Experiencia de parto en el Hospital Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona

Ainara Blancas
Mother of Aurélie Fátima el Gourari
Mother of Adam Ariana E. Müller
Mother of Biel and Nico Cristina Lao
Mother of Martina (Women’s Area) Arrival at the hospital My idea
was to have a natural birth. I wanted
to see if I could endure the process. They gave me the options of different types of epidural. I was interested in
using a pool for the dilation and I knew they do that here. I didn’t feel
very well, a bit off, and a friend of mine
is a nurse so I called her. When I explained
what was happening to me she said it sounded like a preterm
premature rupture of membranes of Nico, one of my sons,
and I should go to Sant Joan de Deu. In just 5 minutes I was inside, in emergency care, it was really fast and they confirmed it was a preterm
premature rupture of membranes. The birth: a decisive moment I was afraid, but it was mostly just nerves… How will it feel? Will it be very
painful? Will I be able to stand it? Once I was in emergency care,
I dilated and was moved to the ward and they
explained the process and I was able to make
a good number of choices. They also explained that if I
started giving birth before week 32, we could try a deferred delivery. This meant if I gave birth to Nico,
I’d have Nico, then stop the birth and leave Biel inside, because Biel was 300 g
lighter than his brother and more time inside
would have helped him. But when I was giving birth
to Nico, by vaginal delivery, Biel decided to follow him, and
so Biel’s birth couldn’t be stopped. Then there were more complications,
as Biel had the cord around his foot so they decided to
do an emergency caesarean. – Sit here if you like
– Okay – Very good. Comfortable?
– Yes, absolutely. A mass of emotions Having the birth at
30 weeks is never the best. I was really quite afraid,
but all of the staff here were great. It was amazing;
once I was admitted, right away they were
monitoring me and the babies. When I started giving birth,
the help and support from the nurses,
midwives and everyone were amazing. I really felt well looked after. It lasted almost
12 hours in the delivery room. Of course they knew
a natural birth is painful and that I needed extra help; they were very
accommodating about that. They knew it hurt
and what I was feeling at each step and they described it all for me and were
very supportive towards me, telling me
how I had to breathe and push, and that really helped me stay calm. First contact with the newborn As soon as she was out
they put her on top of me, cleaned her there
put warm blankets on her, and straight away
skin to skin contact. They cut the cord on top of me, the room is ideal,
you’re alone, there’s good privacy, they don’t come bothering you
at all hours, they give you space so you can feel your own way,
but can call for help at any time. Parents have 24-hour access
to the incubator rooms. The best way we can help
is doing lots of kangaroo care, which means
skin to skin contact with them. For me it’s about the breastfeeding,
that’s how we’re feeding them, it’s about being with them, cuddling
them, doing what we can for now. A unique experience I’m really so happy with it. I couldn’t have
chosen any other hospital. I don’t think there’s anywhere
I’d have received better care. I was really very calm
because I had my own delivery room, I had the pool as I’d wanted, and then
the room was really well equipped. It was perfect,
everything the way I’d chosen.

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