming Glycolic acid and Kojic Acid and also Vitamin [K] are Excellent ingredients for dark Circles, [too] let me introduce you [to] really great products for your eyes and also I turns After cleansing put the toner on a cotton book and wipe your face I care step number one use the hydrogel type of [patches] for the cooling effect hydro gel patches stimulates the skin around your eyes less compared to other patches Barry Sims eyepatch has Placenta and Cloggin which are great ingredients for elasticity Arbutin which is another good ingredient for white team and they have Adenosine which is excellent for wrinkle care this product has sixty patches in it So you can use this product for a whole month and I really like this because Before you put it on and after you put it on you can see that [after] you put it on a ticket off it became actually thinner than what it was so you show sure that how the Nourishments, actually really so well into your skin and the chewy texture is really really great. I really like this patch and Because you know when you put it on some patches like the essence like trips down here And it drips [downs], and it goes into your eyes, but this doesn’t do that. That’s one of the other reasons I really like this so after [you] put on the patch can just watch TV Or you just walk around and do whatever you know your tours and one other things I like is you know I have I’m really worried about my last line also I have a really deep last line so sometimes you know the eye patches [I] just put it on my lap line also. [eye] care step to put on essence Which is really great for wrinkle cap with the rolling ball you [skinner] laughs doctor spots here Don’t worry Wrinkle [cream], so this is really great because after you put it on on within Five minutes four or to five minutes. You’ll be able to feel your skin tighten Just firmly and you get the feeling that you instantly have this young and [you] [know] healthy Skin around your eyes and the cool thing about this is this Feeling lasts for a long time because usually you know other creams that makes you Feel the [tighten] the kind of lasts for a short time, but this cream lasts for a very very long time [lucky] regular speed of Blood circulation pigmentation wrinkles and of course up subcutaneous fat these four things can make your eyes look really just Dull and just dark and just your movie time But in this [products] there are [ingredients] to focus on those four things to get rid of them number [one] Starting from the front part of your eyes put on the essence and then drag it towards the back part number two use your middle finger to massage Starting from the ends of your eyebrows to the middle part of [your] eyes if you have a lot of you know worries Or problems with your skin, and you want to kind of take care of not just your eyes But the whole you know wrinkles on your face [now] I want to recommend that you use an essence this needs your own essence has a really great effect for Rejuvenating your skin and egs a peptide ingredient for brightening moisturizing Strengthening and elasticity of your skin all of this will [take] care of the dryness and also Riegel’s for your whole face This snail essence is made out of soft natural ingredients So not it only is it okay [to] use for your eyes But all over [your] face even for sensitive skin types you may use this product I care Step 3 use [highly-enriched] I cream Kosar x is a honey sara my eye cream Has the [ingredients] of honey and Sara Megan? It’s really great for instant moisture and elasticity I want to recommend it for those of you with sensitive skin types because you can use this it has natural ingredients in it So it’s a really really soft [so] for even my skin I can use it and for [those] of you who feel like you don’t like those heavy You know rich eye creams this texture is very very light, but it’s not too light to a point where you feel [like] oh It’s dry afterwards so for those of you with I guess you know young skin You know those of you who feel like? Who do not have wrinkles yet or for those of you who feel like just started you know getting wrinkles? This is a perfect product for you [to] use when putting on your eye cream Use the fourth finger [to] lightly Dab onto your skin this is because the fourth finger [is] the weakest and Don’t forget that your skin around your eyes is so fragile that if you rub [your] eyes hard or debit strongly it can cause more wrinkles for those of you who want whitening and Moisturizing effect at the same time I want to recommend you this nail bomb on This nail bomb when I first saw it. It was really really cool because the texture itself when you first see it It’s different and when you scoop it up. It’s different and actually when you [put] it on also. It’s different So when we first scooped it up it felt a little bit too rich or heavy Well as soon as you put it on you can see that it melts quickly And it’s very very chewy, and it’s very very light. So that’s one of the things I really liked and I Always wondered after you know I put it on would it just like fly away would it feel [too] light because it feels so fresh But it doesn’t it kind of I think it Really really rich and moisture that after you put it on it feels very moisture for a very long time [this] product also has snail mucin in it Which is a great ingredient to give [mooster] in the last two [32] [years] and also this product has a different certified [a] plant extract Ingredients on it so that it’s really great for [a] total I care product It’s really great for whitening and also for Wrinkle care it gives rich nourishment for your dark circles, so that it helps to brighten this part of the I Finish with moisturizing cream. Oh, and let me tell you and show you a really good massage method Not only good for your eye care, but for anti-aging with the leftover cream on your hands clench Then with your thumbs up pull along the jaw [line] number two Place and press lightly where the smile line ends for five seconds number three? Press along your cheek bones to massage them with your thumbs from the inside to the outside number four Make a V and drag across your brow bone to care for your wrinkles in the middle of the forehead number five pull up along your forehead then press along your temple click what I make up and Removing them can actually cause you know I wrinkles around your eyes, but also Because of all the eye makeup the eye Shadows eyeliners it can leave pigmentation and because [of] this it can cause dark circles this leftover makeups can really cause and Speed up the aging process So it is really really really Important that we do the right cleansing method soak the cotton puff a lot with your eye makeup remover then put it on top of your eyes for about 10 seconds rub softly around your eyes to remove your eye makeup [the] [point] here is to make [sure] not to put the least amount of pressure onto your hands If you rub hard, then it can stimulate your skin And it can cause wrinkles easily so let’s remember to carefully and softly get rid of the leftover neath them Let me save this again because this is so important the skin around our eyes is really really dry so it’s really easy for us to get wrinkles and Once you get them. It’s so hard to get rid [of] them, so it’s so important that we prevent these wrinkles from Happening and like I said before we don’t have much sweat or access tSUbame round You know the part of our eyes so make sure that you really really start your eye care early I would say you know beginning of your twenties is perfect That’s where you should start to prevent them at the latest you gotta start even I think around 25 That’s the latest what top [4] bad habits that you might have are you know? Turning over facing down and going to sleep that can cause wrinkles and also using you know that your computer Smartphones for too long that can actually make your your skin really dry [and] it can speed up the aging process and other habits like if you blink too much or if you have habits of just like rubbing your eyes and Also, if you lack moisture and your skin becomes dry or if you smoke too much Or if you drink too much all of these you know bad habits repeating actually speed up the process of eating which will Definitely cause wrinkles. So let’s really really really Remember to you know fix these bad habits if you liked this video Please press the like and if it’s the first time you watched you know which trends [TVs] video. Please press subscribe Thank you guys so much [for] tuning and if you guys have any suggestions any Questions any videos you want to see along then please leave comments because we read every single one of it And I will see you guys next time

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