Man – From what I hear it is haunted. Sam- like we might get murdered Sam – I’m legitimately terrified. Sam – Dude Colby – What’s up guys, it’s Sam and Colby. Sam – first of all just gotta say we drove two hours north. It’s freezing Colby – We’re in the middle of a forest (Colby -it’s so cold) and this is probably going to be a lot of scariest things we’ve ever done. Colby – We’re going to this place called the Nevada County Hospital, and it has some very, very haunting history Sam – We say like we’re gonna have a scary experience a lot, but this is gonna be like like we might get murdered Speaking of that a couple years back there has been murders in This building if you look up this building all the inside pictures have like blood on the walls, and all these things. Literally this is just in the middle of a forest Colby – yeah, nowhere near civilization really. Basically, what happened was back in 2001 there was a mentally ill patient here. She went crazy and ended up shooting and killing two people, and so they say that it’s very a haunted, very Satanic place like – Sam was saying. There’s like, blood on the walls, maybe still. Ever since then it’s basically been abandoned. Sam – and obviously since it was a hospital, it was also part of like military stuff. Just it had a bunch of uses. You know recently, it was acquired by a personal and private property owner. No one guards it. Layings could be in there, and no one even patrols there. So we’re just going into this place in the middle of a forest, just hoping – on a whim – that nothing happens Colby – Anyways on our long drive here, we were reading like, loads and loads of articles about this place; of people like trying to get in, and exploring it and literally, every single article said that they experienced something terrifying happen; they felt like an eerie presence, and they wanted to get the hell out of there like immediately. Sam – There’s been super skeptical people of the paranormal that even were like, ‘no this place made me believe that is paranoid’. Colby – Wait, the doors Open there’s a light inside There’s literally only one road around here in argos past like maybe wants it for like 10 minutes So not many people are around here, but the doors wide open Prosecuted it jeez God. They’re serious about this place. Huh wait to? Be splash lights over there and security Can’t even see it on the camera Your voice is loud. There’s people in the front row did they not see us coming up I don’t know three people in a truck the door was open over there So like so do you think those people are the ones inside definitely? I don’t seem like security It seems like neighborhood kids really lucky mother explorers you think if that it’s kids And it’s like nothing harmless or anything. Let’s go over there and just Yeah Yeah, I think you’re right you just gonna like go over there and be like yo So this is like one of the first time you ran into other explorers From what from Sacramento yeah, no oh Really no, we just heard about this place. We wanted to come explore really quick you guys been in Ok yeah, we saw it the door was wide open. Where do you go follow me real quick? Yeah, there’s a ramp that goes up and a ramp that goes down the ramp that goes up. That’s about a window That’s about that tall that way okay. You can fit through it and get in there seen anything in here No, but I know that story basically this used to be a little mental hospital built in 1860 decides where the house to all the mental ill people if you go in there everything is still the way it was almost like They just left up in no way some girl committed suicide by jumping on their chair right here not that window But on the other side one of those windows and then some guy went crazy and start shooting up this place I heard about that one. He also went down to Lyons and killed the manager manager or the cook Do you know why the lights on and horn underneath you can’t get in up here? That’s the maintenance room somebody busted in the door and just win it recently the lights still on Yeah, as long as you don’t get caught you can do whatever you want. Just don’t destroy things because that kind of place Yeah We don’t we don’t ever destroy anything sure the sheriff doesn’t care if you’re on the property as long as you’re not inside But if you go inside as long as nobody knows. It’s fun. Well. Thank you. Thank you very much. Yeah, and From what I hear it is hard You got a face Okay, well good to know. Thank you very much Thank you What just happened that was really nice. He was very very nice I was under the impression that this was private property and no one proposed this But the guy said the sheriff patrol see thieves look He doesn’t care that we’re on the property, but it would go inside of yours, and I didn’t know but that guy I said Like to go in so what if he knows the sheriff yeah? I mean he’s nice, but like he could screw us over. That’s true I really can’t trust anybody these days like he said that that place is the exact same as I was and there was not only Those murders that we’re talking about the suicides. Yeah, do it this might be a lot more Fanny God things on camera. Let’s get inside Yeah, if everything was left how it was we might see some light remains of like a murder scene or whatever But no you can’t see the dust but still this place is covered in asbestos apparently so that’s a good thing I can’t see the dust that means it’s probably not that thick Ninja Sam it. Just wasn’t really right bad. We should make this guy get away Stairs beauty Design My god though that’s not real. I can’t be real can’t be real That’s paid it has to be that just I don’t know why I’m like literally just frozen I’m not getting good vibes from this at all. I haven’t gotten scared much about these things this does not give me Just keep moving You’re the people that would do this down here would not care to little kids We’ve always talked about this in our videos, but you can tell what type of place Yeah This was close you know what this is, that’s Dude this is awesome Wait before you do that real quick I know all that looked like paint, but that looks like actual blood Take this like a hundred percent actual blood you still want to do that joke Yeah, it’s good. Let’s say you were checking me out. You’re my doctor Gonna be sitting right here, and I’m gonna put my foot right there right there right in here and check out vagina, okay, gynecologist Oh, yeah, stuff you just want to get right That’s Funny that’s a bad word Guys this place is impassive She’s back Anna it’s here Yeah after Aaron makes all the egg boys why does this get? No Walk right where you were Dude What you hear There we go, Oh see we just made it back oh, hey, how’s it that’s where we came in is that gosh yeah, that is Restricted areas dude yeah, that’s bad here come out first This is all still here people here. Yeah, yeah, the door right next Jesus get out of This there’s so many satanic things fired In Kansas the suicide yeah in that one guy just outside out of the second story Did you hear that I heard that same thing you heard that same thing okay? Let’s go this way, so I’m saying you’re the I said the Rossum. He was the thighs it sounds almost like No it was like a There’s like something hit the wall, okay, yeah, let’s just keep I don’t know This one off everything it’s like give me creeps even though we’re trying to make jokes out of it. It’s like it’s all like this Eras are know what? The first thing that this was was a morgue. This is leading us to the basement We were just in the basement. I just want to get away from that room because yeah, yeah Sandwich didn’t get as long as we know where the exit is just keep that in mind Wait are some breaker system back there, maybe they’re actually its power to this place whatever those other explorers It has to be the breakers somebody Say oh, this is pretty easy to get them did you say there’s other people there? Yes, I bet you anything That’s like where people stay like that’s the headquarter, so we should probably don’t look at us being smart the first time Even ticked off and stuff It Looks like a lot of people have been up here because there’s graffiti I feel like it won’t be tripped We made it This is where he died This is where that like guy that was helping us in the beginning just comes out of nowhere with an ass skin skin scratch it That door was heavy as If we’re on the other side of the building, and he said it was other side where she jumped off what? Any of these windows the Brewers you might notice as I hand off the bush open I Think this is that guy’s this is like basically Everything that is in here. Let’s go down to the lobby area because logically don’t you think if somebody went and shot up two workers would be like in the lobby and not like upstairs in the corridor That Let’s keep going let’s give God every time you hear that thud it is very close Dude you want to know something kind of weird, I don’t know if you’re feeling this too, but like I Can’t like hear my heart be in my ears Other than is just so incredibly quiet in here in Erie This is like you literally the last card are dude. It’s the sauce especially we have to go Oh dude someone lives there somebody goes living here. There’s an upside-down cross right here. It’s six six six seven eight Let’s try making smart decisions Go where all the satanic while the arrows point to that door? Oh my gosh? Amanda even got raped here ropes gloves. There’s a start. There’s a I Was So close right now we were up there at one point we walked this entire thing alright, so we literally just Just got out of there. Holy crap I hope you guys heard that that was audible on camera cuz it was like literally right next to us I don’t know how to explain that feeling oh my gosh, dude. Okay, so we saw the ropes We saw like gloves and their girl’s clothes. I’ve been hearing thoughts all night up the stairs and then The one that was like it was literally right behind it was yeah It was I thought that he kept getting closer and closer and closer And then right as we went to that great for him I don’t know what else to call it was like right next to Toby there was noise as like with us But there was nobody else there out of every single place that we’ve ever explored that was That gave me the worst vibes out of all of them. I’m pretty skeptical of this stuff, and I’m like yeah, well. It’s confident We’ve done these exploring videos before but we’ll nor was in there. I was like free anyway guys. That was probably the scariest video We’ve done in months. I don’t go to this place like this is It gave me the worst vibes. Yeah Hope you enjoyed the video if you want more of these like scary types of videos make sure to hit that thumbs up button That will be The Explorers Lincoln bio again, it’s pretty good Mr.. Stay Guy who wrote The Devil’s Bible never go with his name Elijah Daniel

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  5. It was originally a miner hospital for the very famous empire mine. It was converted into a mental hospital eventually, then a girl committed suicide out of a window. In the 1980s the jails were up to capacity so the began to house low level criminals with patients. In 2001 a man shot and killed two people. As a local in this area and as someone who has been here multiple times it is absolutely terrifying. Recently a murder of some teenagers happened over there so it is now closely guarded. If anyone wants to come here be careful. This isn’t the run of the mill haunted place

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