ESO Clinic Maidstone – Headache Clinic

we’re trying to create a centre of
excellence here for helping patients to fare better with their chronic and
debilitating headaches so patients come to the specialists headache clinic if
their headaches are very persistent, not responding to treatment within our
regular clinic, or if their headaches are perhaps not neck driven but they’re
actually, say, chronic migraine and they are wondering whether any further
input could be helpful. So a lot of what we do isn’t just about technique it’s
about patient education. The main benefits of an osteopathic approach to
helping with headaches and helping people manage their headaches is that we
can offer help on two fronts. Obviously reducing the physical tensions that play
into the headache cascade but also we look at the people’s lifestyles and
their occupational stresses and strains and their nutritional and relaxation
status and so forth. So typically when a patient first comes to the ESO headache
clinic they can expect to be listened to fully and they’ll then have a lot of
questions not only about their headaches but also about their general health
because we want to make sure that it’s safe to treat them. The problem out there
is that at least half of for example migraines are self diagnosed and the
other half sadly are often misdiagnosed. This has been shown by population
studies and it means that we do need to sift through everything one more time to
make sure that we have a correct diagnosis and to double-check that
and so once we’ve listened to them describe their headaches, often they
have more than one kind as well so it can be quite complicated, and we take a
look at them physically. So we typically do an examination in sort of light loose
clothing to see what might be contributing to the headache condition
structurally and we also do, particularly in the case of migraine
which is much more than a headache, we do a lot of patient education because we
can base it on the evidence out there of what is likely to help them based on
their own observations of their headaches. It’s very much a team
approach with the the students, the patients, the doctors and ourselves and
sometimes other practitioners as well. So, on the first occasion the patient may
get a fairly short treatment just to see how sensitive they are to treatment and,
all being well, then we would tend to do what is recommended between four to six
treatments and sometimes there are some quite long-standing tensions that need
to be released and then we we work with them as we go along and adjust the
techniques we use accordingly – but they’re all very safe very gentle and
very much with ongoing consent from the patient so people actually enjoy their
sessions. I work in a teaching environment because it gives me the
chance to refresh my knowledge. I have to be up-to-date and up to speed for those
students who are now graduating. It also gives me the chance to connect with
colleagues likewise in a lively collegiate environment and I think it’s
very healthy. This is the first student headache clinic in an osteopathic school
so I’m tremendously proud of that and I’m proud of the medical support that
I’ve had in the background from neurologists and headache specialists.
And we’re beginning to get known amongst the GPS locally and also the results – you
know people are getting better which is great even if it’s just a part of the
solution The feeling that people are able to be
more comfortable or more productive is very exciting and to feel that that’s
been done just using your your ears your analytical skills and a good pair of
hands is really satisfying it’s natural, isn’t it

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