Erica Simonich, Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner

– I’m Erica Simonich. I’m a nurse practitioner
at the Oregon Clinic at OBGYN North. When I was 17, I started volunteering at the Minnesota AIDS Project, and I was doing a lot of outreach work. There were two really,
really big gay bars there and we would just, I
was just a 17 year old teaching people how to use condoms. My preferred approach to healthcare would definitely be to, obviously I feel like everybody says a
collaborative practice, but truly, to explore,
to hear what my patients are saying to me and then take a pause and then actually have
the patient take a pause, and take a step back and really look with a more global perspective at the whole picture, at the whole body, all of the things that matter for our health to be successful. So definitely when patients come in, I wanna talk about exercise and diet and sleep and stress management. Those are definitely four areas in which I really choose to address, and I’m looking for people
that wanna kinda join me on a healthy, long, successful ride. I wanna be a gray-haired old lady with a bunch of other gray-haired patients that I’ve been with
for the whole duration, and we’re just healthy
and happy and successful. Granted, I know not everything
is perfect all the time, but we sure can make things
easier for ourselves. There’s definitely a handful of things that come to mind when I think about the reason why I do what I do. Lately, I’ve been getting more of my patients bringing in
their daughters for care, and that’s pretty awesome and exciting. It’s nice to see both of them in a room, ’cause oftentimes they’ll come
with their children as well. And so that’s pretty nice and pretty fun. What I like to do in my free time is definitely weightlifting
and powerlifting. I think one of the best
things that we can do for our bodies is to be
strong and lift weights. I have also been pretty big in dog rescue. I’m hoping to kind of
reset and get back to it, but definitely saving a lot of the oldies, the little old dogs and the sick dogs, or the ones that have really bad behavior. I enjoy trying to fix those puppies and make them a good best friend for somebody else out in the community.

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