57 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: ‘Killer Nurse’ Genene Jones arrives in SA

  1. hell look at her. it's very obvious that she is suffering. no need to work sh no more I'll will on the lady. God will have revenge.

  2. when aileen wornous gets death penalty after killin 8 men in self defense ,, buuuut Genene Jones walks free after killin 60 infants ,, wow america

  3. It pisses me off that they treat her with respect and are gentle . They should of thrown her out of the van an told her to get up and walk it off . She needs to be put down like the animal she is . She clearly has no remorse . I hope she dies a slow painful death and soon.

  4. She's a frail 70-year-old woman … why put handcuffs on her? She literally can't walk without a walker, and there's no way she'll get away!

  5. whaaat?? she supposed to rot in jail!!!! she's only 70 and she might still have the strength to do the same thing.

  6. If I was the parents of one of those babies she killed, she would be dead the second her foot stepped outside of the prison.

  7. lol I mean its hard not to feel sorry for her in that state. damn no windows or nothing in that van to watch the scenery, must be hell back there.

  8. I love how everyone states what they would have done to her….not one of y’all have ever walked in those babies parents shoes!! America is so sad!!! We are so full of hate and quick to destroy one another and I’m sure that plenty of y’all will hate this comment and guess what…I don’t care!! It’s called freedom of speech! I am a mother and guess what, just because I don’t like someone for their crime doesn’t mean that, I get to mistreat or kick or judge them!! That’s not my place!! I am happy that she did eventually get caught and served years behind bars. I can tell you this…if I was a CO I would have treated her the same way they did in this video!!

  9. She should have been given the lethal injection. Evil and diabolical, should never have been allowed to live. Itisatravesty of justice when a murderer of innocents receives more sympathy and caring than the murdered children at her hands. Our system does not work.

  10. It's a miracle she's being prosecuted now. The hospital destroyed some documents to protect from being sued, luckily the mother of infant she was convicted of murdering and new DA won't let her out of prison. Estimates put her at 60 infants murdered. That is evil personified walking right there.

  11. Honestly though at this point she probably doesn’t even want to be released from prison think about it she’s been there forever and probably doesn’t have anyone to go to on the outside

  12. The hospital officials that covered up for her should all be given the death penalty. After they KNEW what she was doing, their only concern was to avoid bad publicity by moving her on to kill other children.

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