Exploring Rehab Center for Louis’ Gaming Addiction with Sir Darryl

lou was also the subject of some
controversy because louis admitted about a week ago that here one point had a
computer gaming addiction answer darryl roberts of the sir gerald radio
experience very very concerned about this and actually calling up a rehab
center to see if they could handle someone with the celebrity of producer louis mo
ta many of course they’re offered getting that this is an x computer
gaming into not current let’s take a listen aspen education happy director haha i
was calling the conference in treatment options for gaming addiction okay cameraman thank you so much their comparative film and healthier
helen how are you and territorial i’m ok many was the role
of just been transferred a couple of times height um… fight i was transported this location from
might believe what they told me with your corporate office because i’m looking for and the national conference probably all
problem cancer i was looking for help with gaining
addiction and uh… i’m looking for help from
louis from on the david pacman show so he’s kind of a celebrity here in the
air we’re wanting to just we really want to
get him help because he could have had this deep addiction but at the same time
we would like some sort of a program where either it’s one-on-one are small
enough at you know the other people in the a
gaming placed on asking for is autograph ekak architecture on uh… don’t know that that would be nice
to hear apparently apathetic atlantic para primarily because no one third of
move through our art you know offshore alright blackberry when well he’s in the on the east coast
but david actually is going to be paying for this so money laundering more meaning she
would trying to get anywhere art wonderful wealth uh… we are thinking and wonderful this
guy’s got all the money we can we can possibly get out of them the an and and when was recently revealed by louis on that he is one of his main fears right now is that he will be on the gaming for so many hours a day that he will literally forget to eat and he’s afraid that if this keeps going
that he could get to the point that he starts himself to death because he can’t
get away from the uh… computer again once we heard that we knew that we’re
dealing with something that’s much deeper than our ability to have to help
there it would be able to handle a minor gaming addiction but when it’s could
potentially starving in front of the console that saddam but that’s another level i
think it’s going to go up right an everyone here papers one we also which is called doctor group
lovely competition perfectly specialized ceded its horse-trading doctor who’s the
mayor of the acupuncture i thought i did not know doctor who leaders massaging
your work argued to our visitors allow yes uh… apparently the primary care
commission okay to talk about a partisan the reason why hafez because david patten is the kind of these papers
on the family jul off and it was just wondering whether or not
if the david pacman were to show what they’re whether enough is enough
security or over somebody just after to come through their without any time you
know yet because of celebrity background all these men should be
fashion and one of uh… okay here you might if there might be you know i i don’t
know if there’s a lot of people around and david walker wicked sometimes we do
get ’em in some sort of a disguised as something if if necessary that’s the
reason why i like ask in advance because of its necessary to throw in the skies
on and we reported on that that happen walk in and then he came to
get to lewis it’s the hundreds of people thing to do
please let us know now here levy small okay great if it’s so small that this is
the first potential client they were actually had called yet you know actually uh… going out of these rehab critics is staggering right amino irish priests or
two thousand dollars a day adept at more than that in many cases the outlets on
all on the road miriam trip but you wouldn’t this place is probably
too low and for you anyway but as you said lewis’s gaming addiction
has been cured loses quit cold turkey and you don’t even really think about it
anymore do you you know even remotely uh… i’ve distance myself from that sir

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