37 thoughts on “Every Reason Why Helen Sharpe Is Our Dream Doctor – New Amsterdam

  1. Dr. Sharpe is the best, her character is a kind of mix that wraps you from the beginning between the interpretation of a brilliant hemato-oncologist but with the Rocker style of Leny Kravitz … She is a crack, my favorite character in the series.

  2. The very first meeting between her and max you would think she’s not passionate sympathetic or have any empathy at all. But she embodies all of that in just her pinky. I love her 😍

  3. She is definitely amazing but I think if she gets together with Max, the show will be cheapened. We do not need another silly soap opera.

  4. I loved this Helen girl your all of that and some fifty strong smart gorgeous great person friend and doctor who puts her patients above all else she is a great asset to New Amsterdam and I hope one day Max will see it before its too late and I disagree if they do hook up the show won't go downhill cause the life they have out from the hospital does not reflect what good doctors they are and it's nice to see them at home or out to dinner its more reality the real world that we deal with on a one to one basis. I no the writers don't want this to happen but when Max is not all about his self that are great together best of luck I hope this slow burn if they let it we come to see in the 3rd season or the next.

  5. The Dr. Sharpe has a SHARP TONGUE. She’s a no nonsense woman that speaks her mind and will sting you if she’s crossed. 🗣💪🏽 😏
    I LOVE HER!!😍

  6. This is the Martha Jones that I knew was capable to reach when given more care in her character development. Helen Sharpe's level was Martha Jones's endgame.

  7. I DO favour you!!!Alright!! Well keep that to yourself!!! Aaaaaaah!!!! I love Helen!!! She rocks!!! from her hair to her dress code to the bags and her comebacks!!! Booooooom!!!!! Go Dr Helen. ah, no! Dr SHARPE!!!!

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