*breathing heavily* …Welcome to “Exiles.” I guess. I don’t know what this game is about. I don’t know what’s – Hey, am I in the hospital? What’s happening? *exhale* *exhale* Okay, let’s just play this anyway. I don’t remember… How I got here in this room right now but… Let’s try and find our way out nonetheless *cough* Okay, it’s jammed, damn it. If only I had a muffin to put that jam on. I don’t know where this is… None of this is familiar Hello? Anybody? It’s me, Jack. I don’t think I’m supposed to be here. Kinda just woke up in a room? Don’t know what’s going on. If anybody could help that’d be great Hey, all these doors are marmaladed, I mean jammed My bad, I mix the two up sometimes, okay, I’m gonna just go down the creepy stairs of death. You know, the stairs that are – D-AHHH-HO! Hu-ho! Sorry, I was just thinking about how I forgot to buy Christmas presents for everyone this year. Whoo! Heart rate that’s not where you’re supposed to be, Calm it on down now! …It’s fine There’s more jam on the floor here The doors were jammed, but now also the floor is jammed And also these Pearl are Jams! Fault you need a card and start card system to open this door Yes, but whose fault is it? That’s what I need to know. Maybe it’ll be on the card Father? Hmm. I don’t know. I heard screams. It just reminded me of my dad. Uhm, is this another fault? You need a card and start card system to open this door. Well, Aren’t I just the luckiest boy in the world? I hate hospitals. I hate hospitals where people are alive in them and I have to sit there in Everybody and… well not sit there in everybody. That would be very uncomfortable for every party involved But sit there in the hospital waiting for stuff to happen. Even if I’m just in to get my ears examined. Oh well that’s not good. Doctor? Hello? Is there a doctor in the building? Oh, why couldn’t this be the one that was jammed Ohh, it looks like you got jammed Ohh! Do I get to pick up your machete? Oh hell yeah, how do I use it? Whoa-ho-ho! Ha ha! Your boy’s got a ma-shooty! Ok, it sounds like I’d punched the wall instead of anything Don’t mind me I’m just gonna punch everybody with my machete. Ok, I’ll leave you in peace, sir Okay, nighty night. Snoozy snooze. Have a good dream. Dream about being alive. You know how they say dreams come true? Maybe it will! Uno, dos, nope! why did I get a regular key? I didn’t get a card key kind of thing Yeah, that dogs not gonna swim. all right, let’s go down to the creepy death stairs again Is it gonna happen again? I think it might happen again, I think it’s gonna happen again. Is it gonna happen again? Hey, it didn’t happen again! We’re okay. Slot one: card system. Slot two: elevator energy. Hmm. I need a fuse to restore the energy. Where’s the dragon energy though? I want to be like my favorite crazy person Kanye West! Okay, I’ll just step inside this metal coffin real quick… wait How do – how do I – how do I use the elevator? Hello, which door does my key fit Who wants to be the lucky person? Who wants to be the lucky door? Hey presto Okay, I got the key card for level two. Is this only level one all this time? And a fuse. I was short of them Let’s go back down. Don’t do it. Don’t do it This hospital may still have patients, but I have none. Wait, I need to and start the card system. Oooh! That’s what your English meant, sorry, I’m new to the English language, it’s very difficult for me Boom let’s see the rest of you do that Elevator energy restored. Card system restored. Okay, dragon energy restored. I don’t to use the elevator yet, this door up here has my name on it Well, I assume it’s my name My parents used to always say it’s your fault Constantly, so I just assumed that that was my name Open says me! Hmm. You know when that beautiful man invented the light bulb And we put them in like, everything to be like, “hey darkness sucks”. How about we shed some light on that? Can we do that now? Okay I’ve heard of The Fault in Our Stars, but not the fault in our doors Dude, I just got a pistol-ay! Oh hell yeah, y’all gonna get it now. I ain’t even afraid anymore Though can I ask what this is for, what am I using the gun for? My biggest enemy so far has been power and doors Oh, nutty, nutty, nutty snickers Peekaboo Hello? Bad guys, can you like stay where you are? Let’s play a game of hide-and-seek Or in my case you hide and I never find again, oh thank God I didn’t have to pick a floor Peekaboo… I come for you. Wait, how much ammo do I have? 14 and I have a semi, okay. I never go into battle fully erect, but I never go completely flaccid either. That’s a bad idea *cough cough* It’s dusty up here, ah *cough* Ugh, Could we get like a humidifier or something? Air purifier? *knock knock knock* Okay, that’s the worst knock-knock joke I’ve ever heard, I don’t like that one. Okay, yeah stay there. I already feel lost. Oh sweet Aunt Jemima If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands *clap* *clap* Damn it. I thought that would work. Are you dead? Can – can you come up? Shit outta luck guys Ooh But how about we poke further? Down – deeper into the hole Alice went! Oh, I suck!! *orchestra begins* What?! *music crescendos* Hey sir… Now you’ve been jammed *music crescendos further* Does nobody know how to eat a jam donut around here? Okay, he’s just like lalalalala *music stops* I don’t care. Alright, I must save my bullets. I have a friend I’d like you to meet. his name is Michael Achete. Oh mother of God This looks like you became best friends real quick Alright, you stay on the ground and I’ll just run away Key for the bedroom. Oh, was that that guy that was on the floor? I’m liking this a lot less Jammed. Good. Yeah, the way a donut should be There’s so many tiny little nooks and crannies everywhere They’re really upped their game at Disneyland though Alright good. Funnel me in the direction I need to go. I got key bedroom So imma use that. It’s also kind of annoying that there’s no distinction between which doors are – sorry just walking over you real quick I’d like to do that to my enemies to gain their courage There’s no differentiation – that’s words between which doors are just jammed and which are able to be opened Okay. Sorry. I just needed to punch the wall real quick Yeah, fine Birchwood. Exactly what I expected. High market value That’s a window, not a door. *laughter* Excuse me new eyeballs, please. Oh, this is the death corridor… *knock knock knock* Fuck off! *door creaking* Merciful Jesus *loud bass sound* Is there a freakin’…. oil tanker outside? *noise continues* Just making sure Making sure female Dumbledore stays dead Okay, we’re good Sorry to disturb you. She is in a deep slumber. I’m gonna leave her to her devices. Can I go back now? Don’t throw anything at me – this is good though, this feels like It’s feels like playing like Penumbra or Cry of Fear or something. This is really really well made For like a free little game I’m very very impressed by this And it actually has me on edge Also doesn’t help that I fucking hate hospitals Okay Um, Yoo-hoo! Avon calling. Oh you can’t – what – you can’t do that!! Uh – No! NO! I was so invested, I was so involved, I was ready to go. Why did you give me a gun? Where was I? Who was I? How was I? Anyway, as anticlimactic as that ending was. It was just a demo. It was just to kind of show you what the game could be. That’s a very well made game I like that a lot. It did feel like I was playing like It felt like it was playing something a lot more professional than just like a free demo that I got on… the itch website. That was really really well made and it reminded me. I said it already like two seconds ago It reminded me a lot of those older kind of horror games that I have played And it gave me a nice little creepy feeling Sounds are good. The visuals were good cuz lets face it There’s a lot of like free horror games out there and a lot of them aren’t that good? A lot of them don’t really go anywhere, but this really felt like it — *pained whimpering and labored breathing* *whispering begins, growing louder* *whispers* – all your fault, you did this. It’s all your fault, you did this. *deep,slow siren*


  1. Loving how you're putting yourself into these games now and also adding to your alter egos… Really adds to the experience and makes deeper connections and fan theories. Thanks for all the hard work you put into this and for always thinking on your feet and the long lengthy plans you create. Thank you for being our idol but also for allowing us to get to know the real you and know how you're human too. It's been on my mind how hard you work and how you always put up a front thanking that is all we will see… well seeing the real you and who you are underneath just makes us adore you more. You're like a best friend for all of us who is always there even if you're not physically present. Keep up the amazing work, you're reaching new heights every day!

  2. I’m disappointed in myself for not seeing these videos. I was working at the time and had no time for myself, basically. I’m glad I get to go back and enjoy them, now.

  3. J: Sounds like I'm just punching the wall

  4. omg i was so scared when that thing ran past you i threw the ablet and screamed bloody muder still shook but still keep watching and who in hell made this fucking game love jacks channel tho

  5. Hey Jack I have a question as a up coming or trying to be up coming what is your youtube set up or like what you use or would recommend ive been using my phone and trying to get started but havent had much luck as of late

  6. Jack: as ANTI climactic as that was-

    Me: Djdhchcufjcjdduxcvu YOU SAID ANTI!!!!

    Also at the end it looked like Sam was trying to get out but couldn't

  7. Once I was in the hospital for an ear infection or something and they took so long that I had time to binge watch half of some random LEGO movie series.

  8. Jesus Christ when the music stopped my heart sunk and I was fking winded Jesus i thought my computer had broken

  9. Notice: the floor design is the near EXACT SAME and the one evil zombie Michael Jackson that was played a bit ago.

  10. Ooh. Pearl jam joke lol. I love the amount of effort Jack puts in. Can he get an Oscar now? Seen this before but coming back for his acting because he is sooo good. 😁

  11. Has anyone else noticed that part of the area in this is the EXACT same as that Michael Jackson horror game Jack played? The Ayuwoki one.
    I'm not the only one noticing this right?

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