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(upbeat music) – Yeah so I have really
two grips that I like to stay between. I don’t really go for a modified fan grip. I sometimes have tried
it, I tried in the field but I’m not comfortable
using it on the course yet. Every time I’ve gone to
the course it’s gone bad. So we stick to, if I’m looking
drives, I have a power grip. I do this for mostly my mids,
drivers, fairways, everything. It’s a power grip, all four
fingers tucked underneath, mashed in there, my thumb
on top, really digging in. The one thing I focus on is with my grip, I am holding onto this thing to where it should not come out of my hand. I am allowing the disc to rip from my hand and by doing so, I’m adding
more friction to the disc, which adds spin that can
relate to more distance, and better flight, full
flight from a disc. The next grip I mainly use with putters as I said I’ve tried it
with a little bit other is just a nice little fan grip. I throw this on approaches
and putters off the tee. Occasionally I can throw
a putter power grip but I’ve worked away from doing that because of how deep putters
are, you can tend to release them late and we don’t want that. We want good timing on our release and that fan grip is nice and easy. Everybody has one finger tucked, the rest out fanned underneath. Putting pressure with
anywhere from my ring to my thumb and my index finger. Focusing on those points to
really keep the disc in motion. So now to add one thing that I didn’t say in a sidearm grip. I have an awkward sidearm
grip but it works for me. I put three fingers, one on
the rim, I don’t suggest it unless it feels good for you, try it out. But if it doesn’t, the one
thing about the sidearm is pushing the disc into
this cup of your hand. So right in here, so the disc
is out of my cup right now. I wanna always push
that disc into the cup, right into here, really get it in there. Helps maximize the amount of your hand that’s on the disc that helps you again put that same revolutions
and the spin on the disc when you’re looking to sidearm. One thing I always talk about. (upbeat music)

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