Euthanasia and Physician Assisted Suicide FAQ – Video 1

The key to answering this question is to realize that civilized societies have always believed that we should treat human beings differently than we treat animals What is required to respect human life and human dignity is not the same as what is required for animal life. Still, animals deserve respect and it is wrong to inflict suffering on them. But in relation to relieving human suffering, thankfully, with 21st century medicine, we have highly effective forms of pain management which allow us to help people who are suffering without ending their lives, as we typically do to animals. People who are in favor of physician assisted suicide believe that, in certain situations helping someone end their own lives actually respects their right to autonomy. They also see it as a form of mercy. What they often fail to acknowledge, however, is that people who desire assisted suicide are extremely vulnerable. People who are elderly, disabled, in pain, or have a terminal disease, who want to die, typically feel that they are a burden on others, that life has lost its meaning, or that all hope is gone. In short, they are often depressed and the dangers of abusing them in their depression cannot be avoided once physician assisted suicide becomes legal and acceptable. Furthermore, we risk sending the dangerous and irresponsible message that suicide is an appropriate response to suffering. Physician assisted suicide is suicide and we must treat it as such. So how should we treat suicidal people? We show them that life is still worth living we love them and prove to them that they are not a burden to others we help them manage the pain we give them great palliative and end of life care. But we do not help them by killing them.

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  1. Well, let's start with Idea that no one in this presentation is terminally ill. The lady reading from the script, nor the illustrator, otherwise they would not be participating,,, unless they have been brainwashed into believing this line of thinking.. Let's also agree the dying man in the illustration doesn't have his hair falling out, or crap in his pants, and somehow the cute little drawings don't convey pain very well. A terminally ill individuals right to determine how and when he/she changes journeys, belongs to him/her and them alone.
    Most terminally ill people I know, like myself, don't need any assistance, thank you. And Most terminally ill people I know don't believe they are committing suicide (killing oneself).
    Merely a change in journey, on to the unknown next,, just like your tomorrow. So assisted suicide is a moniker those who want control have decided to call it. Rubbish, nonsense.

  2. A more eloquent presentation "Sir Terry Pratchett – Shaking Hands with Death"
    I don't believe this body is the end of my Journey, so I am not afraid. I have had a wonderful life, and don't feel like, Oh, one more day and I will do something significant.
    Oregon's Death With Dignity laws have not had one case of abuse, in spite of all of the bogeyman talk from the opponents. Not one.
    Palliative; means to treat a problem without addressing the underlying cause. To me, that is torture, pure and simple. Requiring someone to continue to suffer. I see no compassion in that.

  3. god will judge us in the after life because we have mind and we can choose between good and bad, right from wrong, animals does not have mind. you cant end your life because god owns it.

  4. Hello, I would like to add subtitles of my native language to this great video. Can I get permission for that?

  5. the artist and style is AWESOME!!!! great work, music, and narrator…SCRIPT is totally bias!! Excellent work, but I disagree w/ the message.

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  7. I clicked on this video looking for factual information for my school report, instead I found extreme bias, no actual facts, and the answer to only one question.

  8. This video is extremely biased as it doesn't address the other side of the coin. often, controversial subjects like these need to be objective evaluated before making such biased claim. As a pharmacist who is exposed to many diseases state, I understand the suffering that people go through and that the video's claim of "pain management" as a way to treat people who are suffering does shows extremely limited understanding of the medical fields and the disease state that exists in this world. Simply, there just isn't simply remedies in the 21st century medicine that can cure a lot of horrible disease that leads people to considered euthanasia. we lack the capability to treats many conditions like MS, paralysis, Alzheimer, toxic exposure and thousands more. this being said, I do believe that often people will judge a position of others before they were ever faced in the situation themselves. Understanding comes from experiencing it. I am against depression suicide as this could be treated in our medical field at large. However, Having someone's choice to choose whether they will continue on with their life or stay and face an medically proven irreversible condition is simply the choice of the suffers, and nobody's belief system should ever intervene with this choice. They are not in the position to judge since they were not in the position to suffer the consequences. most that disagree with physician assisted suicide has never had to face a terminating disease, and the percentage of those that disagree with assisted suicide will reduced once and if they had to face this decision themselves.

  9. I agree with you! But i think without the love of jesus, we can share with other people it is impossible for humans to share so many love. Because helping this people is no easy task and doing it with a loving attitute is even harder but necasery.

  10. Showing an individual the benefits to living opposed to killing them is the right thing to do. Great work explaining in this video. ):

  11. The Supreme Court's decision on physician assisted suicide clearly outlines that this is only available to those who are completely aware of there situation and can clearly indicate their consent to die because of their circumstance of physical or psycological pain… They also have to be an adult.  I guess what I don't understand is how people are not respecting the wishes of those who are suffering and feel that they no longer want to live?  Why must they suffer until natural death?  How is that fair to them? This video isn't very informative on seeing both sides.  This would make sense if it was regarding suicidal teens who feel they have no way out. We empathize with them and want to explain to them that circumstances change and life gets better.  However, for someone suffering of an illness known to cause physical or psychological pain until death isn't the same as a suicidal teen who lost motivation to live life.  At the end of the day, we all have the right to life.  It is not fair to generalize this decision just so others can sleep well at night. This is about the suffering individuals diagnosed with an illness.  They have the right to die in a respectable manner.  Society has changed.  It's about time that our thinking does too.

  12. I would venture to say that whoever wrote this video has had little to no first hand experience with end of life. The authors experience with death is only that on television and movies… The various medicines and treatments used to give pain relief have extreme side effects and should not be viewed as curing people of discomfort. Further, I defy you to meet someone with ALS and tell them that they are going to die a slow, painful, and undignified death. Have you no empathy?

  13. Would you bring someone back from the dead so you could torture them? I think they'd rather be dead and you should respect people's wishes.

  14. Well, the deference between suicide and euthanasia is that the patient is dying within a short time anyway.
    You talk about pain medicine like some kind of wonder drug with no side-effects or downsides. Many cancer patients suffer from extreme chronic pain and the relief from Koden, morphine or any other synthetic or non synthetic pain medicine is often not enough. The side-effects however range from memory loss to seusures and stomach problems.
    Being forced to take your life is wrong, but taking your own life in the face of pain and suffering for 3 months more is nothing you should have anything to say about.
    I totally support your choice of agony until relieved by death, but don't dare to take away my choice to end my life when I'm faced with the same end. Stop arguing against something that you should have no control over, and that's other people's lives.
    Suicide and euthanasia is two completely different things, telling people otherwise is evidence of a lack of understanding.

  15. Advokate Life and Education's intentions and morals are to be commended but,  the one fact that gets intentionally overlooked is…it's "My" life, Not yours.  Others have no right to interfere with my life or death, unless my actions injure someone.  I respect your views, why can't you respect mine?

  16. Check out our second video answering questions regarding individual choice:

  17. The video which explains the distinction between the treatment of animals and humans is excellent. Strange that we should need to do this in today's society.

  18. So if I have a choice to die a months long agonizing and painful death as apposed to dying in a fast and painless way you have a problem with that?

  19. You have no idea what you're saying. I'm not old, but I am slowly painfully dying and it should be my right to choose.
    This life is not worth living, I'm not depressed, I'm in constant pain, utter complete agony! My neurological functions are decreasing and muscle wasting plus 6 kinds of arthritis, auto-immune disease, Dysautonomia, EhlersDanlos, CFS/ME, Fibromyalgia etc. makes every second unbearable. I'm no longer able to do any of the things I loved. Sensitivities so bad I can't stand music, overlapping voices, lights, smells, taste, touch are all excruciating. I can't eat most foods or take any pain or heart medication. I pass out almost constantly, can't swallow, can't regulate my temperature, and so much more.
    No one should be made to suffer endlessly like this.
    That note took two hours for me to find the words and remember how to communicate them, I have no money or insurance since being disabled. Family and friends have disappeared, not that I blame them. I wish I could, too.

  20. This Title is very misleading. FAQ's is a very neutral term, but the way you answered them were very one-sided and biased. You, additionally, only addressed the weakest points of the other side. Thus, failing to make a valid concession.

  21. Exactly! I know of quadraplegics who are business owners and have a full life. Is it always easy? NO! But if encouraged and supported, disabled can carry on a life of dignity and respect. It is not our choice when we die….it is our Creator's decision!

  22. This is appalling. Dying after being kept for days, weeks, even months on a morphine pump isnt "being a burden" on society or said persons family. People who request physician assisted suicide want to leave this world on THEIR OWN TERMS, being CONSCIOUS, ABLE TO CONSENT, have the ability to SAY GOODBYE TO THEIR LOVED ONES and most importantly WITHOUT PAIN. Sure there are circumstances where p.a.s is not appropriate but this video is revolting. HOW DARE YOU. I have worked with people who suffer because their pain cannot be managed and ultimately end up and remain in a vegetative state until their body is no longer able to metabolise the drugs. You have NO RIGHT.

  23. Just manage the pain and there is other sickness or discomfort exist, also just in bed and waiting the last moment is cruel. My grandparent is all suffer in bed for 10 months before died.

  24. Okay sure, life is great and worth living, but what if somebody is going to die in six months, and they're going to spend that time drugged out of their mind and strapped to a hospital bed? is that a life worth living?

  25. You are absolutely, unequivocally wrong about the fact that our modern technology has the ability to make death from most forms pain free and peaceful. You need only to watch someone dying of bone cancer, brain cancer, blood cancer, throat cancer or most other types of cancer to see this. The pain medications that are available to manage pain have side effects that render most people insensible, meaning they are asleep, meaning droning conversations about life being worth living, or telling them they aren't a burden, won't happen, because they will not be physically conscious, and if they are conscious they will (not might) be in pain. You are selling an end of life lie, that I have first hand seen on every occasion that I have been around someone with a stage 4 illness. You should be ashamed of yourselves that your morality should dictate a savage, barbaric, and agony filled death for people that you claim to love. Hypocrites.

  26. The good don't die young, they die peacefully.

    The human body is pH+ ~7.5pH.

    Traditional healthcare involves purging the toxins and alkalizing using herbs. Since all toxins are acidifying, purging the toxins, coupled with boosting the immune system aka raising the pH, brings one's pH to a point where you lose your malady.

    The alternative "healthcare" dictates; when people are sick it is because their pH is below 7.0. When, for example, one comes down with cancer, the alternative health"care" provides for the destruction of one's immune system (using the petroleum tailings from distillation aka "chemo") then tries to rebuild it. Needless to say, this does nothing but provides an anchor to toss at someone who is drowning so you can save their life!?

    All herbs are alkaline. All pharma (alternative health"care") are acidifying. When one's pH is below 7.0 aka "sickness", what is the logic of dosing one with acidifying dangerous drugs, thus dropping the pH even further, for profit and murder?

    You sin all your life taking chemicals God never made or intended for us to use. And, when we can't take it anymore we unilaterally destroy (suicide) ourselves rather than God claiming what is His in His own time!

    Perhaps it is time to rethink this big pharma bull shi'ite and return to the traditional healthcare involving proper diets and herbs!

    The good don't die young … they die peacefully!

  27. This video is actually very misleading! When someone is in extreme pain and no chance of surviving you want to keep them alive? That's crewel and unnecessary. Thankfully your views are not agreed by the general public or a close friend of mine would still be suffering today. Thankfully yesterday she was given Doctor associated suicide. The extreme pain and life quality she had was not worth living and knowing you are not ever going to get better must have made it that much worse. The only thing I wish is that she was able to do it sooner before it got so bad!

  28. Bullcrap. Whether you think it is right or wrong doesn't matter. If you have to right to live then you also have the right to die. You can't kill someone, but why can you deny them the choice to die? Think of the people who are really depressed, who are in a lot of pain, who have made the choice to die. You cannot stop those people from killing themselves. At least, not without violating their basic human rights. You should expect their choice, the choice they made and let then leave this world with dignity. If someone want to die they have a million way to do so, but sadly, non of them is pretty. Why? Because they are denied they way, forcing them into ending their lives in a way which leaves a permanent mark on their memorie, their loved ones and a lot of times a bunch of other people in their society.

    Let people go out with their dignity, together with their lost ones. Give them the chance to say their goodbyes and make their moment of dying as best as you can.

  29. The solution to a problem like that can't be found easily. I wrote an essay regarding the issue. Check it out

  30. This is biased & I am still not convinced to your point.. I am pro-choice. If I was in this position & wanted to end my life, how dare you combat me? It is my life.

  31. yeah, painkillers are great, I was in hospital last year for surgery and they put me on a mixture of morphine and ketamine as well as daily doses of six or so pills a day. it sucked. Sure, it helped a lot with my pain but I did nothing but sleep coma-like and feel shitty for a week, I couldn't even breathe properly because the drugs were so heavy so I was on oxygen too. living like that would be terrible

  32. There are a lot of good comments presented here. So, I'll add my two cents, for what it's worth. I really object to this kind of dishonest presentation. I see this same attempt at manipulation over and over again in various forms by those who wish to impose their beliefs on others. Instead of throwing up all of these "reasons" why assisted suicide is not a good idea, why don't you simply admit that you want to impose your personal opinion on others. At least you'll be responding honestly. "FAQ" my ass. Get a life…far, far away from mine.

  33. Yes, this video is incredibly biased. One thing that is when someone has the chance to get better. It is entirely different when someone is terminally ill. When an elderly person knows they will die in a painful way, I don't think it's right to say that they are depressed. I'm certain who wrote this wasn't terminally ill. When you are going to die, how can someone take advantage of you. And how can depression be something to not allow them dignity? They are going to die. Spare hem the pain. My view is that it's their life, and they are terminally ill and should be spared the pain and suspense. And for those who are not terminally ill, if someone wants to die, they will die. They should be helped. Some conditions may not be terminal, but they cause unending pain. A father in Belgium had cluster headache syndrome. A rare condition in which he suffered agonizing migraines that lasted up to three hours, and medication didn't work. He had children, but when he wanted assistance in dying, she supported his desicion. This must be available to those without terminal illness. But the main question. Why do you think it's fair to say what others can and can't do with their lives? That in itself isn't humane. No one will force you to end your life, so why do you care? I believe that people lack empathy, and are not willing to embrace ideas they dislike or are uncomfortable with. IT'S NOT YOUR LIFE, SO WHY CAN YOU CHOOSE WHAT OTHERS CAN AND CAN'T DO?

  34. People who are suicidal shouldn't have euthanasia, however people with terminal illnesses should, because one can be fixed and one cant

  35. whoever made this video has obviously never seen someone suffer horribly or been in awful pain themselves, please rethink what you are saying here and rethink your opinions by looking into someone's life, of course, if you are going to die from a terminal illness you may suffer from depression because it's pretty depressing. And the person is going to die soon, suffering from large amounts of pain and anguish, why not let that person die a little earlier without the pain and suffering

  36. euthanasia should always be legal. people should have a right to choose to end their lives if they so desire. I cannot understand that we would leave people who for example, are paralyzed neck down, to suffer for the rest of their lives. to be simply a lump of meat thats kept alive by machines. ever seen the movie Johnny Got His Gun?
    I would choose death over that existence. but I cannot have it simply because "its wrong." and I would live like that for rest of my days. every living moment I would only pray for death.
    this video is incredibly biased, one sided, and virtue signalling.

  37. Who the heck do you think you are? talking about their pain, their suffering and disrespecting their choice. I am not a pro-euthaanasia or have a negative opinion towards it but I know I do not have the right to insult their dignity.

  38. I had a very bad head injury and was suicidal for months and I sought out my friends to help me and I realized that suicide is the most selfish thing in human history and if you really want to help than just ask them what’s wrong and go from there don’t have “mercy” on them by letting them die

  39. This is hogwash. Give the person a vial of Nembutal to drink. The death will be fast and peaceful. Besides I don't want anyone else cleaning my bodies nether regions.

  40. Really thought this was going to be a video that would help me better understand both sides to this issue, but it was so insanely biased. Could not even finish the video.

  41. This is a fuck up video. In short, human do not have a choice of their own life. If they are suffering, they deserve it?!?! This is the most fucked up video I ever come across. This is a fuck up video!!!!

  42. EUTHANASIA IS NOT SUICIDE. Euthanasia is a humane act of putting a person out of their pain, suffering, and discomfort. It is a merciful act so that that person does not suffer, unnecessarily, for a long period of time. EUTHANASIA MUST BE LEGALIZED FOR HUMAN BEINGS.

  43. The title is very misleading and the content borders on cruelty. When someone has a valid reason and is still in possession of their faculties the best way to "help" them is to show them the love, compassion and respect that they deserve. Only a selfish and cruel person would attempt to rob these people of their dignity. Sometimes that is all they have left. Euthanasia is a decision that is never reached lightly. Depression is to be expected in these situations and does not require more "help" in making these people feel even worse. This is a horrible video and whoever posted it is quite obviously inexperienced in such matters. I have personally witnessed more than a dozen people pass away and draw their last breaths while writhing in pain and agony. If you can speak from experience then, by all means, explain to me how it feels when you are unable to wipe your own bottom clean. Explain to me how it feels when you must be fed like a child or even worse when others feel it's necessary to speak to you as a child. I have so much more information to communicate on this subject but I have made my point. People have a right to live and they also have a right to die, on their own terms. A loving, understanding, patient family and friends is what these people need. I know my friends and family will respect my informed decision. Will yours? I truly hope you never need to find out.

  44. Everyone on earth is entitled with the right to decide on what to do with their lives. A person with an illness whose suffering from an unbearable pain who wants to hasten their death through Euthanasia but is not allowed to do so is like you’re giving them some slow painful death. And now you’re talking about religions who want eternal peace and love so where’s the love in there?

  45. there are cases where that some people are doomed to die and there is absolutely nothing to be done for them,either because their families can't afford the treatment or because they are not curable.
    my grandma had cancer and was hospitalized,she had several other health issues,there was no hope for her.
    my grandpa had a less seriouse problem but there was no hope for him either.
    by keeping them alive we were just beating a dead horse.
    money time and resources spent to people who could not be saved could be used to other people who could be saved.

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