ESCAPE ABANDONED HOSPITAL (Trapped in Creepy Haunted Room for 24 Hour Overnight Challenge)

What up, ninjas! In the last couple of videos, I was exploring the sharer’s pond. We thought they got rid of the pond monster but I think it sucked me down into the water. I’m not sure what did. All that I remember is that I woke up here in this really strange hospital. I have no idea if this a real hospital, or what, I don’t see any doctors. There’s nobody here. I’m all alone. They left me my clothes, although they took all my ninja weapons. I don’t have my phone on me. Vy’s probably looking for me. I can’t get ahold of her. I finally got this doorway open. So I got to get out of here and find Vy Alright, here’s the door I finally got open. Alright. Hello! Are there any doctors in here? Nurses? Vy? This is really creepy guys, there’s nobody in this entire hospital. What is this? It almost looks like a big video game like an arcade machine. You’ve got a roller ball here. It says galaxy on it. Huh. Whoa! Warning! Exclamation mark. Oh. Is this device for hacking computers? Oh guys. Look at this button right here. It’s that cassette tape symbol and it says record. Is this how the hacker watches us? He presses this button and records us on his video. Hmm, but it seems to be off right now I guess what people keep looking all here’s the door Oh Exit oh sweet. So you just that Well, it’s locked Yeah, okay. Alright, I guess I’ll keep looking All these bottles What are these check it out working solution says the matrix That’s another term that hackers like to use the matrix. They all seem empty though. Wait, wait a second Do you hear that? Oh Where I hear a really weird sound coming through here Sounds like water running I was like, wow, I don’t know. Anyway, check it out. There’s a piece of paper in this jar Is this well lo ve 2:8 lo o 259 high Oh two five five, huh? I don’t know these don’t mean anything to me hmm guys if you’ve seen these numbers or if you’ve seen like these wordings before leave a comment down below if you recognize these Seems faintly familiar, but not exactly there’s something we have to do with this I’m gonna put this in my pocket feel like we might need this for later. Oh, here’s another doorway. It says do not disturb Well, I’m gonna disturb them anyway Okay, I’m not gonna disturb them because it’s locked I think I remember reading something from the last video that says something about do not disturb guys Leave a comment down below if you remember from the last video something about do not disturb I think that might relate to this sign right here I’m not touching that look at this guy’s what is that red? Dripping I think I know what that is. I don’t want to say pretty creepy. Why would that be here in a hospital? Usually a hospital is like the cleanest place ever and that’s not very clean We got to figure out how to break through this door. This might be the way out or this one Well, this one says exit but I don’t totally believe that this is the exit I feel like it might be a trick cuz it’s not taped down there very solidly see that I think this was this was put here to fool me Oh Look at this switch off mobile phones in this area. Now. Why would I want you to switch off your phone here? Is it because it interferes with hacking of other people’s computers? Does it mess things up? Oh shoot. Look at this. Look at this There’s a security camera that’s been watching us the whole time Hello, are you watching me and you the hacker what did you do with V? Where’s VF was it there? Oh Hey guys. I’m calling I’m really freaked. I think someone’s watching me right now. I don’t know for sure, but that cameras up there I’ve tried both these doors. Both of them are locked There’s only one more door left that could possibly lead out of here through this way right here back into this hospital room There’s another door right over here. Oh, wait a second. Here’s that sign I forgot about says to open this door purge the words do not disturb So there’s that saying do not disturb again So purge means to like erase or get rid of so I need to get rid of the words Do not disturb. So does that have something to do with that sign out there? I need to get rid of that sign to open this door. Let’s go take a look at that again guys Okay. So here’s the sign do not disturb. It says to open that other door. I need to get rid of these words. Oh Wait a second. This is like a lever here that slides Whoa, did you guys hear that? I just felt like a click or something over there now. It says welcome, please knock Okay, I think that might be it I think because I heard I heard a click over here. I think it should be Hmm okay. I definitely heard a click we got rid of the words do not disturb. Oh, but then it said, please knock Oh, wait a second. What if I just knock? Did you guys hear that Well it all Bend, all right guys, let’s go through here Final folders nothing just emptied clock Salt is still water in this year. So someone’s been here fairly recently if the water hasn’t dried up. Whoa Look at this. Look at this whiteboard guys. It says v-point TMX – what is TMX mean and it’s got a check mark currently completed it or something. Stephen Is that what Carter Lizzie wait these are the shares what MIT? What is this word here? mmm, M is s is s I PPI e n s is o says, Mississippi Mississippi Insists. What is what does that word mean? It’s written next to Steven Carter and Lizzy’s names and they all have check marks Gosh, what could that mean guys? If you know what this word is leave a comment down below There’s something going on with the shares in this word. They don’t live near the Mississippi River because they live on the East Coast Mississippi River it starts in Minnesota thing goes all the way down through the middle of the country So, I don’t know if you guys know what that is. Help me out. Leave a comment below. Oh, here’s my name. Chad wild clay Says hack Oh They have been hacking my YouTube channel. I’ve had quite a few of my videos deleted. Is that what’s going on here? This this is what the hackers are doing. They’re doing something with this word with to the shares They’re doing something with TM x2v. Okay, guys, I think these are all clues We’ll have to like take a screenshot of this in our memories and try to remember these I’m pretty sure these are gonna come in handy for figuring out who this hacker is and what they’re doing to all these youtubers Let’s keep looking around here Oh, I somehow skipped over this last time there’s a calendar but it says June that’s it’s not June right now So this is an older calendar On the 20th. It says find treasure calm Interesting cuz V and I found treasure I think that was on June 20th if I remember correctly and then look here It says on the 27th it says steel TMX what could TMX mean? Oh because it says steel TMX on the 27th. Then over here. It says V quaint TMX Okay, guys I need your help ninjas comment down below if you think you know what TMX means why it’s on the 27th of June How does it relate to V quaint think that’s gonna help us figure out what’s going on here. Okay, here we have another Computer screen right here and then a chair. So someone’s been working at this computer workstation and then over here There’s another computer screen right here with another chair. Is there like a team of hackers like sitting here? Hacking youtubers. Oh Oh, there’s a keyboard right here one if I can hack into this. I Can’t even get the screen to turn on maybe they’ve turned all the power off cuz they don’t want me packing into their computer So we got to keep an eye out for a power switch. Maybe there’s a circuit breaker somewhere I can turn these on and I can hack into their computers So I’m gonna keep an eye out for that Oh guys check this out right here There’s a note to open you must have patience and just wait. Okay, so there’s a drawer right here Then there’s a lock right here four digits on it Okay, so we got to figure out what these digits are and this note here must be a clue That’s telling me I just got to like to have patience and wait around. Why would I wait here? How would that help me figure out what the numbers are if I just wait here. Wait a second The word patience is spelled differently. This is spelt like hospital patients Yes
Not the word patients like like not being in a rush or like being able to wait around That’s like hospital patients and then wait like if you wait for something like you wait ten minutes you wait an hour that spelled w AIT this is spelled. Like how much do you weigh? Like how heavy are you? So it’s like Hospital patient and then wait if I am if I am the patient in this hospital Maybe the combination is my weight. All right, so we got to find a scale around here away myself. All right Yeah, I see a scale guys. It’s right down this way right here when whoever brought me to this hospital They must have weighed me and made my weight the combination That’s what I’m hoping because I said wait, we’ll find out so I’m gonna step on the scale. All right So how one of these scales works is you start with this heavy weight right here Try 50 pounds If I was less than 50 pounds this lever right here would go down like this that sets a Dinko down That means I’m I weigh more than 50 pounds. I Weigh more than a hundred pounds. I weigh more than 150 pounds Up, but I weigh less than 200 pounds All right, you bring it back to 150 and now I can use this liner and commit of weight And what I need to do is get this to balance right in the middle, and that’ll be my weight All right, it’s balancing right in the middle I gotta take 150 plus 26, that’s all that way so 150 plus 26 is 176 let’s try that in a combination All right. Oh, but it’s got four total digits. So and I am 176 so maybe the first digit will be zero. So zero one seven six. We’ll try that zero one seven six That word I’m so glad we figured this out was awesome. All right, what C was in here? Nothing, let’s keep looking What is this it’s a paper a pen All right. What do we got here? This says sign-in sheet. So people are signing in to the hospital time And then their first name bond richard Cosmo can’t read that one pays dax Ginger, oh that ginger from Carl and ginger. I think her name starts with a jato. So maybe that’s not her job Whose first name is Joe Darby? Zardo I recognize that name sir. Go Where did we see that name before if you guys remember where we saw the names Oracle leave a comment down below? I know we’ve seen that name before. Why was that person checking into this hospital? hmm Lux Kipling men’s Justin Way is this is this my friend Justin? Was he brought to this hospital? You didn’t say anything about going to a hospital? Hmm, maybe it could be a different Justin. There are a lot of Justin’s but I don’t see my name on here I guess that’s probably because I didn’t come here willingly I I was like brought here against my will does that mean everybody here whose names I have wanted to come here And so they signed in themselves if I had my phone I would take a screenshot of this and remember all these names Just in case we run into these people in the future. I’m gonna leave these here for now We got to still try to find our way out of this hospital. So let’s let’s keep looking All right, the last two doors we have not gone through is this exit door here? Missiny this does Why he’s going on in there. I hear like low like Are they like growing pond monsters in here? I’m kind of worried to go through this door, but it is the exit door unless it’s a trick Like I said, maybe they want us to go through this door and then that’s a pond master or something in there I have no idea mium. Let’s go back in this room. Maybe there’s something in here that we missed before Maybe there’s a clue we missed here’s some more of those jars that we found earlier Remember we found that note in the jar. These are all empty Maybe wait a second. I see a symbol here Ve I remember that I’ve never seen that on this sheet here that we found lo ve Wait a second. Yeah the ve and ve check this out guys alarm sets so is this how maybe this is how we can disable all the Alarms and all the locks and get out of here. And this is the code. Maybe let’s let’s give it a try So first it says lo ve to eight Let’s go to to eight and then it says lo o 259 five nine, and then the final one hi o 250 five five Five hi. Oh You hear that? What was that? What was that noise? The door totally opened all by itself guys I’m kind of worried. What’s close do you fully I? Just caught it before it closed. All right guys, let’s sneak through here and see what’s in here What That’s a classroom here the heck. This is really strange. Why would a door from a hospital lead to a classroom? whoa Guys, it’s my phone. I was looking for this why why is it hooked up? My phone is worked up to this laptop computer right here. Who took my phone hooked up this laptop I’m gonna check my phone to see if anyone was messing with my phone here There’s a bunch of text messages here to V from my phone. I did not send these text messages Somebody was trying to pretend to be me They were using my phone to text message V because I did not send these text messages guys. I need your help I need you to go over to V’s video and leave her a comment Let her know that all these text messages that she’s been getting from my phone. They were not me You guys need to let her know that shout out to all of you notification ninjas Thank you for getting here during the first 60 minutes because you have that Bell symbol ringing guys these videos right there That’s where I need you to go. Leave a comment Let her know that these text messages were not from me if you’re not subscribed Click here, subscribe to V there as well. If you want some seat abuse leave merch right up there. Alright guys I’ll see you over on these video right now. Alright quick bump out

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