Exercises to Decrease Knee and Hip Pain Part 1

(upbeat music) – Hey everybody, it’s Dr. Blake from Doctors’ Adolph &
Kalkstein Chiropractic. First of all, sorry
about the video quality on Friday’s live video. We shot from my cell phone. I thought it would upload in HD, not. We’ll do better next time. But today, we get a lot of questions about people coming in with
hip pain and knee pain. And I’m gonna show you guys two easy exercises that you can do to help strengthen your hip and your knee. And one of the most important muscles when we’re looking at hip and knee pain, is your glut medius,
which sits right here. Ignore this. (laughs) It’s your glut medius, it sits right here. What it does is it does
lateral movement like this, but more importantly, it
does lateral stabilization. So we’re gonna work on some easy motions to start to activate this muscle. So you’re gonna start on your side, and this is gonna be a two part series, maybe a three part series, ’cause there’s seven exercises
that I’m gonna do routinely to start to help strengthen
my knees and my hips. They’re gonna help me with
lifting weights, squatting, dead lifting, and then my running as well. So we’ll break it apart, so you guys can get access to that. So you’re gonna start on your side. And you can have a pillow, or you can use your hand here. Now there’s key things here. You want your hips neutral, your hips in line with your knees, in line with your ankles. And you want your core engaged, right? You don’t want your
slouch in your back here. And the other thing I want to do– Imagine that my big toe, you can see my big toe
in my shoe over here, it needs to be below my ankle. So what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna keep it below
my ankle the entire time, and I’m gonna raise up. Now, what we want to do is
shoot for 15 to 20 reps, and we want to keep
the angle in our crotch under 30 degrees. So this angle here, (laughs) that needs to be 30 degrees or under. So if you’re going way up here like this, you’re not getting the
right kind of tension on your glut med. So, here it is, and
we’re just gonna go 15. Start with 15. If you can work your way up to
20 with all these exercises, then we’re gonna add leg weights on. I’m really starting to feel the burn. You’re gonna feel the burn right here. I gotta stop pointing
with my middle finger. All right, so that’s the first exercise. The second exercise, we’re
gonna keep that here, and we’re gonna go straight out. 15 times. Now part two of this one
is gonna go straight back. And you want to go back as far as you can without arching your back. I’ll pull my shirt– I’m sorry, I’m flashing
the belly over here. There’ll be a six pack
in there eventually, but it’s winter time. I’m like a bear, like
I’m hibernating, right, getting fat in the winter. So straight back. What we don’t want to do is
arch your back way back like– So just go as far as you can
without your back arching. Again, so, 15 up, 15 out, 15 back. Work your way up to 20 reps. And if you guys have
questions about this exercise, or hip pain or knee pain,
leave a comment to the video. And we’ll see everybody on Wednesday. Bye. Hey everybody, it’s Dr.
Blake, Jonathan and Ashley, and we’re really excited to
announce our FAST Start program. It’s a foundational exercise program, that takes someone who’s never worked out, all the way through good core stability, hip mobility, and shoulder mobility. It’s an awesome program, where you don’t need any extra equipment. There’s two different levels. There’s a standard level, and then there’s our pro-help level, where you’ll be either on
team Jonathon or team Ashley. And they’re gonna help guide you through and hold you accountable for this entire 12-week program. Guys? – We’re looking forward
to working with you all. – And we look forward
to helping you achieve your movement goals for 2018. – So if you’re excited about this program, click on the link in the description below and leave your name and email, and we’ll let you know when
this limited release program becomes available. Thanks for watching, and we’ll
see you guys on the inside. (electronic bells chiming)

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  1. What if it’s not so much pain. But the mechanics just seem off in the hip From heavy squats. I’ll still give this a try but thank you !

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