Exceeding Limits in Stroke Rehabilitation | cereneo [English]

I can’t remember the stroke itself. Only once
the physical limitations manifest themselves one  realises that something is not right. I couldn’t walk any more, couldn’t eat or drink
because I was no longer able to swallow and I couldn’t move my left arm at all any more. If you bring your family member here,
we will do everything to cure the deficit. cereneo was founded to advance neurorehabilitation
and to make everything possible that we know is helpful to the patient
with neurological injuries. Without limits. It’s very important that we work together. And that the nurses know, at what level
we are working with the patients, what they can expect from them, and how
much supportwe have to give them So it’s very important: they are part of the concept. It’s not a therapeutic concept, a therapy
conceptand a nurse concept, it’s one cereneo therapeutic concept all together. We have time. We can take the time
we need and also plan our time. And time – as we now know – is extremely valuable. We have the luxury to take the time
we need for a particular patient because this particular patient needs it at the moment. Together, our therapists strive to fully tailor
their approach to the individual patient so that this patient benefits – and that’s
what I found so amazing. Highly motivated patients manage to
exercise more during their stay with us. This raises the effectiveness of the therapies. My big goal was to get back on the water
because for me, that means real relaxation If you can find this one motivating factor
in the patient you can achieve things that you wouldn’t have thought were
possible before. And that’s fantastic! This is why you have to try and see how
you can get this out of the patient. Once you have found that,
anything is possible. All the different professions that we have, nurses,
movement therapists, medical doctors, speech therapists, neuropsychologists, will do
everything to make them walk, or use their arm, make them swallow, use their speech, and reach the goal that your family member has.

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