Exilis Ultra Skin Tightening | Midtown Medical Clinic | Richmond BC

今天是蒋医师团队第二次为我做 EXILIS ULTRA 双波拉皮
This is my second visit to do EXILIS ULTRA with Dr. Jiang’s team. 这一种结合超声波和射频的技术
This is a technology that combines ultrasound and radio frequency. 来到房间后 虽然没有华丽的装潢
Although there is no fancy decoration in the room, 但换来的是医生详细的讲解和说明
Dr. Jiang’s explanation was professional and detailed. 医生告诉我
Dr. Jiang told me that 两种能量的输出技术
the technology to emits two energy is 可以使天然骨胶原和弹性蛋白自我增生
able to create natural collagen and proliferate elastin. 在舒适的情况下达到收紧皮肤的功效
Achieving skin tightening comfortably. 这项技术也同样可以用来加强女性私密处问题
This technology can also be used to enhance the general health of female genital. 改善阴道缩紧和尿渗等症状
Symptoms such as vaginal tightening and urinary incontinence. 非常适合做预防和保养
It is an ideal treatment for preventive maintenance. 使用的探头也是一次性的 安全卫生
The applicator used is also disposable. 脸部肌肤和私密处保养都是等同重要的
Facial skin care are equally important. 只要短短一个多小时
Just within an hour, 蒋医生诊所就可以全部为我搞定
Dr. Jiang has finished my treatment.

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