Everything You Know About Heroin Addiction Is Wrong

– This is Ed. He was a daily heroin user for over a year before he got clean and he is here to explain some of the ways everyone gets heroin addiction wrong. – It’s gonna be fun. Movies portray heroin addiction
as happening instantly. You jab that needle
into your arm, and boom, you’re a skinny bass
player in a grunge band. I’ve literally never met
anyone who was introduced to heroin with a needle. Most start by popping or smoking pills and when you start using opioids
you can use daily for weeks with no withdrawal effects whatsoever. I used to get totally wasted
with my girlfriend Sally every night and woke up every
morning clear as a bell. So it was super easy to think. – Hey, why not use again? – It was like drinking without a hangover. Turns out the really bad part of heroin isn’t the physical dependency,
it’s the addiction. There’s a difference. People act like addictive drugs are just needles full of addiction gremlins. But I didn’t use heroin because of heroin, I used it because I had serious problems in my life that I wasn’t addressing. The gremlins were inside me all along. Heroin helped me ignore them, which made quitting harder
because I had to face not only withdrawal but
all the crap I’ve been trying to avoid in the first place. – I can’t take it, man, my arm. My (beep) arm. – The scene from Requiem For A Dream, it’s pretty melodramatic. When this happened to my girlfriend we just drained her
abcess with a hot compress and disinfected razor blade. Blackened limb rot was so commonplace it was practically boring. The real danger is buying stronger heroin than you’re use to by accident. Since there’s no FDA
for illegal street drugs heroin potency is less
closely monitored than, say, orange juice pulp. It’s pretty easy to get
some fire dope by accident. That’s the equivalent of ordering a latte, but when you go to take a sip you find out it’s made of shotgun blast. (shotgun firing) – Ugh, casuals. – Some people think the danger of heroin is that you might inject
some that’s been cut with Drano or something, no. The danger of heroin is
accidentally injecting heroin that’s too damn good. So I guess it’s more like ordering a latte and accidentally getting
a mocha latte, and then. (shotgun firing) This is getting dark. Let’s talk about my penis for a second. Eventually I got arrested
because while heroin made it hard for me to keep a job, it created a lot of
opportunities for petty theft, and since I couldn’t get any horse in jail I quickly discovered that one
of the side effects of heroin withdrawal is uncontrollable orgasms, and not the good kind,
the bad kind of orgasm. Yes, those exist. Since heroin numbs your
body, getting clean involves being hypersensitive, so
I was climaxing painfully whenever anything came
into contact with my junk, and prison is just full of stuff you don’t wanna be cumming on. I’m clean now and my dick works again. Withdrawal only lasts three weeks, the physical symptoms, anyway. After those subside
only two things remain. The first is post acute
withdrawal syndrome, which means depression,
insomnia, restlessness, overwhelming guilt, and in
my case, vivid nightmares. In one, I have a bag of dope in my hand and I’m looking for a place to shoot up but every time I find
one I get interrupted. The dream always ends
with a needle in my arm and just before I push off I wake up. But the worst part is
the problems that made me turn to heroin in the first place. They’re still here. And they actually got
worse while I was high because instead of
working on them I had been really, really high. My point is that if I were going
to give a review of heroin, it would be negative. ♫ Ooh Ooh Oooh Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh – Hey everybody, thank
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them you love them. And call mine, too. I forgot to.

100 thoughts on “Everything You Know About Heroin Addiction Is Wrong

  1. What six-year-old made this stupid video? I cannot believe the title or the ridiculous nonsense included in this. "Heroin is bad". Who TF are you addressing this to? Juveniles. You're an asshole so please don't make any more videos.

  2. For all of you saying it's a mental disorder they need help etc, let me tell you heroin addicts don't want to fukin change. I have a family member who's an addict, we sent him to rehab and off heroin 4times and guess what they always go back after coming off!!! They are selfish stealing scums that would rather die

  3. How long does it take you guys to do a single episode. It looks really awesome and extremely well done.l

  4. you know what one of my big issues with addicts is, telling me im "lucky" not to be addicted… its not luck, its brains and willpower. found out after a surgery that i like morphine too much, so, i stay the fuck away from it. hell, last time i went to a hospital i was beat badly, and the first words out of my mouth were "no narcotics", due to not wanting to gain an addiction. kids, if you want advice on drugs, wait till you're fully grown, and toke some herb. its really the only intoxicant worth doing.
    i also miss the days i could go to a mental health facility, and not be the only non-addict in there… they find out i smoke pot, and start going on about the hardcore drugs like its the same as my issues…

  5. Never rode a horse but by the nature of my extremely physical job was poping tabs at the time not even realizing what they were, I could go to work and not be in all kinds of pain then I watched my co workers moving up the ladder with junk while I researched kratom and found a much more safer and mild alternative I've not touched a pain pill in years it's really been a god send it was so much easier to quit the kratom I have no desire for pain pills for years now I don't know about how it would work for herione addicts because it's probably not strong enough for them but I'm living a much much better life because of krantom and was a much more gentle way to stay away from pain pills , while my co workers chose to keep upping their dose of opiates going from tabs to oxy to h , I went backwards with kratom and was very thankful it was there it made it much more easy to quit those pills and it never made me high I was never inebriated on the stuff there was no nodding etc don't let anyone tell ya different while everyone else got worse I got better because of a disgusting tasting green juice and you have to want to change as well kratom just made that transition 1000 percent easier this is why they always say kratom saves lives because it really does I'm living proof

  6. If you want to know why drug addiction is treated as a criminal issue rather than a mental health one in the US, the answer is: Money. Prisons in the US are for profit. They don't make money being empty. Also police departments need funding so drug problems warrant that funding. Add in all the other ways that politicians and drug companies make money off drug addiction and you see why.

    It's all about money in the US. That's part of why the prison sentences are so long for drug use.

  7. Addicted for 20+ years. Now I’m a state funded maintenance pill addict.
    What a crazy ride.
    I’d give it a good review. Most of the time it was fuckin great.

  8. Smoking Blk for 3 years now. Never tried to get clean- withdraws scare me and that sick feeling is a fucking nightmare. You’re sweating but freezing- air hurts when it touches your skin (especially colder air)- the uncontrollable sneezing- etc. knowing I don’t have anything to smoke gives me great anxiety and I do everything in my power to get me (&bf) more.
    the ONLY THING I hate about my addiction is how I can’t take a normal shit anymore. It’s been almost 2 weeks since my last poop. And I know when i finally am able to go.. my butt hole will probably rip in half.

    Heroin brings out the worst in people. It’s sad.. I’ve lost 2 jobs, completely Unmotivated, I’m late to everything, & I make sure we have dope before rent is paid. Even tho I lost a couple jobs because of it (it was because I was always late) I definitely am still a hard worker and could keep a job if I managed my time better & showed up on time)

    I absolutely hate it and it breaks my heart when after a day of sleeping all day with my boyfriend , not even an hour later & he’s nodding out.. sometimes we don’t even sleep together in bed, we just nod out next to each other ..wake up every so often (surprisingly at the same time) , smoke another trey and repeat.

    I try to find more information on smoking the drug rather than shooting- but it’s nearly impossible to find..

    My addiction is not as bad as my boyfriend’s. Example for why I believe this : we’re low on shit and we will split what we have in half and he will smoke ALL OF IT so fast while I will have (most of) my half until we’re able to get more. Idfk what his issue is- he has zero chill.

    Overall for me personally ..I don’t see many negatives when smoking the drug. Neither my boyfriend or I have deadly ODed. Oh another thing that sucks is the lack of sex we have… at least we’re not on Xanax tho..right ? Now that’s a drug I think should be 100000% banned & removes from the world.

  9. How the fuck is addiction a disease? You take drugs by choice and fuck up your life up by choice and end up in prison by choice.

  10. My 20 y/o cousin overdosed on heroin 2 months ago. He was only using for less than a year, one night he overdosed and they brought him back! His parent believed him when he said he had nothing at his apartment and let him go home. the next morning he didn't show up to work so when his dad came knocking on his door and he didn't answer,he kicked it down and found his sons dead cold body. He was doing so well in life, he was even in the military. What I'm trying to say is heroin doesn't care who you are, or what u do, or even what you look like. All it cares about is killing you, don't take the chance. I will never forget the faces if his older brother, his younger sister and his parents at the funeral. I especially won't forget what his face looked like in his casket or the scars on his arm. Sorry this is so long

  11. I don't use because I have issues that need addressed ? And I never ever have a issue with my dick ? I been using for 18 years with little clean time

  12. If the government legalized and controlled it it would solve the problem. Or even make drugs like suboxone subutek methadone easier to get and not have to jump threw hoops I mean if u got a mental issue or disability the prescribe u whayever will fix or help it accept opiate addiction why? If they can oercribe a pill to address it why not why make it such a pain in the ass or so costly it cost 105$ a week for my methadone clinics only accept county welfair insurence so u can't work or its as much as my 1 bedroom appartment well 50$ off but close. And that's entirely to much and unacceptable. As with the criminal background most of us can't get jobs that pay more than 20$ per hour not saying we ain't qualified or able to do better jobs but they always take option with out any problems. So if they wanna make it better hire people who understand not people who there kids died because of it. That's the dumbest way to start a route to correcting addiction. So addicts try to get in a clinic were there are 3 to 4 week waits then u got to go every single day but they close at 11 am in Pennsylvania and u stand in line at min 30 min most of the time a hour. Then it cost too much to work, survive, pay bills and be able to pay for it so it is almost not a real help u basicly have to do something illegal to be able to get certain help and to people who say well don't use a crutch like suboxone or methadone ? Ok well then same thing applys if you have a job or had a job within a few months u can't get medical asstince and if u have private insurance it normally won't cover most of it and it ended up costing a ton and putting us in thousands of dollars in debt to attempt to get clean. But lets say we say fuck it get welfair insurence and don't work and focus on controlling your addiction. Well it is very slim this even works for addicts its not really do able as we basicly lose or homeappartment car or insurance and what ever else we have because u can't just not pay bills. So lets say ok u go to rehab 28 day programs and u live at home no job very little bills "nobody has zero bills btw unless your a teen" but chances are and statistics and my real life experience it almost never works. And we must start our lives over and I've again its fucking tough man for real. So the best way that research shows is managing it with medication and that's were they need to start not taking pain pills away from people who need it. They don't help addicts anyway. But they should start Wil addiction management and make it very simple and affordable to comit to because 420$ to 550$ a month for methadone is not affordable even for middle class people and to go in line for a hr even 30min every morning is the min I wait each day is not acceptable either also require mandatory groups and counseling sessions per month which counseling don't work talking about addiction does not do anythi6 but waist my time u can't talk it out of someone its not that easy. You need to make things simpler and affordable and u will see change. They don't because itdots who make the laws don't know anything accept myths and hear say. And always assume that if they make addiction management cheap and easy that we will sell our prescriptions which is ludicrous. I mean yes some will but a small percentage I go to a clinic with 1500 people and I only ever met a handful of people who would do that. They always do that assume and guess what we think or what we will do and that's bullshit. Nothing will get better until they fix this. They think cause od deaths are down they are doing the right thing but the only reason the stats say deaths are down. But addiction isn't they made narcane easily acceptable there the difference maker we now have help when people od

  13. Quite an interesting animation, Im 23 years old and starting using smack when I was 17. I went to rehab when I was 21, now Ive been off the stuff for 2 years. It's still hard but the effort was worth it. My favorite point in the video was that addiction is caused by the problems an individual is living with, and ignoring them makes it work.
    Thank you for bringing awareness and greater understanding to so many people.

  14. Why did they use Krist Novoselic "skinny bass play in a grunge band"? I don't think he ever did it.

  15. He smoked heroin for 3 weeks without withdraw!! Fucking bull shit he's talking shit!! 3days and you will get a withdrawal he was obviously smoking shit gear!! FACT

  16. I can do 2 bags then not touch is anymore. I find out the OPMS gold kratom WORKS BETTER AND LONGER than the heroin AND can get your life back on track

  17. His arm in requiem for a dream happened, BECAUSE HE KEPT SHOOTING IN THE BLACK ROT. absolutely horrible

  18. Drug addicts are lame as hell.
    Why do you need drug when the reason to take drug can not be removed by it?
    It's better to commit suicide than taking drugs.

  19. Listen to the cartoon. Heroin is harmless at first, go smoke to your heart stops.
    This fucking prick should face criminal charges for spreading misinformation about the dangers of opioid use, especially heroin and heroin addiction.

  20. Finally someone stating that u can use heroin for days/even weeks without any of its bad shit spoiling your life (I smoked it with and without weed in my spliffs for around three months before realising that it was Only smoking heroin that stopped me feeling the 'absolute shit' feeling that is been experiencing too often..(which was too late obviously)..then I took another 6 months to admit to my family I was an addict and have had problems with it since, BUT, the moral of the story here is it's not beggars and tramps in alleys with needles that use H its Anyone who has used it for long enough to get a grip on u, it doesn't discriminate! White black brown rich poor tall short fat thin don't matter, my best advice is fight the urge to ever try it at all its not cool and you're not "one of the lads who smoke loadsa shit" it WILL bite your life and lock it's jaws I fkin promise u man! Get help if I related to this my friend…seriously ANY addict will tell u the same, tell your family beg if u need to they'll respect your courage! Good luck

  21. This is an amazing video. I wish people were more educated about addiction. It's really really really hard when youre an addict.

  22. That's why my friend used. She had problems going on in her life. I felt so bad for her. She died because of it. So sad

  23. wow, sounds so similar to my pot and jacking off addiction combined

    now that I'm trying to be clean, damn my life problems are irritating me the fck off

  24. Prisons would be empty if drugs weren’t criminal. Remember the war on drugs was a war on a group off Americans

  25. I chase heroin every 2 weeks. Been into it since 19. I’ve Dealt my life in general so I’m not covering up anything. I love myself without it more so I don’t get too bad symptoms abit comdowny and restless legs on the 4th and 5th day then I’m fine again. Psychological control is what’s needed to overcome. But yeh 2 weeks still a Habbit but a controlled one that I can stop at any time. I’ve always had strong will power 💥

  26. The worst part about drugs is even after 20 years of being clean you still think about them at least a couple times a week

  27. Saw Train Spotting and if I had ever been tempted to try it before (which I wasn't, because I despise needles and pills) I was certainly never going to consider trying it after watching Train Spotting. I can still see that guy swimming through that toilet… Yeah. No. Never.

  28. When you love someone on herion it so heartbreaking they burn all of there bridges still theirs just a lreland left for them

  29. I'm a ex you might want to ask a few more junkies before you post a video like this one because it's actually completely wrong

  30. Completely wrong it is the physical dependence that keeps people hooked it's not mental definitely should ask a few more Junkies.

  31. Sooooo everything ive been told about heroin is actually tru cause u just literally talked about what heroin does to a person

  32. This video is stupid. Don't claim others dont know about the drug and make a video about knowing.
    You use H for 3 days and you'll have withdrawl on day 4 if you dont use. It doesnt take weeks… Stupid

  33. The one thing they left out about opiate withdraw and that's getting the runs. It's not uncontrollable but you get diarrhea for about the first 1 1/2 to 2 weeks of going through withdraw. Honestly I can deal with the depression and insomnia. Even after being clean for years I still have disabling depression and off and on insomnia, I've dealt with that my whole life and is the main reason why I started using was to get ride of it. Which it did while using I wasn't depressed and my life actually improved for the better. I got a job and a promotion later on I made good money and my life was pretty stable. But everyone in my life telling me how bad it was is what made it bad. It cause paranoia and gilt. So I got clean, but after I got clean my life took a turn for the worse. My depression grew and eventually became a schizoaffective disorder. I went to inpatient multiple times. The depression got so bad that I lost several jobs, my car, and my home and ended up on the streets and I was still sober and stayed sober. Eventually my dad forced me down to the social security office to apply for disability which I ended up getting in less then 2 months. So now I live with my mom in a small apartment collecting about $1000 a month. I'm still struggling with my mental disorders and I'm not really clean I've started smoking pot again which honestly helps out so much more then any of the dozens of ssris anxiety meds, and anti psychotics that I've tried. But I am living a stable life my bills are paid and i can get by. I do miss my opiates and honestly I had a better life while I was using but it's so stigmatized and looked down on that it's better not to start using again. I honestly think all drug should be legal and regulated. The worst thing about opiates is what he said in the video sometimes you get stuff that's too good and likely cut with fentanyl and if you're not cautious with it it can easily kill you. If they regulated and legalized drugs then we wouldn't have such an epidemic in the united states. People would stop overdosing and would know that their stuff is clean and at a safe dose. But that's just my story and opinion. I'm going to stay clean off opiates but people need to realize that some drugs have real benefits (like medical weed, MDMA for PTSD and Depression, etc) and we need to stop stigmatizing these things.

    I know not many people are going to read this but if you do and have a story to share or an opinion on the matter please make a comment and lets have a discussion.

  34. heroin withdrawal is nothing compared to methadone. totally hit it on the head with the loco boners and vivid dreams. the boredom is the real hell for me and its something that these useless rehabs and doctors have not caught on to and under estimate. the quickest way to cause a junkie to relapse is to bore them to death which makes rehab the equivalent to a torture chamber for the psyche because thats all they do. NA does not work and either does cramming it into junkies minds 20 hours a day and 7 days a week. Heroin addicts are not the same as alcoholics.NA(AA just watered down) does not work.

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