Get the brand new Denis backpack now available at denisdaily .com I am assuming this is where we are supposed to go No jumpscares please though said there’s gonna be something there’s gonna be something terrifying right around this corner. Look behind you? OH! Oh! He’s right, he’s right there! Hey, everybody! Welcome to another ROBLOX adventure, today we are back in the hospital game mode. However, It looks really really really really really different. If you guys remember ever seeing any videos of me doing an evil hospital video, it usually starts in a very similar room like this, except I think it was way more like white and plain-looking, umm, it seemed like a very dated game mode, like it was made a very long time ago but then I noticed that this one, is specifically is, it’s almost like its been redone, like kinda remastered, because this whole, this whole starting area now just looks way better. its got the nice brick and the lighting and the updated characters and stuff so I figured – also the last time we tried playing, the evil hospital game mode it was broken, and like we couldn’t get to the end there was a lot of things like stopping, stopping me from progressing in it so hopefully all that is fixed, and I’m very very excited to see, how they put this all together because everything is like just different enough. Just different enough that it’s almost like you’re exploring it for the first time, because I mean I don’t know I don’t know how much they’ve changed. especially because, wait a second should I turn on music for this one? There’s something creepy. There’s like some really weird, very subtle white noise. One thing I do know, is that the first thing to do, oh wow. *pat* *pat* *pat* The footstepping sound effects are very, umm *pat* *pat* *pat* *pat* very like, apparent. Very, ‘there’. Haha, I don’t know, I’m trying to thing of a better word for it. So we sit on the toilet, 2 hours later. Okay, yeah, no I understand 2 hours later Okay, oh my goodness! Oh Boy… Uh, hello? Hey, uh… It’s me again. I know that I know that this whole thing’s like yeah, supposed to happen, umm. The whole like death thing or whatever. Everyone is just brutally, uh, *nya huh huh* … you know. Oh wow. I don’t my, my goodness! Hehe. DOPE. Alright, what does this guy have to say? Over here! What happened? *Dramatic intake of breath* Something attacked us. I need to help you. You are bleeding! I’m nearly dead you can’t help me. What should I do to help? Oh you see that ventilation? That thing went in there. Goodbye! Okay. *Huh! Rah!* Making my way up. Um! I wanna see where the sound effects, are crazy. They’re very very loud. I should say, is really the very basic way of putting it. Meaning! Though, That if there’s any sort of… jumpscares – YOU. WILL. DIE. Okay, that was kind of a jumpscare in itself. There’s probably gonna be one right here though yep there’s something right there. There was a ghost. I’m gonna keep going. I hear footsteps Okay that’s because there’s other people in the game. Okay hold on we fell, that’s fine. Everything’s okay. Dead guy here though, construction worker and then there was the, the two things okay, those were missing, makes sense. I should probably have a flashlight out for this honestly. How do I open this? Where am I going? What do I do? Oh, key! Here we go, I’m stupid. There we go, okay and then, oh! Hello, ghost. Hey man. Nice to, Nice to see, it’s good seeing ya again, y’know? just gonna keep going. Whatever you did to all those people there I still honestly have no idea. I’ve never actually figured it out. I’ve never, been able to beat this Okay. So this all looks very familiar Here we go, through the weird portal thing. *Strange extra terrestrial noises* Very creepy. I don’t appreciate the really weird noises. Is this where I’m okay so I haven’t, I haven’t been here yet. There’s gonna be some jump-scares and it’s gonna – “Don’t go there” Don’t go where? Oh my goodness… I don’t like this… I don’t like it and it’s especially spookier, now that they’ve like updated it and made it look way better. Because now it’s just so much more like, *Ominous creaking* I hear some creaking. I don’t know if you guys can hear that. There’s some creaking going on in the distance. Oh my goodness, and then there’s, it is, there’s blood seeping through here. Can we look in there? Oh there’s not actually anything in there. Oh, well, really breaks the immersion, doesn’t it. What else have we got? These, these footsteps are so loud. Is that piece of paper I can read? *Paper crinkling noise* There has been something strange going on these people are talking about… seeing something they went through the wall they said. Oh, my! How do I get rid of that? Oh, there we go. Okay. Umm, well? Hey wait a second this wall’s kinda sticking out I am assuming this is where we are supposed to go. No jumpscares please though, said there’s gonna be something, there’s gonna be something terrifying right around this corner, look behind you? OH! Oh! He’s right, he’s right there. Wow… *Panting* I thought when it said, “Look behind you” it would be like in the distance… Like down in the hallway… not literally pressed up, to me. *argh* *ghost noises* And now it’s playing spooky noises. I’m getting out of here. Oh, hello. Hey! Hey, man! Uh… Oh, oh my goodness okay well Uh, never-mind. Won’t be talking to you I suppose. *paper crinkling sound* What is this paper saying now? Surgery has gone great. Other than that, the bed I’m staying in it has a really noisy vent above it. Thing doesn’t even blow air. They need to get that fixed. Interesting. Umm… Vent, vent vent. So oh, it’s a hint to this vent right here. Very good very well done. Okay oh. Umm. *Horrifying scream* OH! Wow. What? No! Not okay! That didn’t even, it’s not gonna do it *horrifying scream* Oh! Its doing it again! Turning volume off. Wow. Why!? *Loud sigh* What. Stop it! Stop it, I don’t wanna see it anymore. Where, I’m supposed to go this way it’s gonna pop up again. It’s poppin’ up again. No it’s not. Which way am i supposed to go. This is where I came in from. So now I’m gonna have to see it again, that’s just great. Yep, there it is, hello. Good to see ya. I’m just gonna keep going. *exasperated breath* Wow. It’s ridiculous! Alright. Umm, I have no idea how that even happened, how that’s even possible. Now I got the shivers. Now I’m all itchy and shivery everywhere. Great. Let’s keep going. Huh. Where’s the next jump-scare gonna be is it right here… Over here somewhere? It’s gonna be something right here, lots uh, lots of dead things… it’s gonna be a big jump-scare, somethings gonna pop up right here in this hallway it’s happening, it’s gonna happen. You will die, yep, you will die, okay, understood. There’s probably something behind me, no there isn’t… Okay… Oh, now its going real fast. What is happening right now? What. Hello? Hey, uh, everyone, how’s it going. just a walking through this cave here. You know I forgot that I was actually in a hospital. I keep forgetting this. I was in a hospital, but now I’m some weird, like, *stuttering* I-I-I- don’t even know, I can’t even explain what this is. “You can’t go through without knowing the code.” *Silly voice* Okay goodbye, huh. Because I’m pretty sure the code would be up here? Somewhere? Where’s the code? Oh, up here probably. Okay, 1337. Yep, well, there it is. Okay. Well, that was simple enough. You just go one… one three three seven. ‘For-leet’. *chuckle* Wait, why didn’t that work? One Three Three Seven. Oh, enter. Right there we go. Clear, one three three seven, enter. There we go, now that works. Okay. Oh, hello, umm, yes, possessed girl. Very spooky. I don’t remember any of this stuff. Any of like the jump-scare parts. Okay. There’s probably gonna be something else right here as well. Bunch o’ jump-scares in the maze, okay, very good. Umm, no can’t go through there. See, what I’m scared about in this maze, is, you’re going through the maze, you turn a corner, you’re not supposed to be there, then you turn back, and then there’s gonna be something right behind you. I swear, that’s whats gonna to happen, there’s there’s no way it’s not, unless I actually made it to the end here, maybe, i don’t know… Oh my goodness. Did I? Uh… I think so, no, maybe not, yes! I think i did it! Okay, good. Jump-scare any second now though. Very dark hallway. No, maybe not. Hello? There’s something up there, there’s something up there, what am I going for here? Oh, hold on, so I’m gonna be walking up here… Then something’s gonna start falling and I’m supposed to come over here. Oh. Wow, that was close. Okay. So, can I? Am I still good to go? Am I gonna have to jump in a hole here! Oh! Oh, oh. That was so close. Okay, we’re still good though. Still good… Okay… Now what though? Where are we? What? I can’t see anything! What is this place? My flashlight, is barely, what? Okay, now I tripped, oh where am I? I’m actually, I’m so lost now. Did I come through here? Am I supposed to go in here? Okay, now the flashlight is a little bit more effective. Yes, yes. Hello, weird creature being thing, oh wow wow no no! Oh wow, wasn’t expecting that. Here lies Carlos Clark, may he rip. Yes, yes, yes. May they all rest in peace, oh we’re supposed to go up here okay hold on. Eh! Just need to.. Eh! Any second now I’ll manage to make it up there. There we go! Man, this flashlight just doesn’t reflect through any of this stuff. Oh, and also, again, I keep forgetting we’re in a hospital right now. Okay, hold on. Jump-scare, there it is, yep I was, I was ready for that, I was waiting for it. Wait a second. Here lies. Wait, may he rest in peace, oh there’s some-, there’s a secret. In this man’s… …coffin. What is through here? Umm… Hello? Okay so this is definitely like the farthest I’ve ever gotten, in this game-mode I feel like they changed it. Like a decent amount. Hello sir. Oh boy, Okay, here we go, what do you have to say? “There’s this crazy patient I’ve been assigned to, he’s been digging a hole under his bed to hide from the demons he says, no idea what his medical issue is.” You have no idea what his medical issue is? I thought you were a doctor. What was, well, I mean, not really a doctor anymore, are ya? He’s been digging a hole under his bed, to hide from the demons. Oh, under here. I see. This is where we hide from the demons. But where are we supposed to go, this way? Uh, no, we don’t go through there unless the key allows us to go through, no, no, no no no. What do we do then? how do we go through? Oh, we can just jump through. Are we supposed to be able to do this yes we are. Okay. Jump-scare? Coming up? Any second now, jump-scare? Wait for it… Wait for it… No maybe not. Oh, okay, we’re in a creepy hallway. That’s not good, that’s not good news! This This door right here, I’m assuming I need to go in here? Okay, uh… So wait stepping on- oh! oh, okay. Okay, never-mind you are supposed to fall through that. What is happening? Okay I’m moving by myself, oh a clown! I don’t like clowns. Okay, wow, this just keeps going doesn’t it? Oh my goodness, am I supposed? Ok, no, I’m not supposed to jump up there, gonna hold on, any… Uh… Jump-scare now, oh, no, no jump-scare. Okay, we’re doing some teleporting. That’s good, it’s like we’re progressing, getting away. Alright the, the weird red demon thing! Oh! The flaming demon man. Hello, sir. Uh, wow, what is happening? Why? There are blood splotches. Uh, not good. Umm… Oh boy… Okay, now what? Oh my goodness, I don’t even know what’s going on anymore. Okay, just leaving, flashlight on… Oh, all the fire as well… How does this have anything to do with a hospital? Oh boy, I can’t see anything. Okay, ghost man, right there. There’s probably gonna be another jump-scare somewhere here. Oh, there was something on the ground! Didn’t even see what it was! Wasn’t paying attention to that. Okay, so it’s like we’re escaping the hospital right now. We’re going through the sewer system. This is starting to make more sense, we’re outside. We actually did it, it’s so foggy though, what does this say? Breaking news mass murder on Bloxtown hospital. What? Wow. Umm, do not cross. Is that the, I’m assuming that’s, that’s the hospital right there and it’s saying do not cross. Newsstand, Yeah, it’s a mass murder at the hospital. At about 10 pm today, just before I went to bed I suddenly heard screaming across the street. Oh my goodness… But did we escape, did we make it? Did we do it? Is there anywhere else to go? It’s like we just, we escaped and that’s it. we’re still just gonna let the hospital be, really messed up, and have people dying and stuff. I guess. I mean I don’t know there’s, there’s nowhere else to go. I think that’s that. I think that’s that then. Guys, I think we did it. I think we actually escaped. It’s real spooky and foggy right now. And I’m still not very content. I still feel like there’s something really, something real bad going on that needs to be touched on, because the fact that I just escaped and I’m just gonna go home now and continue on with the rest of my life I don’t know if I’ll be able to do that. Hypothetically if this was a real situation I mean you know, it’s just a ROBLOX video and on that note I would like to thank you so much for watching it if you enjoyed please do remember to leave the video a like, maybe even subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already and don’t forget to check out the brand new Denis backpack now available on denisdaily .com for a limited time. There is a link in the description below as well so definetely do go and check that out but other then that guys I will see you, in the next one! *Outro music*


  1. Love your videos Denis πŸ˜€πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„πŸ˜πŸ˜†πŸ˜πŸ˜‡β€οΈπŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ–€β™₯οΈπŸ’πŸ’–πŸ’—πŸ’“πŸ’žπŸ’•πŸ’Œβ£οΈπŸ’ŸπŸ’―πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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