Exercise Physiology and Physician Assistant: EKG Interprofessional Education

My name is Kim Kruger I am a Family Physician, I am the Department Chair and Program Director of the Physician Assistant program. So, what we are doing here today, The exercise physiology faculty, Dr. Lisa Kappes, runs a lab, an exercise physiology lab. Where the EXP students run treadmill testing. Which is a type of stress testing, to check out how well the heart is working. The exercise physiology students are teaching the PA students, how to place an EKG, how to place the electros appropriately, to get an appropriate and accurate EKG. Then take that a step further, and use the EKG as a stress testing method while using a treadmill. The beauty of this project is that, we have interprofessional faculty working together, Exercise Physiology and PA, but also our students working together in the lab. There’s really nothing more powerful than other students teaching other students. The experts in the room today are our exercise physiology colleagues, who are showing us how this testing works. For PA students to experience the treadmill test, knowing they’re going to ask their patients to do it, is really important learning event they’ll never forget. *silence*

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