Exploring an ABANDONED CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL | Berlin, Germany

All right, so we’re just about to walk into hell… I Don’t know if we should be standing in this room… Pants and a bloody t-shirt… Hey guys, thanks for tuning in to amy’s crypt. I am currently in berlin, Germany and I have a big treat for you today. I’ve met up with some friends who are taking me to an old Abandoned children’s hospital and it is really, really, creepy, so let’s go explore. So this is already really creepy with this pram. Guys I want to introduce you to my friends. I have Cian and Chanae with me on this adventure. And Cian speaks German, so we’re gonna use him to reach out to spirits later. He’s very excited about this. Im scared. And Jarrad’s here, of course, too. Hey again. So the hospital was quite ruined it’s in pretty bad shape. there’s a lot of vandalism here. I read online that there’s been multiple arson attacks on the building, too. So it’s been set fire upon multiple times in one year. So just to give you guys a little bit of information about this hospital. In German it is called the Kinderkrankenhaus Weißensee, but in English it translates to the Children’s Hospital of Weißensee. It has been abandoned since 1997. the hospital does date back to the early 1900s though. And it was erected to help with very low children’s mortality rates. So a function as a new up-and-coming Hospital and it was very state-of-the-art for the time. it even featured its own dairy On-site. so it produced milk for the entire Hospital as well as milk for the surrounding neighborhoods. So I believe that this place ran into some kind of legal controversies and that sort of led to its closure back in 1997. it is Historically listed now and sort of boarded up from access to the general public. But obviously people get in here and vandalize it and treat the building pretty poorly. It’s kind of a cool place to come and visit. It has some cool history connected to it. I don’t actually know of any ghost stories, But you assume the amount of people that passed through here During its long life as well as a lot of death that would have occurred here or a lot of people who spent a lot of time here being very sick, there could well be some spirits here, and we’re gonna Explore, do a bit of investigating today, and see if maybe we can incur any paranormal activity… This little finger is cold, but the rest are not cold. Maybe your ring is too tight and its cut off your circulation. Yeah, that is weird. It is colder. it’s not the ring. the ring is quite loose. More at the top… Your hands are f***** freezing. Yeah, let me get in on this. You’re hands are cold, too. I can’t feel anything because I am so cold. All of your fingers feel warm to me. it’s really cold today. Cause I’ve got this marina lining and keeps my hands super warm. Katmandu. This is not a sponsored post. Give me a free jacket please! I think it was built in 1911. It was planned in 1908 and built in 1911. Or opened in 1911. I don’t know if we should be standing in this room. All right, so I just found this weird pile of feathers out here. There’s no dead bird To go with it. So it seems odd and creepy. Gross! Just heading into a weird Hut… Should I go in? Yes. We’re in a crawl space underneath the floor, here, I believe. Is it safe? I have no idea if it is safe. Come here, I don’t know what the deal is with this. It’s literally a window to nothing. It has got bricks behind it. This place actually has multiple buildings. We’re going to try and explore all of them and there’s even one with maybe the world’s creepiest basement. One of the really cool things about this hospital is it has various rooms that are Painted in a theme. this particular room is the banana room. These rooms are really cute. This is a flower one. This one’s got little fans and there’s a carrot room. For the vegans. I will just be in here guys if you need me. Here I come Where does it say Australia. I can’t even see it? Oh. All right now we’ve been the eye room. That is creepy. they’re all watching you. Ooo what’s in here? I wouldn’t wanna fall in there. Okay, I just found the creepiest thing at the end of this hallway. So there is almost like pants and a bloody t-shirt. Oh It’s stuffed with newspapers though. Okay, when I first saw that I just seen a bloody t-shirt, and was like eww. So I mentioned earlier that there was a lot of arson attacks here and I think that I’ve found An area that’s been burnt out. So just behind me It’s completely crumbled and charred. So just going a little bit deeper Into the hospital now. It’s Really, really, ruined. it’s been abandoned for quite some time. Every part of it has been Graffiti’d. Every window is broken. And a lot of the structure is crumbling. a lot of things just breaking and caving in. It’s very cool So my friends keep walking away from me, I’m too slow. it’s so scary in here. So we’ve just found our second victim. I Don’t know what the deal is of these guys, but they’re a bit creepy. What is also really cool about this place is it’s not in the middle of nowhere at all. It’s Pretty much in the middle of Berlin. So there’s a train track and a major road running past and it’s so weird that there’s this big abandoned hospital just here. Okay, so just come across an elevator shaft. This is another body. torso. It is like the torso, yeah. This corridor is insanely creepy. it’s just lined with a series of rooms. I think that they were all patient rooms. I’m assuming. so Just rooms and rooms like this coming off of it. So not only is the building here crumbling and in an advanced state of decay, it’s also quite overgrown. There’s a lot of this dense vegetation and forest here. Okay, let’s go. maybe one other time. So not sure these stairs are stable. They feel wooden. So dark All right, so we’re just about to walk into hell. There’s some graffiti sketched on the wall that says “welcome to hell”. just above that It says “we are watching”. we’re downstairs and lower levels of the hospital. it is very dark and very creepy down here. So in the satanic worship room we just found this… …What’s in it? Thank you guys so much for watching. I hope that you enjoyed this video. if you did Please remember to Like, comment and share. if you want to see more of his abandoned Children’s Hospital, make sure to hit subscribe Because I have a part 2 coming very soon to this channel. if you want to read any more info about haunted locations Head to AmysCrypt.com and remember guys until next time stay spooky!

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