EVMS’ Rural Health club hosts health clinic on the Eastern Shore

[MUSIC PLAYING] [KIDS SHOUTING] Back in the fall when the Rural
Health Club was just starting, we had an idea of
hopefully doing some service in the community. So we reached out to the
Health Outreach Department at Eastern Shore Rural Health. They actually ended up
putting me in contact with Jan here at the church. We have a lot of very
hardworking parishioners, many who don’t have health care. But she also said that
they’re almost entirely Spanish speaking. And so at that
point, I definitely realized that Rural Health
was going to need some help, and that Medical Spanish would
be the group to provide that. More than friends,
we are family here. So we help each other. Today, I came here because I
like to help all the community. I put my name down to come and
help them to translate and help with the Spanish people here. It reminds me why I did this. I used to volunteer a lot. Before I came here, I
was a medical translator for an under-served
community as well. So it’s good to
experience and give back to the community, which
is the reason I came here in the first place. And we’ve had many,
many volunteers. We’ve learned a lot from
doing our first one, and we hope it’s
a first of many. [CHATTERING] I think EVMS does a great
job of having different clubs and service learning
opportunities that really do facilitate actually serving
the community in the ways that they need and
not just trying to provide a service
that you think they need. And today, I think it’s
a great example of that. We would really to like
to have them again. And they’re very
welcome any time. Mi casa es su casa. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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