Evie Clair: Simon Cowell CHOKES UP While Her Sick Dad Watches Her Sing From The Hospital | AGT 2017

Story of 13 year old singer Evy and now she is here Performing for a spot in the finals so make some noise make a lot of noise for Evie Clair! *applause* So I keep feeling close to Its beyond compare If I’m feeling heavy You take me from the dark Your arms like Kimmy steady So not thinking for the part When I used to be afraid Birds I just want you to be sure When I used to be afraid of the words My heart is already Beautiful Hey Evie Evie Evie, I’ve said this before you are Gutsy you really really are let me tell you something this song was beautiful your voice was beautiful You know where you were where you were singing like somebody else’s song before I know who wrote this song But you made it your version your tone your pitch was stunning It was laid back and let me tell you your dad is gonna be so proud of you He just made Simon emotional I just read it in his voice did you do that to Heidi well even though we’re in this big theater you made it very Intimate you made it very personal. You made it very very moving for all of us Evie. I’m very very proud of you well don’t Forget, you’re only 13 years old and already going through so much so I have to commend you on your courage and your confidence You know your voice is beautiful. You look beautiful, and yes your dad is so so proud of you I just hope America votes for you Tonight Loving you so much So here is the deal to put Eddie into the finals you have to vote and you can build up to 10 times For each act with each voting method so get to it and remember there are only five acts going through this week So it’s gonna be a real tight

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