Exploring an ABANDONED Hospital and School! (Creepy)

You’re kidding. We should go. [MUSIC PLAYING] Right now, we’re in Berlin. And little fun fact
about Berlin, there are a ton of abandoned
buildings right in the middle of the city. But in order to
explore more than one, we’re going to be
splitting off into teams. Yeah, we are. [MUSIC – CELINE DION, “MY HEART
WILL GO ON”] OK, well, this is happening. We’re going to be going to the
abandoned Children’s Hospital. And we’re going to be going
to the school of anatomy. We’re learning. But we’re going to be having a
scavenger hunt at each location so that we can race to see
who can find more stuff. Boys versus girls. The things that we need to find
in each abandoned place are– A coin, an unbroken glass
bottle, an operating table, a desk, a photograph,
a document of any kind, graffiti in English, a graffiti
heart, a shoe, and a stranger. A stranger. A person we don’t know. I don’t want to find that. I don’t want to find that. [MUSIC – PENDLETON WARD,
come on grab your friends. We’re going to a
very distant land. So right now, we’re going to an
abandoned children’s hospital. This was built in 1908. And– Literally, it’s been
abandoned since 1997. So it’s been a while. Watch. Oh my God, we’re
literally going to die. Yeah. I heard that the third and
the fourth floors, literally are broken. Whoa. This is– I seriously want [INAUDIBLE]. Smells like smoke. Do you see a glass bottle
that’s broken, or not broken? Oh wait, wait, oh my God. Did you find one? Now I feel bad putting it
back down because I feel like we need to recycle it. But I also don’t think there’s a
recycling bin anywhere in here. Oh, there’s a heart. Ah. Oh my goodness. Oh my gosh, we just got
two things in one room. Oh, echo. English, stay real. Stay real, yes. Aye, on a roll. Wait. We already found a coin
and it just started. That just says, stop. That’s English. Is that English? I’m assuming that’s English,
because it says, stop. Stop. All right. That’s 2 out of 10. We’re already killing this. We’re killing the game. I wonder if theirs was as cool. Holy cow. This place is actually
bigger than what I thought. I thought it was going
to be way smaller. It’s on, I think,
six acres of land. Yeah, there’s like a
really eerie vibe here. It’s really
unsettling, actually. Oh my God, look
what happened here. The floor is broken everywhere. The next thing we
need to find is– A six– –a whole shoe. We can look for a shoe. I could see a shoe being here. A shoe, I feel,
is more realistic. I wonder what the
boys are doing. [MUSIC PLAYING] Wow. Look at that. [CLAPPING] That window is broken. Do you think the window pane– God. There’s something there. There is a joke there somewhere. Window pane. Yeah? Is there? Is there, Tyler? There is. There’s a real pun? How good of puns do you do? Well, it depends. What do you want me
to do a pun about? Right now I could do
a pun on the spot. That this is a
school of anatomy? You’re trying to be humerus? Bone joke. Bone joke. [VOCALIZING] Oh my gosh, wait. Guys. Oh, a shoe. A shoe. I’m not going to touch it. I was picturing a
sneaker when I was– Yeah. –oh, [INAUDIBLE] a single shoe. I’ve never actually found a heel
in an abandoned place before. Since we’re in an
anatomy school, can I just feel your
anatomy really quick? Wow, Rachel’s a lucky girl. An abandoned children’s
hospital versus a school where they dissected things. Wait, wait. Where, what? Is this a desk? Dude. Lay on it. I’m not going to lay on
this, it’s disgusting. Look at it. Lay on it. Lay on it. I’m not laying on that. You l– fine, you lay on it. No. I’m gay, I can’t do that kind of
dirty, gross, disgusting– ew, is that blood? No. Oh, look, it’s dark down there. Hello? What would you do if
someone said hello back? I would get them in the
thing so that we would win. Oh, heart right there. Oh, this is cute, too. Whoever this is,
you’re a lucky person. So we’re still looking
for a bunch of things. Wait, is that an
unbroken bottle? There it is. Ha-ha. Look at that. Half way there. Five out of ten. We’re going to go to
that house right there. There’s the bathrooms. Kind of? Is this a room full of bananas? Yo, Caoimhe, this is bananas. Hey, hey Rachel,
Rachel, guess what? What? This room’s appealing. That was for you, Tyler. Nice, slay, flawless. Nice. OK, there’s clearly
nothing in this room. So there’s apparently
four stories in here. Here’s the stairs up it. They’re pretty cool, actually. [VOCALIZING] I thought it was
blood for a second. I hate that there’s no banister,
because I’m scared of heights. How do we get to the other side? I have no idea. Is there anything over here? We’re literally not going to
find an operating table here. I say, we probably already
found more than the guys. A real lecture hall. Oh, what the heck? Wait, this is insane. Wait these– Take a seat young man, I’m
trying to start my class. If get a disease from this– Mr. teacher, why don’t you
take care of your classroom? Anyway, welcome to Psych 101. This is going to be a
core class for all of you. Raise your hand if
you’re not a freshman. Are we supposed to be looking
for a picture of someone? Oh. I mean, it’s kind of ripped. It’s a photograph. Wait. It’s technically a
picture of someone. Old document, right here. Wait, we found two of the– So we’ve got an old document
and a photograph of someone. Honestly, I don’t think
the girls are ever going to catch up to us. How did we get in again? Wait, is that an
operating table? Six things. We definitely beat the guys. I just don’t want to touch it. Oh my God, no, don’t touch it. We’re going to get injured. Yeah. Wait, is that an old document? I don’t think these count
as old documents, actually. OK. Let’s go. I’m actually creeped
out by this place. But I am glad that we
found the operating table. Let’s go check in on the guys. Hello? Is there someone down there? I just heard something. Hello? Hello? Wait, I’m scared. What is that? What is what? There’s a shadow. It was all fun and games
until we went to the basement. Wait. Why do you keep going
towards the sound? You’re like the dumb person that
gets killed in a horror movie. And I’m also the dumb person
that followed you for walking. I trust him because he’s
got big muscles. #anatomy. Please tell me why the picture
on the wall is crying blood. You’re kidding. We should go. We should go. OK, that counts. We found a stranger. Oh my– let’s go. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. Wait, feel my chest. How nice. Nope. Hello? Oh, another bottle. I feel like this is
an operating table. Oh my God. Yep. It’s amazing. Thanks. Derek, you did it. Thanks. I think I’m going
to keep it though. OK, you should keep it. Because I lost my shoe. Oh, he lost his shoe. But it’s– oh my gosh, weird. Perfect fit. Oh my God it’s like– It’s crazy, it’s– It’s like Cinderella. It’s wild. Derek, tell me the truth. Was that really your shoe,
or did you find that? Derek? Derek, tell me the truth. Was that your shoe from home? Derek, Derek, Derek? I can’t see you,
you can’t see me. Derek? Derek, whose shoe was that? Derek, whose shoe was that? I don’t know. It seems like it was your shoe. Because it was your
shoe, you know? Oh my gosh. Where– What happened to this build– look over there. Where? That way. We found six out
of the ten things. That’s not bad. And we found nine. To be fair– There was like nothing in ours. Our thing was literally–
someone went in there and took out everything. Even the toilets. And for safety purposes, we did
not look at the entire thing. Yeah, OK, because
the floor was gone. The roof was in. Yeah the floor was missing. We would have died. You’re welcome for
saving our own lives that we could let you guys win. Let’s go, Caoimhe. They sound so [INAUDIBLE] to me. Oh my God. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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    edit: At 7:37 there was a person in the doorway CREEPYY

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    N u think its blood
    Just know its red food coloring or paint cause
    If that was blood it would be brown

  3. Is Derek a boy or a girl don't judge me I just want to know because he has long nails like a girl but then he has boy hair leave a comment down below if you know and like it ๐Ÿ‘‡ ๐Ÿ‘‰ ๐Ÿ‘

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  9. One abandoned place I would recommend you to explore is the old Wellsburg Baptist Church in Wellsburg NY. That place has been abandoned for over 10 years. In front of that old church for 8 years sat an abandoned 1974 Rambler. The guy that abandoned it there sold it to a car collector that restored it. Many people believe it was a Rambler hearse. American motors never built Rambler hearsess in 1974 or ever. Fan of exploring abandoned places and restoring old vehicles Robert Gildea

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