Eva Zambrano/Lana Parrilla – ASL (Miami Medical)

Money Man’s waking up. Sir, sir, you fractured your spine and any sudden movement can cause permanent paralysis. Okay, tighten the restraints. Listen I know you’re scared. I know you’re scared, but I need you to stay absolutely still! He’s a real fighter. Please! We need you
to cooperate! Stop! Everyone just stop! Are you deaf? – So the spasms…
– He was just trying to communicate. Take the restraints off. Um… Can you read lips? Great! Um… what’s your name? Everyone, this is Ethan. Nice to meet you. We’re gonna take that tube out of your throat to, um, to make you more comfortable. So, Ethan… You work in a theater? Cool. I’ll have to go see one of your plays. Where’d you learn sign language? I took a class in college. My second cousin’s deaf, and she bet me a new wet suit I couldn’t learn it. Rock star like you? That’s a sucker’s bet. Well, that should do it, Ethan. Hopefully, with this, you won’t need further surgery. Thank God. Um, Ethan, this is Jonathan. I brought an interpreter here uh, because my medical signing is a little… Okay, so um, we’re going to recheck your legs. And see how your neurologic function is coming. Okay? You can feel that? Great. That means your spinal cord is badly bruised but not torn. You should continue to regain strength over the next few days. And in a couple of weeks, you should be back at the theater. The money? It’s in a safe place. Why were you carrying around that much cash? A fund-raiser. For your theater? See? Miami nice, not Miami vice

26 thoughts on “Eva Zambrano/Lana Parrilla – ASL (Miami Medical)

  1. It's interesting watching this again after taking ASL for two semesters. Automatically thinking about the signs that should be used. But it's not that bad tbh.

  2. As if I couldn't fall in love with Lana even more?! I'm actually a medical interpreter myself and watching her attempt at signing was so cute…and kuddos to her getting a legit interpreter lol! Oh and for addressing him as such and a translator πŸ˜‰ love this!

  3. This guy also played a deaf kid on House MD with Jennifer Morrison (Cameron) as his doctor. I love this show but it never airs in the U.K anymore 😟

  4. I watched this before on Facebook, I never knew Lana before and now I know her well, watched OUAT. And going back to this made me say ''Oh! that was her?!'' God, I never knew I'd be addicted to this woman.

  5. Ryan Lane actually did have a serious accident when he was 19 that nearly paralyzed him, and his symptoms were similar to this clip <3

  6. I absolutely love, love, love Ryan Lane. He is such an amazing actor. He is also incredibly cute and handsome.

  7. Anybody notice the interpreter signed damaged? When Interpreter should say "spinal cord is not torn.". Did not give this video a thumbs up because not impressed with interpreter. Pretty cool seeing Lana sign. Saw her in Once Upon A Time tv show, loved it.

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